5 Cheap Pool Cue Cases – Affordable Cases 2021

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cheap pool cue casesEveryone wants a great deal, that’s just a fact of life! If you can find something that is still great quality at an affordable price then you’ve hit the jackpot.

Luckily for you, you may have just found that jackpot you’ve been looking for. These are the best cheap pool cue cases to buy and I can guarantee they are all outstanding in craftsmanship and price.

You need to consider what type of case will be best for you, a hard cue case, or a soft cue case. Don’t be fooled in thinking a soft pool case doesn’t offer great protection, because it does.

Price is usually a consideration also, but if you are looking for a bargain then all these pool cue cases fit the bill.

Whichever you go for, I am confident you’ll be please with it.

Rocking up to your local league with a new billiard cue stick case will cast a few envious eyes in your direction. With that newfound confidence, sporting your new case, and the dwindling of your opponent I’m sure you’ll be able to capitalize when it’s needed most!

If you have a little extra and want to consider upgrading then why not check out my best pool cue cases reviews to see if there are any there worth the extra?

With the ever-increasing amount of women players enjoying the sport, it only makes sense for there to be fantastic women’s pool cue cases made especially for women, definitely worth checking out.

In a hurry?

If you don’t have much time then use the links below to quickly find my best cheap pool cue cases, check out the price on Amazon. You can be assured we only choose the best products…
– Best Pro Case for your cue – Cuppa Billiards 2×2 case
– Best Budget Case for your cue – Iszy Billiards 1×1 case

Reviews: Cheap pool cue cases

You would want the best health for yourself, so do the same for your pool cue. These affordable pool cue cases are not only great value but great quality, especially when you factor in the price. Quality affordable products are all too often overlooked but these cheap pool cue cases shouldn’t be considered anything subpar, on the contrary, they are sturdy, durable and well made, hence why I choose them for the best cheap pool cue cases.

These cheap pool stick cases are on my list because they offer the best protection, they’re very durable, extremely well made, and serves their purpose above and beyond their intended use. 

Spacious, eye-catching and have a craftmanship to be proud of!

All these reviews are of my honest opinion, and I hope to give you a better idea about the product and its pros as well as its cons. Whichever one of these cheap pool stick cases you decided upon, I guarantee you will be more than happy with it.

What are the best cheap pool cue cases to buy? These are based on quality, craftsmanship and price

  • Cuppa Billiards pool cue case 2×2
  • GSE billiard cue case 2×2
  • Iszy Billiards billiard cue case 2×2
  • Iszy Billiards pool cue case 1×1
  • Casemaster pool cue case 1×1

These cheap pool cue cases are your ideal affordable case for your cue.

Quick Glance…Our Cheap pool cue cases

🎱 Cuppa Billiards pool cue case 2×2 Our Pro Pick – Check price on Amazon
🎱 GSE billiard cue case 2×2– Check price on Amazon
🎱Iszy Billiards billiard cue case 2×2 – Check price on Amazon
🎱Iszy Billiards pool cue case 1×1  Our Budget Pick – Check price on Amazon
🎱Casemaster pool cue case 1×1– Check price on Amazon

Cuppa Billiards pool cue case 2x2

About:- Cuppa
Making a name for themselves selling affordable billiard products that live up to the high standard they claim to produce. With a wide range of cues and cases they have plenty of billiard products to choose from.

This Cuppa Billiards pool cue case 2×2 come in three different looks and styles with. All well made and equally pleasing on the eye. The middle of range case is a very nice looking billiard cue stick case with plenty of room for your cues, large pockets and a handy carry handle with adjustable shoulder strap.

The black PU leather on this piece looks great and its all nicely and neatly stitched together while sporting white diamond-type patterns going the length of this hard pool cue case.

The material on all three models will not only protect your cues but also protect the case against scratches and scrapes and are easily cleaned.

The capacity of this cue case can hold two cue butts and two cue shafts into hard plastic tubing that are lined with fabric to help protect the cues further while in the tubes. They are spring-loaded to help with cue retrieval which is a very nice feature.

There are 2 pockets on this case, with plenty of room to store what you need in them. Both the small and large pockets are zipped closed.

This pool cue case 2×2 has an adjustable shoulder strap for ease of transport and an optional carry anti-slip handle.

