What is a Sneaky Pete Cue – With Examples

What is a sneaky pete cue

Playing pool is enough excitement on its own. The bond it creates with friends, the relaxation you get, the joy and laughter shared in gaming makes the sport altogether thrilling. But then, there is one thing that brings a different level of excitement to the game, which is the joy of knowing how to trick … Read more

Snooker Ball Order, Know Which Color To Pot

correct snooker ball order

You may be wanting to get started playing snooker but are curious what the correct order is to pot the colored balls? Well, this quick guide is here to help clear this question up, many players have.  I will run through the basics of what’s needed to play snooker. From setting up the table to … Read more

Slate vs Wood Pool Table – Complete Guide

Compare Slate Vs Wood Pool Tables

If you are the type that enjoys pool/billiard games, getting you to buy a pool table isn’t too  hard.  The real work is in deciding on which pool table to go for, a slate pool table or wooden table or maybe a slate alternative.  Tables aren’t cheap so it’s understandable having questions when comparing a … Read more

Snooker vs Pool vs Billiards – Full Guide

comparison between pool and snooker and carom billiards

Contrary to popular belief snooker vs pool vs billiards are comparable as they are distinct types or forms of cue sports.  More often than not, the expressions ‘billiards’, ‘pool,’ and ‘snooker’ are used interchangeably but there are some marked distinctions between these types of cue sports.  Historically speaking, ‘billiards’ was the generic term for referring … Read more

What is a Century in Snooker

What is a century break in snooker

What is a century in snooker has confused some newer fans and some veterans for a while. We plan on clearing things up with that very answer and offer some extra interesting information, such as who has the most century breaks in snooker and give you a list of snooker players with over 100 centuries. … Read more

Standard Pool Table Sizes & Space Needed

Discover The Standard Size Of A Pool Table

One of the most common questions surrounding pool is what is the standard pool table size or how big is a standard size pool table.  There is no one definitive answer for this, as they come in all sizes. I think most of the time when these questions are asked, people are mainly concerned with … Read more

14 Different Types of Billiard Games

Different types of billiards

Billiards is a collection of skill games that originated in England during the reign of the British Empire. Although it was previously played in Commonwealth countries, the game has spread worldwide, with countries such as Russia developing their unique iterations. Clueless to the different types of billiard games? Allow me to fill you in a … Read more

What is a Snooker in Snooker with Pictures

What are the rules when snookered

What is a snooker in Snooker? If you are slightly unfamiliar with the cue sport named Snooker, this might sound like an odd question to ask. Haven’t I just repeated the word snooker in the same question?  Well, yes, but as you will learn this makes perfect sense.  The question, what makes a snooker in … Read more