Fiberglass vs Wood Cues

fiberglass vs wood pool cues

If you want to know the difference between fiberglass vs wood pool cue sticks then you are in the right place. One of the main materials to construct cues from is wood, in particular, maple wood as it is very durable and strong. There are easily more wooden cues out there than fiberglass or graphite cues. But … Read more

Are Expensive Pool Cues Worth the Money?

are expensive pool cues worth the money

Billiards is said to have been derived from the croquet and the first cues were called ‘maces’ which sort of resemble mini hockey sticks. You’d place the tip over your right shoulder and sweep it in a motion that was more akin to golf than pool. Eventually, players turned the maces around and found that … Read more

Pool Table Pocket Reducers – Improve Your Pool

pool table pocket reducers

Want to improve your pool? become a sharpshooter? Be afeared potter at the table? Need a shortcut to get you to that masterly level, quick? Don’t worry, LoveCueSports has you covered. They say practice makes perfect, and they are right. We have all been learning something for the first time and it can be painstaking … Read more

20 Health Benefits of Playing Pool

health benefits to playing billiards

Sports generally have been known to have many health benefits. The benefits gained through sports and exercises are so significant that Doctors often recommend various kinds of games for patients’ health and fitness. Different categories of sports are grouped according to the benefits they offer; activities such as running, swimming, jogging, badminton, etc. top the … Read more

Ultimate Billiard Equipment Guide

Ultimate Equipment Guide

Sports are always good for your health even including indoor sports. These sports motivate us to compete and our mind also becomes active as we have to make certain decisions while playing. Among indoor activities, we have a variety of cue sports including billiards, pool, snooker, and even carom billiards. In this article, we are … Read more

Step-by-Step: How to Hold a Pool Cue For Beginners

how to hold a cue

How you aim with a pool cue makes a huge difference and if held correctly, can drastically improve your game. Of course, you can rely on your instincts but a well-practiced correct way to hold the cue using a good bridge technique will eventually win over.  Professional players have mastered the art of playing snooker … Read more

5 Top Garden Party Ideas – Billiard Themed

billiards theme garden party

Organizing an excellent garden party requires proper planning and some level of creativity. And if the party has a unique theme like billiard, it means you have to make some special plans to bring in the game accessories. Remember, you are making use of some garden and not a fancy hall, or space, you are … Read more