How long do pool table bumpers last


A significant consideration in buying a pool table is the quality of the pool table bumpers. You certainly do not want to get pool table side rails that wear out so soon. The pool table rail cushions are generally not meant to be repaired or replaced for a very long time. How long do pool … Read more

What Are Pool Balls Made Of


While playing pool, You may have been curious at some time or another and wondered, what are pool balls made of? Perhaps someone told you they were made of Ivory and you want to prove them wrong. The truth is billiard ball materials have evolved with multiple variations over the last few centuries. There was … Read more

How to Tell if a Pool Table is Slate


Looking for your first pool table or perhaps looking to sell one? In order to price accordingly you’ll need to know what type of table bed it is; a slate pool table or a non-slate pool table  There are two popular types of pool tables in the market today. You either have an MDF pool … Read more

How Much Does a Pool Table Weigh


One question you will inevitably ask yourself if you own a pool table or planning to buy one is; how much does a pool table weigh? or perhaps the question might be; will the floor be able to hold the weight of the table? If you have plans for moving your table upstairs or even … Read more

What are the dimensions of a pool table

pool-table-size-pool -table-hight-pool-table-width-what-are-the-dimensions-of-a-pool-table

Pool tables are available in various sizes. If you wish to find yourself a pool table for the home, it is crucial to know the precise measurements. In this article, I’ll give you the standard pool table dimensions to help you better understand. The typical shape of a pool table is rectangular, with the length … Read more

What is a Slate Pool Table


The popular game, Pool, also known as Billiards, evolved from a lawn game to an indoor game now played on what is called a Pool table. The pool tables used in the early years of the game as an indoor sport were wooden. However, the wooden platforms used for the tables got warped easily, and … Read more

What is a Sneaky Pete Cue – With Examples

What is a sneaky pete cue

Playing pool is enough excitement on its own. The bond it creates with friends, the relaxation you get, the joy and laughter shared in gaming makes the sport altogether thrilling. But then, there is one thing that brings a different level of excitement to the game, which is the joy of knowing how to trick … Read more

Snooker Ball Order, Know Which Color To Pot

correct snooker ball order

You may be wanting to get started playing snooker but are curious what the correct order is to pot the colored balls? Well, this quick guide is here to help clear this question up, many players have.  I will run through the basics of what’s needed to play snooker. From setting up the table to … Read more

Slate vs Wood Pool Table – Complete Guide

Compare Slate Vs Wood Pool Tables

If you are the type that enjoys pool/billiard games, getting you to buy a pool table isn’t too  hard.  The real work is in deciding on which pool table to go for, a slate pool table or wooden table or maybe a slate alternative.  Tables aren’t cheap so it’s understandable having questions when comparing a … Read more