Best 6 Pool Cues For Intermediate Players – 2021

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Best 5 Pool Cues For Intermediate Players – 2020Pool is not a new thing and a successful pool player is the one who knows the worth of a good cue. 

The player who knows how to get the most out of his game with the right pool cue is king, because it helps in making the right shots. If you are into pool and take it seriously, you need to invest in a high-quality pool cue. A well-designed cue will not only show your talent but increase your personality at the table. 

There is an unlimited number of pool cue brands out there, and therefore, so much variety! It can create confusion in making the right purchase, so I’ve broken it down for you with my top choices. 

You must select an attractive design along with perfect manufacturing. Here we are going to discuss which is the best pool cues for intermediate players that will enable you to select a suitable pool stick to enhance your game.

This is my list of top rated pool cues for intermediate players.

In a hurry?

If you don’t have much time use the links below to quickly find my best pool cues for intermediate players on Amazon. You can be assured we only choose the best products…
– Best pro cue for an intermediate player – Players Purex HXT Cue
– Best budget cue for an intermediate player – TaiBA Professional Pool Cue

Reviews: Best pool cues for intermediate players

So you have risen through the ranks, shot past the rookies at the table and are now well established and on your way to the next level! 

Perhaps the only thing you need to fill the gap to be a truly established player is the right pool cue! 

A cue is vital to playing well, it can make or break you as a budding player, so choose wisely. 

To help you make the best choice I’ve made a detailed buyers guide below so you can be sure you’re making well-informed decisions while deciding which battle-ax to take to the fight. 

The best pool cues for intermediate level players based on playability and cost are: 

  • PureX players pool cue – Best Overall Cue
  • McDermott cue kit
  • Viking valhalla pool stick
  • Taiba pro pool cue – Budget Friendly Cue
  • Viper revolution spider stick
  • Viper sinister stick

When you’re ready, check out the best pool cues for intermediate players below. Enjoy!

PureX Technology Series HXT15 Two-Piece Pool Cue
PureX Technology Series HXT15 Two-Piece Pool Cue
Features Stainless Steel Joint and Slimline White Implex Butt Cap; Solid Black Double-Pressed Irish Linen Wrap
Viper Revolution 58' 2-Piece Billiard/Pool Cue, Spider, 18 Ounce
Viper Revolution 58″ 2-Piece Billiard/Pool Cue, Spider, 18 Ounce
Features stainless steel joints which help provide consistent feedback during play
McDermott Pro Pool Cue Kit
McDermott Pro Pool Cue Kit
1×1 Tube Case; 2 Pieces of Chalk; Official Rule Book; Tip Scuffer/Shaper Joint Protectors; 3 Year Warranty
Viper Sinister 58' 2-Piece Billiard/Pool Cue, Burgundy with Pearlized Inlay, 18 Ounce
Viper Sinister 58″ 2-Piece Billiard/Pool Cue, Burgundy with Pearlized Inlay, 18 Ounce
Constructed from quality hard Canadian Maple wood on the shaft; Designed with a 2-piece billiard cue, allowing for easy transportation and storage

Purex Players Technology Cue Stick

About:- Players PureX
A well known company in the industry, Players pull out all the stops, especially with their HXT PureX cue range, using the HXT technology low deflection cues to reduce the deflection on the cue ball. They are known for making well crafted, well-rounded cues that are perfect for even the highest level, this is especially true when they add the Kumui black soft tips to their cues.

Players Purex HXT Technology Cue

All pool players want the best shots and having the best pool cue certainly helps! Among so many billiard cues, the players hxt pool cues has to be up there, as they are excellently made cues. This pool stick will help improve your game in no time.

Who Should Have It

This cue is ideal for an intermediate level pool player, however, a fresher can also have it. In fact, a good stick helps you improve no matter your level. 

Want to be the best pool player you can be, invest in this cue!

Available Weight

This pool cue is available in different weights that go from 18 to 21 ounces. There is also the option to adjust the cues weight by accessing the weight bolts located in the butt of the cue

Deflection Shaft

Unlike the old models with a classic shaft, this one has HXT15 Low-Deflection ferrule to give you a more powerful and accurate shot. Having an LD technology in a cue at this price is a big plus and makes this cue stand out among the others on this list

The stainless steel joint makes the butt and shaft fit nicely and securely together, while the wrap of the cue is double-pressed Irish linen. Making a fantastic grip and sweat absorber which actually will only help with the grip .

