How to Play Cutthroat Pool

how to play cutthroat pool

Cutthroat pool— also known as three-man-screw— is a popular variation of billiards. Unlike the traditional 8-ball game, Cutthroat is played with three players (or five) and is all about the defense play style. The objective of the game is to have your ball be the last ball remaining on the table. Think you have what … Read more

How to Install Pool Table Bumpers


If you are in need of new bumpers and looking to replace the old ones then you have come to the right place.  Its important to understand the procedure in not only replacing your table cushions but choosing the correct ones. Table cushions don’t come with a one size fits all, you’ll need to understand … Read more

How to Tell Ivory Pool Balls


If you love playing pool or recently developed a taste for antique pool balls, you must have wondered how to tell ivory pool balls. If you want to know how to differentiate ivory pool balls from the rest, you may want to keep reading as we look at the discerning features of an ivory pool … Read more

How to Chalk a Pool Cue Stick Correctly

how to properly chalk a pool cue

There are many aspects to this beautiful game that may surprise you but there is a subtle but significant tool in your cue sports arsenal that mustn’t be underestimated so you can sink that remarkable shot – The mighty pool chalk! Learn how to chalk a pool cue correctly as this will greatly improve your … Read more

What Does Chalk Do In Pool

Why chalk a pool cue

Usually, before every shot, you will probably chalk up, but what does chalk do in pool? why do you chalk a pool cue? This little blue cube of chalk seems to get everywhere, makes the balls dirty, makes your cues dirty, it can even get all over your hands. So why do we even bother? … Read more