What are the dimensions of a pool table

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Pool tables are available in various sizes. If you wish to find yourself a pool table for the home, it is crucial to know the precise measurements. In this article, I’ll give you the standard pool table dimensions to help you better understand.

The typical shape of a pool table is rectangular, with the length measurements double that of the width. So, If you are told you have an 8 ft pool table, you know that refers to the table’s length, which is 8 feet, and therefore the width would be 4 feet

A standard recognized pool table will always have this ratio – anything else isn’t considered standard.

What are the dimensions of a regulation pool table

Now we have determined what a regulation pool table is – the width is twice the length – you can imagine there are a number of pool tables that fit the bill.

You would be correct if you thought that, there is no one standard size pool table and therefore there are multiple tables that adhere to these requirements. 

If you are debating getting a new table and wondering, how long is a full-size pool table. Then I plan on answering those questions and more.

The most common pool tables in the United States are the 7, 8, 8.5, and 9 ft pool tables, and these all have their length twice their width.

We will be looking at all of them here in this article. 

As a quick reference, check out the table below for the main billiard table dimensions. 

What Are the Various Kinds of Pool Tables

There are two main kinds of pool tables. The first one is known as the British variant, while the second is called the American variant. These two main types of pool tables also differ in their dimensions. You can see the list below for some better comparisons.

  • An American 9-foot table.: This is the biggest pool table in the United States. a lot of tournaments are played on tables of this size.
  • An American 8-foot table.: The 8-foot pool table is a common table in clubs and homes.
  • An American 7-foot table: This is the smaller of the US tables, and as such, quite common in homes across the country.
  • A British 7-foot table: This is the biggest British pool table in the U.K. used in tournaments.
  • A British 6-foot table: This is a very common and popular pool table in the U.K., most often seen in dorms, pubs, and clubs.

As a little side note, there are other tables available, such as snooker, carom, and Russian Pyramid tables. I talk about all tables in this article about the standard table sizes and room requirements. Worth checking out if you are worried about the size of your room.

If you came here searching for a pool tables weight then you’ll want to check out how much does a pool table weigh

What are the dimensions of a pool table – check the handy quck reference table below!

7 Ft7 foot
213.3 cm
3.5 foot
106.6 cm
32 inch
82.2 cm
8 ft8 foot
243.8 cm
4 foot
121.9 cm
32 inch
82.2 cm
8.5 ft8.5 foot
259 cm
4.25 foot
129.5 cm
32 inch
82.2 cm
9 ft9 foot
274.3 cm
4.5 foot
137.1 cm
32 inch
82.2 cm

How high is a pool table

The first thing to know is, how high is a standard pool table? Well, a pool table’s typical height differs from 29 1/4 inches (around 74.3 cm) to 33 inches (about 83.8 cm). Those who don’t understand inch dimensions mean the elevation ranges from 2.4 feet (or 0.74 meters) to 2.75 feet (or 0.8 meters).

How long is a pool table

Another thing to keep in mind is, how long is a standard pool table? In general, the standard dimensions of a pool table’s length are:

  • 7 feet (or 2.1 meters) long
  • 8 feet (or 2.4 meters) long
  • 8.5 feet (or 2.6 meters) long
  • 9 feet (or 2.7 meters) long

How wide is a pool table

As we discussed before, if you find an eight-foot pool table, it means that the table’s length is 8 feet. Generally, pool table dimensions are present in length and width. The measurements can also be present in cm or feet.

These are some pool table dimensions of today’s pool tables available:

7 ft pool table dimensions

Smaller pool tables like the 7 feet ones are for compact spaces, such as apartments, smaller houses, and tiny bars. How complete is a 7-foot pool table?

  • The table’s length is 93 inches, equivalent to 236 centimeters.
  • The table’s height is 54 inches, equivalent to 137 centimeters.
  • The table’s playing field surface area is 78 inches by 38 inches or 198 cm to 99 cm.
  • The table is set at 29 ¼ inches to 31 inches, equivalent to 74.3 cm. by 78.7 cm.

8 ft pool table dimensions

They are best suited for at-home use. So, how wide is an 8-foot pool table? Here are their regular sizes:

  • The table’s length is 103 inches, equivalent to 262 centimeters.
  • The table’s height is 59 inches, equivalent to 150 centimeters.
  • The table’s playing field surface area is 88 inches by 44 inches or 224 cm to 112 cm.
  • The table is set at 29 ¼ inches to 31 inches, equivalent to 74.3 cm. by 78.7 cm. That is how high your pool table would be from the ground.

8.5 ft pool table dimensions

The pool tables marked 8.5 feet are massive professional billiard playing fields that offer marked challenges to billiard players. How massive is this regulation table exactly? What exactly are the measurements of such a professional table? See the below dimensions:

  • The table’s length is 107 inches, equivalent to 272 centimeters.
  • The table’s height is 61 inches, equivalent to 155 centimeters.
  • The table’s playing field surface area is 92 inches by 46 inches or 234 cm by 117 cm.
  • The table is set at 29 ¼ inches to 31 inches, equivalent to 74.3 cm by 78.7 cm.

9 ft pool table dimensions

Finally, we have the 9 feet pool tables. They incorporate designs for the most professional billiard players since the larger size offers a more significant challenge. Again, the listed measurements refer to a regulation billiards table or pro pool table:

  • The table’s length is 114 inches, equivalent to 290 centimeters.
  • The table’s height is 64 inches, equivalent to 163 centimeters.
  • The table’s playing field surface area is 100 inches by 50 inches or 254 cm by 127 cm.
  • The table is set at 29 ¼ inches to 31 inches, equivalent to 74.3 cm by 78.7 cm.

Final thoughts

There you have it, an in-depth look at the multiple pool table regulations, dimensions, and sizes. This information should help you figure out which table suits your playing needs. That way, you won’t end up wasting money on the wrong one. I hope this article helped!

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