Kamui Tip

Sitting proudly on the tip of the shaft is a premium Kamui black cue tip. If you have spent any time on this blog, you’ll know i champion the Kamui tip for being one of the best out there. They are a 10 layered tip made from Japanese pig skin. They grip to the ball nicely and produce a beautiful shot.

This maple wood 2-piece pool cue is certainly a premium cue. Its been treated to help against warping and for the price, you are getting a top of the range cue!

Intermediate players cue


Players pool cues are known for their high quality and this players HTX15 pool cue is no exception. This pool cue has a compact design, with some state-of-the-art cue technology that makes it the best pool cue for an intermediate player. 

It brings more accurate shots due to LD HXT shaft (ferrule). It has a Kamui tip, which is a top-end cue tip. Its a soft tip so adding english to the ball will be easier.  

A dual finish with epoxy and Nelsonite helps protect it against warping. 

This cue really has it all!

This is why the PureX from players gets my pro choice badge for best pool cues for intermediate players!

McDermott Pro Cue Kit

About:- McDermott
Since 1975 McDermott have been making cues of a high standard. Pioneers in new products and technology they strive for top-end products. Each McDermott cue is made from over 150 separate procedures while it’s being crafted, with such great care and attention, a McDermott cue is really something. With a number of brands under the McDermott umbrella, they can specialize in what’s important for each product.

McDermott Pro Cue Kit​

As a well established brand usually known for making high end cues, Its nice to see that McDermott still has time to make a budget pool cue for an intermediate player.

With experience crafting quality cues, you can be sure that this McDermott is a well crafted, smooth hitter. This 58” inch cue is a real beauty, it looks stunning and comes in multiple weights from 18-21oz.

Excellent Grip

There is a black and white Irish linen wrap on the shaft of this cue which personally is my favorite wrap as it gives me a great feel and grip. I think it looks great on this already stylish cue.

Durable Tip

McDermott decided to put a 13mm Triangle medium/hard leather tanned tip on it. Although i think i better tip would have been nice, you still can complain here as it’s still a pretty good tip especially for the overall price of the cue. What’s nice about it is it hardly mushrooms and can hold chalk excellently. 

Canadian Maple Shaft

This cue, as expected, makes use of hard rock maple wood for the shaft and has crafted a 10” pro taper. The wood is also treated using an ultra-high urethane coating to keep the cue protected for longer. All this gives the cue a very smooth surface and a great hit of the ball.

Cue Joint

As with most cues designed for intermediate players, there is a stainless steel joint connecting the cues together. This makes for a nice solid hit, especially as the joint keeps the cue together nicely. 


Yes, you read this correctly, This is not only a great cue for an intermediate player, from a fantastic cue brand, but it also comes with a few nice extras. When you purchase this pool kit you’ll also be getting:

  • Hard tube cue case
  • Rule book
  • 4 pieces of McDermott chalk
  • Tip shaper & scuffer
  • Joint protectors

In my opinion, this is a great deal!


If you are looking for the best pool cues for intermediate players, then this is one of them. 

Any player looking for a good cue kit that doesn’t break the bank will be happy here. Not only do you get the cue but you get a lot of extra stuff with it – all with the famous McDermott logo on it!

Viking Valhalla Pool Cue

About:- Viking Cues
For over 70 years Viking have been making top-quality cues. From their early days crafting cues in a basement to now, this American company has only grown bigger and stronger.  Their cues are a big name in the industry and will give you a solid performance while playing.

Viking Valhalla Pool Cue

Viking pool cues have to be on this list somewhere! This is definitely one of the best intermediate pool cue you can buy.

If you are choosy then go for Valhalla Viking because it is available in several colors and designs. which ever you choose will look great and perform like rock star at the table!

Excellent Grip

Viking Valhalla is not only stylish but brings a strong grip. The Irish linen butt wrap does not let your hands slip. It is also possible for a player to adjust the butt weight that ranges from 18-21 oz. The bottom of this pool stick has a rubber bumper that protects.

Durable Tip

The tip of the Viking cue is a 13 mm thick leather tip that helps to control the ball while playing. Moreover, it is a well-shaped tip and doesn’t need any adjustment, and it provides perfect contact with the ball.

