About Us

I’m passionate about all forms of cue sports, some might even say obsessed. I grew up playing 8 ball regularly with my friends and that then moved into playing snooker and other variations of cue sports. 

I Pretty much spent my teens, 20’sand 30’s playing and trying to improve every aspect of my game. so as you can imagine over all them years I’ve picked up a thing or two about these sports. 

Also being a keen writer i decided in late 2019 to put all my interests together and start an informational style blog where i would share my decades of collected knowledge with you guys.

I am by no means a professional player but though years of practice and learning I’ve risen to a fairly good standard, even winning a few smaller local style tournaments along the way.

I want to provide the most  informative site on the Internet around pool, snooker, billiards and all the other types of cue sports. So i am dedicated to writing extremely useful content to help me achieve my goal and for you to improve your game. I am also lucky enough to have a team of very capable and knowledgeable writers who help provide some of the content on my site. We aim to provide you with useful content about:

  • Tips and tricks 
  • Fundamental Lessons
  • How-to Guides
  • Product Reviews
  • Buyers Guides
  • and Much More!

I aim to provide the most comprehensive site on the Internet with something for everyone, regardless of your playing level or knowledge. 

Rob Jones