Best Pool Tables for Home Use


Pool tables are great. From getting in practice to playing pool with your friends any time you want, there’s really no limit to the possibilities. If you’re thinking about buying a pool table, you’re likely also concerned about buying the right one. So many factors can influence what kind of pool table you might want … Read more

How to Get Rid of a Pool Table


For many tabletop game enthusiasts, pool tables are a classy and functional addition to any extra entertainment space. Sports bars, man caves, and old-timey dives alike share in their love for pool tables and the casual competition they offer.  Though while the question of installation and upkeep is largely researched at the time of purchase, … Read more

Best Pool Cue Chalk For Supreme Grip


We all know that pool cue chalk is important, if you are playing the game regularly then I highly recommend picking up a cube or two. Nothing is worse than pool hall chalk, it’s usually mistreated and had the cue drilled through it. When beer or another liquid is spilt on it, then forget about … Read more

What are Pool Cues Made of

What are Pool Cues Made of

In the game of pool, whenever a player holds the cue stick to make a shot, it is expected that he knows what to do with it and may not need to know what it is made of. However, this player would produce better results and performance by understanding a little more about the cue … Read more

How to Install Pool Table Bumpers


If you are in need of new bumpers and looking to replace the old ones then you have come to the right place.  Its important to understand the procedure in not only replacing your table cushions but choosing the correct ones. Table cushions don’t come with a one size fits all, you’ll need to understand … Read more

Can a Pool Table Go Upstairs


Thinking about adding a pool table to an upstairs room? Getting it up the stairs is one thing; the other thing to consider is whether the second floor can hold the weight of the table. As long as the house is up to building code standards then it should be completely fine to put a … Read more