Canadian Maple Shaft

This cue is of top quality build as the Viking used Canadian maple and secured it with metal threading. Such a secure lock further helps the pool player to control the ball.


Valhalla pool cues have excellent designs as it was manufactured by a big name. It helps users to give a high-end performance. Maple makes the shaft durable and you can use it for as long as you want. You can choose from a variety of colors, giving you and your stick some real personality.

TaiBA Professional Pool Cue

About:- Taiba
Taiba is the new(ish) kid on the block. This Chinese company has been around for about 10 years now and mainly focuses on the beginner to mid-range cues and accessories. Because of this they probably won’t be using the latest innovation in technology to make their cues compete at the highest level but what they do is focus on making exceptional cues for the beginner and intermediate players. Because of this, their cues are extremely affordable. Just because their main focus isn’t creating professionally crafted cues, don’t be fooled into thinking their cues are of a lesser standard. They focus on crafting cues perfect an beginner/intermediate player.

TaiBA Professional Pool Cue

This cue is certainly one of the best pool cues to buy as its the ultimate budget pool cue!

If you are new to billiards, Taiba is the right product for you. A fresh pool player can enhance the game with this stick. It is compact, strong, and attractive. This is also a cost-effective cue, but with so many qualities.

Ready to Use

Taiba pool stick comes up with a nicely round and scuffed tip. You can simply go to the market, buy this cue, and start to play. Whereas several other sticks take a lot of time to adjust.

Well-Secured and Strong

The cue is made from maple wood, a standard and popular choice for cues as its very durable and strong. The two pieces of the cue are connected together using a brass joint, where the two pieces are screwed in securely together. The butt of the cue is wrapped in an imitation leather wrap which has a strong grip.

Perfect Weight

This stick is available in not only different styles but also different weights from 19oz to 21oz. The weight bolts can be found in the butt of the cue if you ever feel the need to adjust them. 

Flawless Cue

This pool cue is flawless because of its Canadian maple wood making. It has a smooth finish with 9 coats of varnish that gives it shine. The finish protects it from moisture and warping.

Rubber Bumper

You will find a rubber bumper on its bottom that makes it less vulnerable to damage. Even if you drop it by mistake, the rubber will save it.

budget Intermediate players cueConclusion

Taiba is a wonderful pool cue for beginners and intermediate players. Its amazing to know how Taiba are able to produce such a high end cue at such a low price. On top of everything they provide you with a fancy 1×1 pool cue case! 

Amazing value and a great cue!

Viper Revolution Spider Pool Stick

About:- Viper
Viper have been around for a while are well known for making great cues for any playing level. They have cues for every budget and there craftsmanship is second to none. despite their price-tag, they deliver great quality cues! 

Viper Revolution Spider Pool Stick

Viper Revolution pool stick is the “life of the billiards” as what several players say. This is a durable cue with stylish graphics and a thrust to win!

Tattoo Style Design

The stick is very attractive due to stainless steel rings and colorful design. The graphics have tattoo style of spiders and spiderwebs – hence the name. Personally, i’m a huge fan of this stick, love the way it looks and plays!

Sturdy Material

As with a lot of cues it uses Canadian Maple wood, which is great as maple wood is durable and strong. The stick is varnished with 9 coats, making well treated for water absorption and warping. A Steel joint completes the look and securely screws in the two pieces.

Adjustable Weight

This cue is available in a range of weights from 18 – 21 oz. so you can pick your perfect playing weight. 

Scuffer Adjustment

This cue has a tip scuffer that you can remove from the butt of the cue and use it to maintain your tip. All solid and layered tips need to be maintained to keep getting an optimal hit, so this is a great little feature that you’ll find on a lot of viper pool cues. 

Silicone Wrap

Unlike the other cues on this list, the Viper Spider has a silicone wrap on the butt. The silicone will grip nicely to your hand while feeling comfortable too.


In general, Viper revolution is a great billiard cue for a pool player. It is not only durable, but the tattoo like graphics gives it beauty. The silicone wrap makes it smooth and comfortable to grip the butt while the handy tip scuffer is perfect for putting life back into your worn out tip. 

Awesome cue!

Viper Sinister 58” Pool Cue

About:- Viper
As explained above – Viper are a quality cue maker. It says a lot from me when i include two Viper products in my list from all the many cue manufactures out there, kudos Viper! There mid range cues for intermediate players are really great cues.

