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How To Choose A Snooker Cue

When you’re starting out playing snooker, one of the most important purchases you’ll make is a cue. But with so many different types and brands…

What is carom billiards and how to play it

What is carom billiards and how to play it

Do you enjoy playing pool? If so, you may be interested in learning about carom billiards – a similar but slightly different game. Carom is…

how to clean Irish linen wrap on a pool cue

How to Clean Irish Linen Wrap on a Pool Cue

If you are reading this then I guess it’s finally time to give your precious cue some much-needed TLC.  The thing is most people will…

How to tell if my pool cue is straight or warped

Know if Your Pool Cue is Straight & How to Straighten

If you want to play pool, snooker or billiards like a pro, then you need to ensure that your pool stick is in perfect shape….

how to clean a snooker cue shaft

How to Clean a Snooker Cue – Silky Smooth

As with anything in life, if you look after it well, it will look after you. The same can be said about your snooker cue,…

rules of bumper pool

How To Play Bumper Pool + Pictures

Want to know how to play bumper pool? Maybe you are unsure of the bumper pool setup? Or maybe who goes first?  Well, I have…

step-by-step How to Move a Pool Table without Breaking the Slate

How to Move a Pool Table without Breaking the Slate

In buying a pool table, the best recommendation regarding location is to choose a place in the house where you won’t require moving the table…

how to replace the tip on a pool cue

Step-by-Step How to Replace a Cue Tip Like a Pro

So you probably have a new pool cue tip and cant wait to get started using it. All that is needed now is to learn…

Ultimate Guide To Clean Pool Table Felt

How To Clean Pool Table Felt (Chalk, Pet Hair & Stains)

Looking to keep your pool table felt in top condition? If you’ve ever played on a dirty pool table, you know it’s not fun. The…

how to clean pool balls

How To Clean Pool Balls Like New – Step-by-Step

There are certain things in the game of pool that you can’t help; getting your pool balls dirty is one of them. Beginners to experts…