5 Best pool table for kids – Perfect Mini Tables 2021

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best pool table for kidsIf you are looking to introduce your kids to the Gentleman’s game of pool, you then need to buy a smaller/ mini pool table.

Consequently, your kids will get to learn and appreciate how fun pool is because the smaller size of the pool table ensures the game usually takes less time and has less pressure in comparison to the standard pool.

However, deciding which is the best pool table for kids is not straightforward as there are numerous models on the market, hence making it very difficult to make an informed decision.

Therefore, in this article, you will be taken through five of the best pool tables for kids as well as a buyer’s guide to help you know which model best suits the needs of your children.

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Product Review : Best pool table for kids

Below are my top picks for the best pool table for kids. I have provided plenty of information for each of the mini pool table that are ideal for kids and young adults. 

If you need a little more information, i have a detailed buyers guide you can check out here that will give you all the information you need on these perfect miniature pool tables for kids, HERE

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🎱 Playcraft Sport – Check price on Amazon
🎱Rack Foldable table Our Pro Pick – Check price on Amazon
🎱Costzon Billiard Table – Check price on Amazon
🎱Rally and Roar Tabletop – Check price on Amazon
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Playcraft Sport 40-inch Pool table

About:- Playcraft Sport
From 1975, Playcraft sports have set out producing games room products that not only was great value but made to the highest quality. They have an impressive catalog of games, especially their pool table range.

Playcraft Sport 40-inch Pool table ​

This tabletop pool table is undoubtedly one of the best pool tables for kids, and its popularity among children is enough proof.

It has a playing surface measuring 40” x 20” as well as small removable legs that allow you to adjust its height, and this will enable it to fit perfectly into your kid’s playing area.

The set comes along with two 36” pool cues, two cue chalk, a brush, 15 ball rack, and a set of billiard balls. Moreover, weighing in at only 20.5 pounds, this pool table is lightweight while remaining sturdy enough to make it less susceptible to getting damaged easily. 

Thus, thanks to its lightweight design, it is very portable, and you can carry it with you to the outdoors for your kids to have a change of scenery.

The build quality of this pool table is another remarkable element that stands out as it incorporates a rugged construction. Therefore, your kids can enjoy playing it for a prolonged duration without any concerns about it getting destroyed. 

kids mini pool tableThis is possible since it made using robust MDF wood, which is easily movable and lightweight.

It also incorporates a stylish design wooden finish sides as well as the choice of different colors such as green, blue, and red. 

Additionally, it features sides with cushions and smooth cloth, which keep the cue balls in control every time.


RACK Leo Folding 4_foot Billiard/Pool Table

About:- Rack
A pool enthusiast & pool shark started Rack a few years back after years of research into the tables along with the design and quality needed for a premium table. His intention was to bring the best billiard products to market.

RACK Leo Folding 4_foot Billiard/Pool Table

With this mini pool table, your kids will enjoy all the benefits associated with the standard pool tables.

Integrated into its design is an all-metal frame, L88 rubber bumpers that allow for a realistic ball roll and bounce as well as a 1/2” dense MDF bed that features a pro-quality velvet felt.

Its size is about 1/3rd that of the standard pool table, thereby making it perfect for children and adults. No assembly is necessary with this table, and it also comes in a foldable and portable design; hence you can effortlessly fold it up and place it below your bed.

Therefore, it is an excellent pick if your kid’s playing area is reasonably small as its dimensions are 47” L x 25” W x 27” H.

Despite incorporating a lightweight design, it still is a heavy-duty pool table, with quality that is almost identical to that of other big luxury pool tables. It also comes along with high-quality accessories and metal legs that are sturdy with the tabletop having a velvet felt that mimics the experience of the real pool. 

Furthermore, it features a metal undercarriage that is foldable and sturdy, thereby offering the kids a stable playing surface. However, the top of this pool table stands at 31”, which is marginally higher compared to some of the best pool tables for kids.

Thus, it might not be ideal for kids younger than 5 or 6 years who might feel playing on this table to be somewhat tricky.

Pro PickThis pool table’s legs are steady and firm, and its structure is relatively attractive, so your kids can enjoy a game of billiards on it for many hours uninterrupted. Moreover, it features L88 bumper cushions, cue ball pockets made of cotton, and levelers fixed to its legs for preventing damage to the floor as well as stability on uneven surfaces.

I gave this kids pool table my pro pick badge. Its perfect for most ages and plays really well!


Costzon Billiard Table

About:- Costzon
Although they arent focused on billiards, they are focused on making perfect produst for kids and teens alike. This table is a great example of what can be achived when designed correctly.

Costzon Billiard Table

The design of the mini pool table is not only ideal for kids but adults too, and this is thanks to its large playing surface and 1/3rd the size of the standard pool tables.

This makes it a great pool table for your kids who are looking to learn the basics of billiards while simultaneously allowing you to flex your hands. 

Additionally, the weight of this pool table is about 33 pounds and its dimensions are 47” L x 25” L x 27” H and features a green nylon cloth on its upper board that mimics the appearance of bigger pool tables.

kids miniature pool tablesThis pool table also comes in incredibly robust build quality as well as its pool cues, and this subsequently gives you the experience of playing real pool.

Integrated into its design is a sturdy MDF pool-bed that is covered with a nylon-felt, hence ensuring a consistent and decent roll of the cue ball. 

Furthermore, it has pockets that are of the correct size, which is neither too small nor too big, and its entire body structure is solid, ensuring you it never wobbles or shakes as your kids are enjoying a game of pool.

This table’s top stability is further boosted by MDF legs that can also fold down, thereby allowing for convenient portability and storage.