Viper sinister is perfectly placed on our list of best pool cues for intermediate.  It’s durable and comes with so many other qualities. Like other sticks, this one also has 9 varnish coatings,  stainless steel joint and a great look.

Every pool player loves Viper Sinister!

Lightweight Joints

The joints on this cue are made from stainless steel. So when the butt and shaft are together, they firmly screw in together. Such joints help to get consistent feedback while playing.

Removable Scuffer

Like the Revolution Spider, this cue also has a scuffer that you can removed from the cues butt and used to keep your cues tip nice and scuffed. A well scuffed tip will help with chalk retention which will then help with more grip and control on the cue ball.

Available in different weights

Like most good cues now a days, they are available in multiple weights. The Viper Sinister is available in weights between 18oz and 21 oz.

Some Other Features

Other than some common features, Viper Sinister 58 inch cue is unique in its way. A combination of Le Pro leather tip and an Irish linen wrap on the butt looks great on its traditional but stylish cue.


Viper Sinister is a wonderful product that every pool player loves to have. Multiple varnish layers provide shine and gives it protection against warping. 

The cue is crafted from Canadian maple wood which means its strong and long lasting. 

For the price, this cue has it all!

What to expect in a pool cue for intermediate level play

When you reach a certain playing level in billiards you want and need a cue that is suitable to your level.

The same is true for any sport, you want the equipment to represent your ability.

It won’t come as a surprise to you that the Players HTX15 pool cue will outperform a used wooden house cue. No shock there, I’m sure.

You want the best, so it will bring out the best in your playing ability.

So what can you expect in a cue at this level?

Well, first of all, I will say that even a serious beginner player will benefit from one of these cues, not just an intermediate player.

Cost of the cue

If you want a pool cue for an intermediate then the price is one of the first things you must consider. I would recommend spending between 75 – 250 dollars on your pool cue at this level. You definitely can get great cues at a low price, so at this level, there is no need to splash out on a $500 playing cue, as much as you may want to.

In this price range, the manufacturer will take the cue seriously, you can expect a decent pool cue for the money.  

The more money you spend the higher the cue will perform. Higher-end cues might incorporate carbon fiber rods into the core, have a better level of low deflection and a superior cue tip – but these higher-end cues will set you back $100’s and personally, I don’t think an intermediate player needs to worry about this type of cue just yet. 

I say intermediate players don’t need to worry about more expensive pool cues because a lot of more expensive cues will have “comparable” technology inside – Ok, it will most likely be slightly better but not $300 dollars better. With a lot of expensive pool cues, you are paying for the look, the detail inlays, the exotic woods. you aren’t paying for the playability. 

The pool cues on this list are perfect for beginners and intermediate players alike.

What to expect in the cue features

As I mentioned, a more expensive cue should perform better than a cheaper cue, I’m sure there is no shock there.

But what can you expect at this level?

What to expect in the tip

The tip will most likely be a strong point of the cue or a low point. most manufacturers at this level will either use a recognized high-level cue tip or just use a standard solid or layers leather tip. 

If you ever see a cue with a screw-on or slip-on cue tip then stay well away! They should all be glue on cue tips at this level. 

The good thing is, if the tip is not great, you can always glue on a higher quality tip – good cue tips to look out for are Kamui Clear Black, Predator Victory, Elk Master, and Tiger Everest – There are other great tips too, but these are pretty popular.

What to expect in the shaft

The shaft may or may not have low deflection, but usually, the manufacturer will develop their cue to at least reduce some cue ball squirt.  If it doesn’t then it’s not a deal-breaker – many good players prefer their cues without low deflection technology and opt for more natural aiming.

What to expect in the butt

I wouldn’t expect too much in the way of detail inlays on the butt of your cue. Inlays won’t improve your performance, just the look of the cue. Most cues at this level will have good overlays on the butt which will certainly make the cue look great.

What to expect in the grip

The grip of a cue is a personal preference, I personally like Irish linen, but others may differ. Some higher-priced cues will use a leather grip on the butt, If you prefer a leather grip then its easily added at a billiards repair shop.

What to expect in the weight

The best pool cue weight for an intermediate player is often discussed. Pro players usually opt for a lighter cue as they don’t need the extra weight to get the extra power and they are able to produce excellent cue ball control. Intermediate players will usually get a cue that weighs between 19 to 20 oz.

