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  • Date: April 23, 2023
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Most times, when people intend to buy a new pool table, they greatly influence their decision- the available space, and the pool table’s cost. It’s usually every player’s desire to buy a high-quality pool table, but the fact remains that well-built pool tables aren’t cheap. 

Hence, it becomes a challenge to balance the initial table desire with the expected price of a quality table. So, in making plans to buy a new pool table, every buyer seeks to find out exactly how much does a pool table costs. 

If you are in that position, worry no more. This piece unravels the information about cost and factors to consider in buying a pool table. 

We will review the factors that determine the cost of pool tables and consequently point out the silent difference between a $15,000 pool table and that of $1,000.

Key Factors That Determine the Price of a Pool Table

In answering the question,” how much is a pool table,” you are compelled to remember that all pool tables primarily serve the same function of giving players a platform to play pool. 

Well, the fact is beyond the basic service of the tables, the cost of a pool table depends on many factors beyond the basic function of the tables. I shall be discussing a few of these factors in this article. Read on!

  1. Quality

The first factor I will be considering is the quality of the table. How much is a pool table valued at, is determined partly but its quality, and just like with anything, the better the quality, the more expensive it will be.

Tables made with high-quality and solid materials are generally referred to as high-quality pool tables. These tables are built to last for almost a lifetime, without any form of bowing or warping. 

High-quality pool tables also come with felt and bumpers of superior quality. The price tags on these tables are usually high, and it’s quite understandable given the quality of materials used in manufacturing.

Don’t forget the table frame and the legs, are they solid oak with intricate designs carved into the wood or are they plastic or another less expensive type of wood. this makes a huge difference.

Tables of a lower quality aren’t as costly are the high-quality ones. Also, the playing experience on both tables isn’t the same. You will surely enjoy a fantastic playing experience on the high-quality tables as compared to the budget-friendly tables.

2. Slate or MDF (wood)

In every pool table, the material used for constructing the surface underneath the felt is either a slate or MDF (wood). Although this looks like a slight difference on paper, it is enough to determine how much a particular pool table cost. 

So, the difference between a slate and wood bed is one that can’t be underestimated.

The MDF, which is a wood-based product, is generally cheaper than slate, it is also more comfortable and cost-effective to source than the slate. 

Given that MDF is wood-based, MDF tables are more prone to warping than its slate counterpart resulting in an inconsistent playing surface over time. Although the slate tables are more massive than the MDF, slate tables provide a rather consistent surface for play and are also unlikely to warp regardless of the environment. 

This explains why most professional players always go for slate over MDF. Hence, the cost of the slate pool table is higher than the MDF tables.   

Note: There are still some variations in slate tables. Some slate tables are constructed with natural slate, while others have synthetic substitutes. Also, these slate tables can either be one piece, two, three, or four pieces of slate. Here, the thicker slate pool tables cost, the more. 

3. The Felt Grade Used

The material used for the actual playing surface (the felt) of a table is another important factor that comes into play in determining how much the pool table cost is. The felt dictates the easy of play and how the balls will most likely move on a table. Tables with a top-quality grade of felts last longer with a better playing surface and cost more than those with lower felt grades. 

The two main types of felt grades are woolen and worsted felt. woolen is usually the cheaper of the two and can be durable but is prone to pilling. 

Worsted felt is usually more expensive and is of higher quality. It is smoother and allows the balls to travel faster over it. Professional tables will use a worsted felt cloth. Worsted felt is considered the best pool table felt.

4. Table Size

The standard size for a tournament pool table is 4.5ft (1.37 m) x 9ft (2.74 m). However, there are other pool tables of various sizes and designs, such as the 3ft (0.91 m) x 6ft (1.83 m). For an individual buying a pool table for home use, the tournament-sized table isn’t the best option because of the required space. I strongly recommend you go for table sizes- one that the available space in your home will accommodate and also allow you to play the game.

Larger tables require extra materials in their construction. This means an increase in weight, an increase in cost, and additional shipping/transportation costs. Regardless of the felt used, the quality, and other factors, large tables are usually more expensive than smaller tables.

Other Costs Associated With Pool Table Purchase

Usually, shipping and assembly costs are included in the total fee you pay for a table. However, there are times you need to pay extra to cover for these fees, especially when you are buying a used table. Below are other costs that are sometimes associated with purchasing a pool table. 

  • Moving, and Assembly
  • Essential Gear
  • Billiard Accessories

What to Expect From Different Price Ranges

$600 to $1,300 – Toy Tables  

These are small pool tables made specifically for kids. They are generally designed with artificial materials, and their lifespan isn’t more than five years.

There will be a huge noticeable difference between the lower end of this budget and the higher-end in terms of quality. It’s possible to purchase good tables under $1000, but if you want something a little better made that will last longer, its recommended to spend a little more.

$1,300 to $2,000 – Economy Table  

They are mostly found at home with a straightforward setup. These tables are usually small, so they don’t occupy huge spaces in the home. When given basic and proper care, tables in this category can last for a decade or more.

$1800 to $3500 – Mid-Range Tables

Here are the most quality tables that fit into the interior decors of most homes. It is best recommended for players who wish to enjoy the game with friends at home, or just for practice. The tables guarantee you longer playtime compared to the two above.  

$3,500 to $20,000 – Custom/Heirloom Tables

Top-quality tables that are produced with exotic woods and natural slate beds. Besides their high-quality materials, they also come with intricate designs. Pool tables within this range are more like a lifetime investment for any home and can be used by many generations.


In the pool table market today, there are varieties of options, and I am sure you will find one that fits your taste and budget. 

When it comes to the game of pool, having a pool table sounds better than none at all. Just explore your options, and go for what you can pay for to enjoy your game. 

As you can see, how much is a pool table might seem like a simple question to ask, but it has multiple levels to consider. 

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