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Through my many years of playing and leaning different variations of cue sports, I’ve acquired a vast knowledge which i want to share with you here. You’ll find an encyclopedia of well researched information relating to pool, snooker, billairds or one of the many other forms of the sport. Enjoy!

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How To Identify Pool Table Manufacturer

Pool tables always have different values depending on how old it is, the materials used and maybe most importantly who the manufacturer is. Especially when pool tables are inherited or…

Best Break Tip

The game of pool is highly competitive and one shot can make or break a match. There are many important shots to be played during a match, but none are…

How to Play Cutthroat Pool

Cutthroat pool— also known as three-man-screw— is a popular variation of billiards. Unlike the traditional 8-ball game, Cutthroat is played with three players (or five) and is all about the…

Why Are So Many Pool Tables Green

Pool is one of the most popular indoor games around. But have you ever noticed how almost every pool table you see is green? That’s no mere coincidence.  So, why…

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