When purchasing pool cues at an intermediate-range you should have a weight option where you pick your ideal weight. 

The cues should also have their own adjustable weight bolts located behind the bumper in the butt of the cue. There you should be able to increase and decrease the playing weight of the cue.

What to expect in the material

We have already touched upon the materiel of the cue. There are many different types of pool cue materials on the market, such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, maple wood, and Ashwood.  Some exotic woods such as Cocobola and Bubinga to name a few could be used as well as combining materials such as carbon fiber and maple wood.

The more exotic woods will be used on the pricier pool cues so don’t be expecting exotic woods used on cue at this price point. Good carbon fiber cues and hybrid cues will also be hard to find at this price point.

These cues have a higher price point. If you are interested in checking some of them cues out then check out my cues for more advanced players.

Most good cues at this range will make use of North American maple wood. This is a perfectly good wood for pool cues, it’s durable, straight-grained and the wood is hard and stiff – which is why it’s been a standard wood for pool cues for many years.

Though a pool cue seems a small accessory, the entire game depends on it.

You have to choose the best pool cues for intermediate players carefully!

Certain factors determine the nature and quality of a good stick, so you must consider them. These factors include stick weight, type of the tip, manufacturing material or type of wood, design or style, wrap material, and the balance point as well. Let’s have a look at these factors.

Weight of Pool Stick

Weight is an important factor to consider before buying the right cue. There is a reason why cues are available in differnt weights – some cues allow the weight to be adjusted.

The weight of a cue is a personal preference, some people prefer lighter ones, giving a more delicate touch while other people prefer heavy ones, with a stronger touch.

Its really down to which ever weight you prefer to play with, test some friends cues out before making a decision or ensure the cue you buy has adjustable weight bolts located inside the butt of the cue.

Type of Tip

Generally, the tip of the pool cue ranges from 11 to 14 mm. Like size, it is also important to focus on the right tip. A soft tip will let you feel the ball when you hit it. However, soft tips don’t last as long as hard tips. Hard tips are long-lasting, and take some getting used to, but can be excellent tips for you billiard stick

Type of Material

A pool cue often comes up in wood along with some metal parts like the joint. Generally, the manufacturers use maple wood, especially, the Canadian maple. Wood is very strong and durable and can be used it for years if treated well. Some manufacturers use North American maple or any other kind of wood.

More expensive cues may use more exotic woods.

fiberglass is another material used in cues as its super strong and doesn’t warp but until recently didn’t gain much popularity – now its seen more often on higher end models. 

Style or Design

The shape and overall design of the cue won’t make you a world champion but it’s still very important. A cues design tells a lot about the person holding it and how they play – it’s your personality at the table. 

Make sure you get one that suits you. Personally I prefer the more classic look to my cue but there are many great looking cues. some look fantastic so I recommend you find a design and style that suits you. Pool cues are hand-spliced or machine spliced so if you don’t find the perfect one you want then maybe you can have a personalized one made for you. 

Perfect Wrap Material

A cue will make use of a wrap to protect the cue while giving you a grip that’s comfortable. Like, you can say that it is like a tape that we wrap around the cue edge. Your hands will not slip with a well-wrapped stick, besides your grip becomes secure. Both nylon and linen wraps are good for beginners and intermediate players. However, professional players prefer leather wraps and such sticks are expensive than others.


Fresh pool players must not buy so expensive sticks. Once you get your hands on the game and understand all factors, you can opt for an expensive cue stick. However, professional and experienced players prefer expensive sticks having leather wraps.

Balance Point

A balanced cue is essential for a pool player to play like a professional. In general, the center of the stick has the balance point at a few inches away from the wrap’s end. The player knows a perfect balance point only after trial and error. Like, after a few games, you would understand the balance point that is perfect for you.

We hope that the above guideline would help you choose the right pool cue. Whether you are a beginner or a professional player, you deserve an excellent product.


Anyone of these cues will be perfect for any player, even if you were looking for the best pool cues for advanced players

An intermediate player will notice the difference playing with one of these compared to a local bar cue. 

Personally I love the Players cue, a fantastically crafted cue with some heavyweight features too, but it sadly comes at a hefty price tag. 

If you’re not ready to pay that much then the TaiBa is a good cheaper alternative. 

honestly tho, any of these cues would be a great addition for you. 

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