How To Identify Pool Table Manufacturer

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  • Date: May 12, 2022
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Pool tables always have different values depending on how old it is, the materials used and maybe most importantly who the manufacturer is. Especially when pool tables are inherited or being sold second-hand, the manufacturer is a very important piece of information.

Sometimes it is not clear or known who the manufacturer is, so then how to identify a pool table manufacturer?

The easiest way to identify a manufacturer is by the name or code that they put on the table. If this is not available, you might be able to tell by the type of materials that were used. You can also find the information from previous owners, internet forums or from experts at a pool table shop.

There are many ways to identify the pool table manufacturer. Some might be more difficult than others, especially with older tables. This article will give the full identification process.

How To Identify Pool Table Manufacturer

Knowing the pool table manufacturer is a crucial piece of information. It should be known by the person who owns the table and it should definitely be known when buying and selling a table.

Who the manufacturer is will give you a lot of information about the table, including the style and general feel of the table, the quality wood used, the type of felt, cushions, rails and a lot of other details.

The metal or plastic plate should be somewhere on the outside of the table and it will contain either the name of the manufacturer or some kind of code that can be used to look up the manufacturer.

If the plate is not clearly visible on the sides of the table or under the table, make sure to inspect the entire table. Sometimes it can be a bit hidden.

It can be hard to identify the manufacturer for older tables that have not been maintained well. If the name or code tag of the manufacturer is not clearly visible it could be due to bad maintenance or it could be that the table has not been used in a long time. If this is the case, there are other ways how to identify the pool table manufacturer.

The next way to identify the table manufacturer is by identifying the materials they use. Manufacturers, especially the well-known ones, will have a reputation for always using the same high-quality materials on their tables. The first things to look at is the design and the materials used for the pockets, the slate and the wood.

These things can be difficult to know for someone who is not an expert. The best thing to do is to take pictures of all these different things on the pool table and ask someone who will know. There are many experts at the pool table shops and they might be able to identify the table for you or they will at least point you in the right direction.

The internet is also a very helpful place for this. There are many pool table websites and discussion forums where you can post pictures and ask for help with identification. Be sure to take as many detailed pictures as possible to make it easier to get help.

The last thing to do, or maybe one of the first things you should do is contact the previous owner of the pool table. They might have already gone through the trouble to identify the manufacturer or they might be able to contact the first owner of the table who will know the manufacturer.

What Is A Good Pool Table Manufacturer

There are many good pool table manufacturers, but some are a touch above the rest. These manufacturers are good to know for when you are buying second-hand tables. You always know what you are going to get if you see any of these big names.

The following are the best pool table manufacturers in the business:

  • Olhausen Billiards
  • Brunswick Pool Tables
  • Diamond Billiards
  • Connelly Billiards
  • Presidential Billiards
  • Fat Cat Pool Tables
  • Plank and Hide Co.
  • Legacy Billiards

These are some of the most well-respected brands out there. If you are purchasing a pool table that is manufactured by one of these names you are guaranteed high quality and trustworthy table. Sometimes people are not even aware that they have these tables and you could pick one up for a bargain.

If you’re interested, you can also check out the article I wrote for my list of the Best Pool Tables.

How To Identify Olhausen Pool Table

Olhausen Billiard is without a doubt one of the best, if not the best, pool table manufacturers. Their tables are at a quality second to none with beautiful designs and only the best materials used.

Olhausen tables can be identified by their nameplate on the tables or the code that can be used to find the model name and number. The model name and number can be used to verify that it is an Olhausen table.

Olhausen tables can also be identified by the material and design as matched to their catalog. They always use premium wood from the north-eastern USA, KD apron brackets, t-nut rail construction, bolt-thru cross brace and Accu-Fast cushions.

There are a few other things that you can also use to identify Olhausen tables and talking to an Olhausen pool table expert might be the best way to know for certain.

How To Identify Brunswick Pool Table Model

The other big name in pool table manufacturers is Brunswick Pool Tables. Brunswick has been around for a long time, more than 150 years, and they have a very strong reputation as being one of the highest quality tables you can find.

The first way to identify a Brunswick table is to look for the name. It is sometimes printed on the wood or otherwise on a metal plate on the outer rail or on the side of the table. If there is no name or code to be seen, there are a few key characteristics you can look for. They always use dome-shaped washers, labels below the felt cover, galvanized steel leg plates or specially crafted table and slate joints.

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