PureX Players HXT15 Pool Cue Review

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  • Date: April 23, 2023
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If you are now getting more serious with pool, then you’ll desire to level up your game within the shortest possible time. To do that, you will need to improve not only your game but also your equipment.

The PureX from Players HXT15 Pool Cue is just that piece you are looking for to reach the next level of your game – this is me going straight to the point. If you spare a few minutes to go through this Players hxt15 pool cue review, you will understand why I speak so highly of this cue.

I know you might have heard about other great cues too, and you want to be sure to get the right cue. So, Let me quickly come to your assistance by reviewing the PureX from players hxt15 pool cue.

About Players

The company has a reputation of producing great pool sticks that can compete with high-quality cues at an even lesser price.

This is simply the reason why despite the overhead involved in domestic based manufacturing, Players still attach an incredibly low price to their end lines. 

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The PureX HXTC15 Pool Cue from Players

Since its launch, the players hxt15 pool cue has been identified by lots of pool players as a game life-saving.

Made with premium-grade 100 % hand-selected North American hard rock maple, the two-Piece Pool Cue has impressive features. It shows off a classic old-school design with fine finishing.

The cue’s forearm and butt are nicely finished with a birds-eye maple, complemented by the traditional black and white styling.

Though produced with a “classic old school” design, the HXT15 pool cue comes with the latest low deflection technologies. The hxt15 two piece pool cue players technology series not only improves your shoots’ power but also gives you accuracy on every shot.

The Kamul soft black tip helps you in achieving superior grip, durability and spin on the cue ball.

There’s an accompanying lifetime manufacturer’s warranty that covers warpage as an extra package for this cue.

The feedback from players’ PureX hxt15 pool cue reviews has shown that pool players love that perk attached to every buy.

Features of the Players HXTC15 Pool Cue  

Listed below are features that complement the overall performance of Hxt15 pool cue. 

  • Shaft: The shaft of this players hxt pool cue is 29″ long and made from a premium grade North American Hardrock Maple. It is treated with a Patented Stabilizer – Nelsonite, which protects it from changes in the atmosphere. There is also a Special Epoxy Finish on the shaft which keeps it from moisture and warping.
  • Tip: The pool cue has a 11.75mm Kamui soft black tip. The tip material which is made from layers of pigskin and is treated specially to achieve superior grip and spin. It is also great at keeping its shape and needed less maintenance. When communicating you can order this cue with the 12.75mm tip instead
  • Wrap: The Butts wrap on the Hxt15 pool cue is a double-pressed Irish linen Wrap. It gives players the required comfort and sweat management while gripping the butt of the cue.
  • Ferrule: The cue has a 1″ HXT Low-Deflection Ferrule which greatly reduces deflection, yielding increased power, speed, and accuracy.
  • Sleeve: A walnut-stained birds-eye maple Forearm – looks really stylish!
  • Joint: This PureX cue has a Stainless Steel turbo lock joint
  • Weight: The cue is available in different weights to suit your play. The one in the listing is 19 oz but you can have that changed when communicating with the seller. It’s also possible to adjust the weight with the weight bolt system located in the butt of the cue.
  • Length: It’s a 2-piece 58-inch pool cue – As the standard of most pool cues.


  • The cue offers excellent value when compared to other advanced pool cues.
  • Gives excellent accuracy to your shot, as well as hard-hitting balance.
  • Its low-deflection shaft is effective, though subtle.
  • Kamui are one of the best cue tips you can buy
  • Suitable for all level of players – beginners, intermediate and experienced players
  • Durable
  • Very affordable for what you get


  • The cue tip is soft and will wear over time – but thats true with all tips
  • The color and style options available are very limited.
  • The packaging could be better to help protect during shipping.

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Which skill level does this cue Suit

From different players hxt15 pool cue reviews, a good number of players are quite comfortable with the cue, because of its functionality and affordability.

