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how to clean a snooker cueAs with anything in life, if you look after it well, it will look after you. The same can be said about your snooker cue, you need to know how to treat a snooker cue well so it will repay that care with longevity and playability. Sounds like a fair deal, right?

So what do I mean by taking care of your snooker cue? Well, there are many things you can do, but the one I will be covering here today is how to clean a snooker cue. 

It’s important to spend some time cleaning and maintaining your snooker cue as it will not only play better but last longer and feel more comfortable while cueing. 

Over time your snooker cue will collect dirt as well as oils from your hands and other unwanted grime, this will cause layers of residue to buildup on your snooker cues shaft. 

If left untreated the shaft will become less smooth as the residue of grime builds up.  This will become noticeable when feathering the cue, you’ll find the cue won’t smoothly travel over your bridging hand as it once did. 

In such an instance, it would be beneficial to give your snooker cue a good cleaning. There are plenty of guides out there on how to clean a snooker cue, but this focuses solely on a snooker cue as they are built differently from other cue sports cues.

A snooker cue, for the most part, will be made from Ashwood, and have a brass ferrule so its best to use a cleaning treatment that compliments a snooker cue best.

By the end of this article, you’ll know not only how to clean a snooker cue but also how to take care of snooker cue.

How to make a snooker cue smooth

If you want to know how to clean a snooker cue then you’ll need to know how to remove all that build up residue that has collected on the snooker cue shat and butt. 

Removing it will not only clean it but make it smoother too. 

I will run through the steps on how to make a snooker cue smoother and cleaner in this section.

How to take care of a snooker cue is an important thing if you want to prolong its playing ability, look after it well and it will serve you right for the future. 

What will you need on your quest to make a snooker cue clean and smooth?

  • Baby wipes
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Raw linseed oil
  • Cue wax

how to clean a snooker cue

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Steps on how to make a snooker cue smooth and clean

Everyone wants a clean shaft, lucky it’s pretty easy and inexpensive to achieve, here’s how to clean a snooker cue.

Step 1: The cue wipe

I use baby wipes for this as they are adequately damp already but a very slightly damp cloth or paper towel will also work.

Simply table your baby wipe or very slightly damp cloth and clean the ferrule, using circular motions on the brass ferrule is great for helping to buff it up – be careful not to get the tip wet.

After that, using a strong firm motion, rub the wipes down the cue. 

You want to vigorously drag the wipes down the snooker shaft. Slightly twisting and pulling downwards in a single motion.

From removing all the built-up of dirt and grime from the shaft. Youll find the wipes will turn a slightly bluey-green in colour – This is all layers of oils and dirt mixed with chalk that’ on your shaft; This is what we want to remove.

If you are using baby wipes then you may want to replace the wipe if it gets too grimy. 

Continue vigorously wiping till there is no more bluey-green residue coming off and you are satisfied you have removed it all.

STEP 2: Dry the cue

Now that you have wiped it all clean, you will need to dry any leftover water on the cue. It’s important to keep your cue dry as any moisture can negatively affect the cue.

Taking a dry cloth, using the same motion used to clean the cue you want to wipe away excess water from cue

For this, I usually use a microfiber cloth but a face flannel or bar towel will also work.

Wiping the snooker cue up and down the shaft with a dry cloth until the cue is nice and dry.

This snooker cue cleaning and drying process will help make the sue smoother too.

The whole cleaning and drying process will take a minute or two, really not long at all. It’s good practice to do this after a long day of playing.

This is my preferred method on how to clean a snooker cue, word of warning as this will wear away at the oil on your cue, but as a general rule, I re-oil my cues every 6-12 months.

Finishing for a snooker cue

There is a debate on how to treat a snooker cue, do you use snooker cue oil or wax, both have their merits, some people say waxing makes the snooker cue too sticky after some use, and therefore snooker cue oil should be used instead.

The wood of a snooker cue is usually made from ash wood which is a little darker than maple wood. Glossing your snooker cue with linseed oil can darken it a little which is not a problem for a traditional ash snooker cue, but the wood of a maple cue is a little lighter so it may ruin the look slightly.

At the end of the day its a matter of personal preference, you may even decide to oil and wax your cue.

There are many snooker cue wax on the market that will do a great job. A lot of people consider Raw linseed oil the best snooker oil available while Danish oil is another popular choice.

There are alternatives out there but these seem to be the most common.

The way I treat my cues is to wax the butt to give it a lovely nice shine and making it look new once again and then I oil my shaft, making it nice a smooth.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, now you have a better idea of how to make a snooker cue smooth. You should clean your snooker cue regularly and add the finishing touches such as oil and wax every half a year or so. 

Knowing how to clean a snooker cue is an important part of your game, having a nice clean smooth cue will help tremendously. Learn to clean your cue as part of a routine and it should eventually become second nature to you.

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