How To Identify Aramith Pool Balls

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Aramith balls enjoy the reputation of being premium quality, durable, and with fantastic performance. This makes them a constant choice of billiard pool balls for pros and tournament-level sports.

Produced by Saluc, a reputed Belgium company, Aramith balls guarantee players an exceptional performance compared to traditional billiard balls.

However, most people find it difficult to identify Aramith balls, especially when purchasing online. Not only do these pool balls come in different variations, but there are also many counterfeits and imitations.

If you have been wondering how to identify Aramith pool balls, you are in the right place. Read on to know how best to recognize Aramith balls to get value for your money.

How Do I Identify My Aramith Balls

Whether you are a pool enthusiast or are just getting started, it can be daunting to recognize and purchase genuine Aramith pool balls. Here are some tips to help you:

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  • Evaluate the Box

One way to quickly identify Aramith balls is to check the packaging. Usually, it is believed that Aramith balls come in white and green marked boxes. Also, the boxes are marked severally with the brand name ‘Saluc’ on the outer surface.

Therefore, to err on the side of caution, make sure that you do a visual inspection to verify that the box is marked. Plus, it should raise a red flag if the brand name lacks accuracy and doesn’t mention’ Belgium’s country of origin.

  • Scrutinize the Product Lines

There are 9 product lines for the Aramith balls, including Aramith Tournament, Aramith Tournament Black, Aramith Premium, Super Aramith Pro, Aramith Premier, Aramith Stone, Aramith Crown Standard, and Glow in the Dark Balls. Each of these product lines has varying features that set them apart.

Basically, doing a visual inspection of the 9 and 5 on the Aramith balls will enable you to deduce whether you are looking at genuine Aramith balls or not. For genuine Aramith balls, the number 5 should feature a curly bottom that nearly touches the middle line to make it resemble the number 6.

Also, take a closer look at number 9 and ensure that it features a straight underline. Nevertheless, keep in mind that this may be different for some product lines. While some numbers feature straight lines underneath, others have curly lines depending on the set.

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  • Material

Aramith pool balls are reputed for being high-quality products. They stand out because they are made from pure phenolic resin, a strong material that guarantees durability, control, and great rebound. 

This is unlike the usual pool ball materials like polyester and polymer that are prone to damage quickly. Impressively, Aramith pool balls are 5 times more durable than other pool ball sets. 

Also, after some usage, the conventional pool balls lose their color, shape, and luster. 

However, this is not the case with Aramith pool balls because the phenolic material is long-lasting. The balls are also burn spot resistant and have a smooth surface to prevent white marks.

  • Dimensional Specifications

According to the manufacturer, Aramith pool balls have a diameter ranging from 1-2 ¾ inches. Most Aramith balls have a common diameter of 2 ¼” and a nominal weight of 169 g. These measurements are within the regulation size and weight range of billiards.

  • They are Expensive

Because of their high-quality, outstanding design, durability, and unmatched performance, it is not surprising to know that Aramith pools are more expensive than other brands. The price tag may also be hefty for second-hand Aramith balls. This makes these balls a great investment for pros or players that intend to play regularly to hone their skills. 

They are also worth considering if you are after an exceptional gaming experience. However, if you don’t play frequently, you may want to opt for an affordable pool ball set that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

  • Placement of the Number

Some sources state that balls whose number is outside the stripe are either the Aramith Premier or the Aramith Crown Standard. However, the numbers of the Standard balls are displayed on the stripes while those on the Premier are on the white part of the ball.

What are the Different Types of Aramith Balls

With so many fake pool balls in the market, it helps to understand the different product lines of Aramith balls.

This information can help you deduce the authenticity of the pool balls before making your buying decision. Below is a range of Aramith product lines. 

Want to know how to identify Aramith pool balls, check out the quinine sets below.

  • Aramith Tournament Black Pool Ball Set

The Aramith Tournament Black Pool Ball is a top-of-the-line pool ball that is designed with Duramith technology. These balls also feature a black design patent and are available in both TV and regular colors. Moreover, they come in sizes of 2 ¼” or 57.2mm.

  • Aramith Tournament Pool Ball Set

Designed with Aramith technology and hi-tech engineered molecular structure, this pool ball set is highly durable. The set has two varieties, including the Aramith Tournament Pro-Cup TV set and Aramith Tournament Pro-Cup Value Pack. These balls have a diameter range of 2 ¼” (57.2 mm).

This pool ball set is also on my list of the best pool balls, be sure to check it out if you’re interested.

  • Super Aramith Pro Pool Ball Set

The Super Aramith Pro Pool Ball Set comes in two varieties; Super Aramith Pro-Cup TV set and Super Aramith Pro-Cup Value Pack. The balls in this set have precise calibration to ensure consistency. They also feature a hardened vitrified surface, phenolic resin material, and dotted cue ball for accurate shots and ball repositioning. The Super Aramith Pro balls have a dimension of 2 ¼” (57.2 mm).

  • Aramith Premium

These pool balls are made from premium Aramith phenolic resin material for longevity and impact resistance. The Premium resin is also designed with Vitrotech technology that verifies and hardens the surface of the balls. These balls measure 2 ¼” or 57.2mm.

  • Aramith Premier

Premier pool balls have classic numbers that display on the stripe. These balls also come in various sizes to choose ranging from 1 7/8″ to 2 1/4″.

Aramith Tournament Black Billiard Pool Table Ball Set
Aramith Tournament Black Billiard Pool Table Ball Set
1 & 9 ball: yellow; 2 & 10 ball: dark blue; 3 & 11 ball: red; 4& 12 ball: pink; 5 & 13 ball: light purple
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Aramith Tournament Billiard Pool Ball Set 2 1/4'
Aramith Tournament Billiard Pool Ball Set 2 1/4"
The cloth wear and white marks that so easily ruin the look of the table are minimized; The friction resistance of Aramith Tournament balls minimizes burn spots as well
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Super Pro Aramith Pool Balls - VALUE PACK
Super Pro Aramith Pool Balls - VALUE PACK
Complete set of pool Balls15 numbered balls 1 cue ball; Weight: 6 oz per ball aramith Pro series cast-phenolic resin construction
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Aramith Billiard Balls - Premier Belgian
Aramith Billiard Balls - Premier Belgian
Perfect roundness and balance; Uniform weight and hardness; Brilliant colors; Friction resistant roll and reaction
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Most billiard players prefer Aramith pool balls because of their high quality, durability, and excellent performance.

Unfortunately, this has led to many limitations, and it is easy to fall prey to counterfeits. We hope that this article comes in handy to help you make a genuine investment when buying Aramith pool balls.

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