To the Intermediate players, hxt15 cue happens to be just the perfect match. It complements their skill level and gives them some leverage over other players. 

Advanced players, on the other hand, find the cue quite helpful too. Some players with decades of experience often compare hxt15 cue with other advanced pool cues like the Predator, Meucci and Palmer. And considering the price, hxt15 seems to be the better choice compared to these ‘so called’ advanced cues. 

My Personal Experience Using The Cue

Beyond the numerous players hxt15 pool cue reviews that I have come across, I have also had personal experience using the hxt15 cue as an average/good player i can give you my opinion. From my experience, this pool cue ticks all the boxes amazingly.

HTX15 cue review

For starters, this is a very solid cue with a straight and responsive shaft. One of the first things I noticed as I began using the cue initially is that it breaks so well. It also strikes the cue ball very nicely.

I was surprised to see a Kamui tip used on an affordable cue such as this because Kamuis’ are premium tips that come at a cost!

The Kamui Black tip used is soft and will have a longer contact on the cue ball, which gives it its extra spin during shots.

Having used Kamui tips before I was aware of how much spin they produce so i didn’t need to adjust too much, but for someone who is new to Kamui tips, they will have to get used to the extra spin and responsiveness they give the cue ball. The english using a Kamui is noticeable over other tips and probably the reason why they are considered one of the best cue tips out there.

The softness of the glue-on tip means it will wear over time but thats true with all tips, especially soft layered once.

The shaft is nice and straight and shots really well. Its just a solid shaft but things get interesting in the ferrule, which using PureX technology turns this cue into a somewhat low deflection cue.

I would the low deflection on this cue definitely helps to reduce squirt but it doesn’t reduce squirt like other low deflection cues on the market but then again, this cue comes at about half the price of those cues – The Revo from predator is a good example of this, they have a fantastic low deflection cue but it comes at around $500, to compare, the PureX HTX15 from players cue is around the $200 or less!

Although the players hxt15 pool cue isn’t offering the least deflection shaft, the defection I get with this cue is accurate and well worth its money. This is truly a low-deflection shaft in all senses of it. With the medium-low defection offered by Hxt15, any player regardless of the skill level can step up their game.

For a cue that is sold for less than $200, the stick is great and competes with other high-level expensive pool cues sold between $300 and $400. The entire functionality of this cue confirms the fact that it is a great choice for the price.

What is PureX Low Deflection Shaft technology

The technology behind PureX Low Deflection Shafts is designed to reduce the amount of cue ball deflection that occurs when striking the cue ball off-center. By reducing cue ball deflection, players are able to maintain better control over their shots, which can lead to improved accuracy and consistency.

The PureX HXT line of pool cues features the new PureX Low Deflection Shaft, which is made from a high-tech, lightweight polymer core. This core is designed to drastically reduce cue ball deflection, giving players more control over their shots and improving their accuracy and consistency.

A great example of this technology in use is the Purex hxt15 pool cue. The cue features the HXT technology as well as other features of the PureX HTX range, such as a Kamui cue tip, and it all comes at a fraction of what you would expect to pay for a cue of this standard. 

Who makes the PureX pool cue

PureX technology cues are produced by Players a billiard pool cue producer who is well recognized on the market. 

When it comes to PureX technology cues, Players take cue production to the next level. Utilizing a patented process, they are able to create cues with superior balance and feel.

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Final thoughts

From my experience using the technology series hxt15 two piece pool cue from Players, I rate the cue high in functionality, style and affordability.

In using this cue, you are certain to get good value for your money, even if you stumbled on it. So if you love to level up your pool game, and can’t afford to go for the expensive Lucasi sneaky Pete cue, then this hxt15 pool cue comes as a profitable alternative to you.

With this review and lots of other players hxt15 pool cue reviews, I’m certain you see the need to add the cue to your cue collection, and possibly make it your favorite cue. If you do, I’m sure you’d have some bold claims similar to mine above in no time.

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