If you’re looking for ideas on where to store your pool table, I wrote an article on “Can a Pool Table Be Kept in a Garage“, Check it out if you’re interested.

Included in this table set are every accessory needed to play pool, such as two cue chalk, 16 resin billiard ball, two pieces of powders, a black plastic triangle rack, and a table brush to clean the pool table cloth.

I have some ideas you might like on getting the best pool balls for your kids. 


Rally and Roar Tabletop Pool Table Set

About:- Rally and Roar
These are another company that make a huge range of game room products. They have products suitable for all age ranges. Although not focused on billiards, they do have a number of billiard products.

Rally and Roar Tabletop Pool Table Set​

If you want a pool table that incorporates a beautiful design and plays excellently, then look no further than the Rally and Roar tabletop pool table.

Other than its size, this table also has several other realistic features, including pool cues and billiards balls of exceptional quality. 

Additionally, the cue balls are perfectly weighted hence guaranteeing you an authentic experience despite being a fraction of the size and price of the standard pool table. It weighs less than 25 pounds and measures 40” by 20” with this making it an excellent choice for teens and kids alike, plus adults too can make use of it, albeit in a restricted manner.

Integrated into this small pool table is a beautiful color felt and a solid MDF frame with a deep brown finish. Its pool cues are typically 20% heavier in comparison to the other pool tables for kids, and this allows for improved playability as well as control.

Additionally, it includes rubber side bumpers, which provide it with a realistic ball rebound, something which is not found in other sets in this category.

This pool table is usually not pre-assembled, so you need to attach its four legs to the top using the eight screws provided, something which will not take much of your time. It also comes with foam pads that are fastened to every leg to prevent marks or scratches either on the flooring or table.

Therefore, if you want a pool table that offers you a combination of top-notch quality and flair, then look no further.


Hathaway Breakout 40-inch Table Top Pool Table

About:- Hathaway
Hathaway make a number of high quality tables and their products are usualy of high craftmanship. Not only do they have kids tables in their collection, but also very nice full sized ones too.

Hathaway Breakout 40-inch Table Top Pool Table

If the pool table’s durability is what matters most to you, then the Hathaway Breakout 40-inch pool table should be your top pick while still delivering a remarkable gameplay experience.

It also incorporates MDF wood that is denser than average, and its corners feature durable round plastic bumpers. 

Moreover, despite being solid, this mini pool table is still compact and lightweight, thereby allowing for easy portability, and this makes it excellent for traveling with to outdoor adventures.

This pool table’s top measures 40” x 21.5” with this big enough for kids to play and enjoy a game of pool. The included accessories are a brush, a pool rack, two 36 pool cues as well as two-piece pool chalk. Furthermore, its legs feature anti-skid no-mar pads that offer added stability of the playing surface and protect its underside from scratches. 

Budget PickFinally, you also get a 180-days warranty that covers manufacturing faults alongside a solid construction, hence ensuring your kids always have a pool table to use any time of the year.

I gave this small pool table for kids my best budget badge because of its great value.


Before you decide which pool table to buy for your kids, carrying out compressive research is vital as this guarantees you get an item that meets the needs of your kids perfectly.

Therefore, in this guide are the essential factors you need to consider when looking for the best pool tables for kids.

Kids age

When looking for the best pool table for kids, you must take into consideration the age of your young ones because these tables usually have user instructions that vary depending on the age limit. 

Thus, a pool table of 20” is ideal if your children are aged between four to five years, and anyone older than that might start feeling it as being somewhat uncomfortable due to its small size. 

However, the 40” pool table is ideal if your kids are aged over eight years old; hence teenagers and even grownups too can make use of it to enjoy a game of pool.

Because the 40” pool table’s size is approximately 1/3rd the standard size, it provides its players with an overall playing experience that is almost identical to an actual pool table.

Table variation

kids Pool table usually come in two variants, that is, tabletop as well as standing, and each of these has its merits and demerits. The tabletop pool table is more portable, versatile, lightweight as well as easy to store and move. 

Nevertheless, its downsides include the playing surface height being limited to the type of table you on which you position it, sometimes shaking as you are playing.

On the contrary, with the standing table, you get a pool table that has fixed legs, thereby offering enhanced stability as well as improved performance. However, they are typically bulkier, less portable and more expensive in comparison to tabletop models.   

Size of the pool table

Size is, without a doubt, one of the first things you need to consider when looking for the best pool table for kids. The size of pool tables designed for use by kids ranges from 20” to 47”, and due to their small design, they require less space compared to standard tables, but some do need quite a lot of space.

Typically, the table size affects the overall gameplay experience as well as who can partake in the game.

Ideally, a 20” pool table is meant for children between four to five years and anything and anyone older than that might find it uncomfortable. The 40” table is perfect for teens, growing kids, and even grownups, and this size is usually 1/3rd that of the regulation table, so it does provide players with an improved overall fun and playability. 

Additionally, first, confirm the measurements of the room you will place the small pool table before going ahead and buying one to ensure it is neither too big nor too small. This is very vital since the table’s size directly affects the all-round playing experience.

Price of the pool table

When looking for the best pool table for kids, you also need to factor in your budget. If you want a table that provides your kids with a realistic playing experience and is of incredible quality, be ready to spend about $100. 

However, if you want something with above-average build quality, you will only need to spend around $60. Therefore, you need first to assess your budget and be better placed to make an informed decision as to which pool table suits you.


After reading through this article, you now know of five of the best pool tables for kids. Moreover, you also have learned about the factors that you need to observe as you are out shopping for a mini pool table.

Hence, thanks to this aforementioned information, you will be able to get your kids a pool table that provides them with a playing experience that is realistic and more fun. 

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