Pro PickOverall this is a fine case, it looks great and holds cues nicely within the tubing. Its comfortable straps make carrying the case very convenient and easy.
All three models are excellent and look fantastic, quality craftmanship and quality finishing – that’s why this is one of the best cheap pool cue cases around.

Cuppa Billiards pool cue case 2×2

Holds 2 Butts, 2 Shafts
Type of case Hard tubing
Material PU Leather
Pockets Yes
Shoulder strap Yes
Color Multiple models
Weight 2.9 lbs
Bag length 34″

  • Well made
  • Plenty of room
  • Other models available
  • Spring-loaded tubes for cues
  • Shock absorption on case
  • The inner lining is on the thin side

GSE billiard cue case 2x2

About:- GSE
Games and Sports Experts (GSE) focus on a lot of different sports, There billiard range of products are well known and of high quality.

This is an excellent billiard cue case for the money and depending on your taste and style its available in a range of shapes and different colors. I have tried the square blue and I was surprised how well made it was for the price.

Truly one of the best cheap pool cue cases around, the work put into this is exceptional. The stitching is on point, and the look and feel are great too. All this adds to the aesthetics and makes it look a lot more expensive than it really is.

I found the blue square GSE pool cue case 2×2 to do a great job protecting your cues from being damaged. It can hold 2 pool cue butts and 2 pool cue shafts in hard tubes inside the pool cue bag. The tubes are lined with fabric which further aids in their protection.

This is a hard shell pool cue case with a soft vinyl covering that has two external pockets. One smaller pocket and one larger, which gives you more than enough room for all of your accessories. The pockets are closed with smooth closing zip.

There is a padded handle attached with velcro that makes carrying this bag super easy, alternative there is an adjustable shoulder strap also attached with velcro that can be attached when needed.

This is one of those cheap pool cue cases that far exceed its value, Its light enough to carry comfortably and can hold cue very securely inside individual fabric-lined hard tubes. What more could you want in a 2×2 hard pool cue case?

GSE billiards cue case 2×2

Holds 2 Butts, 2 Shafts
Type of case Hard tubing
Material Vinyl
Pockets Yes
Shoulder strap Yes
Color Multiple models
Weight 2.05 lbs
Bag length 32″
  • Roomy pockets
  • Well made
  • Tubes dividers fo cues
  • Durable
  • Inner lining could be better
  • Shoulder strap not as durable as the rest of the case

Iszy Billiards 2x2 hard pool cue case

About:- Iszy Billiards
Iszy Billiards are able to offer such great prices by eliminating the middle man and saving costs, which in turn, saves you money while still buying high quality products. 

Having quite the name in affordable quality billiards gear, this 2×2 hard pool cue case certainly delivers.

Being a 2×2 billiard stick carrying case, it can hold 2 butts and 2 shafts inside separate plastic tubes that provide good protection for your cues.

What’s nice about this is there are a few different colors and designs to choose from, all offer the same level of quality and protection.

Iszy Billiards pool cue case 2×2 is great value for money, most people would also say so. They are well made as are most of their products. You’ll find 2 extra pockets that slide off if you don’t want them there.

They provide you with great storage space and you’ll find its ample room for your chalks and cloths. The larger pocket could even fit a jump extension.

Although the case comes with a carry handle and a shoulder strap, there have been some complaints of the shoulder strap not holding up well. This is a common problem with most affordable billiard cue cases, the case itself is of a high standard though.

This is a great example of a cheap pool cue case that punches above its weight; highly recommend.

Iszy Billiards 2×2 hard pool cue case

Holds 2 Butts, 2 Shafts
Type of case Hard tubing
Material Vinyl
Pockets Yes
Shoulder strap Yes
Color Multiple colors
Weight 2.2 lbs
Bag length 32″
  • Tube dividers for cues
  • Strong and durable
  • Large pocket
  • High end craftmanship
  • Shoulder strap on the thin side

Iszy Billiards 1x1 hard pool cue case

About:- Iszy Billiards
Being able to offer high quality items at affordable prices its easy to see why Iszy Billiards feature twice in this list.

This Iszy Billiards hard case for pool cue is ideal for budget hunters. It’s remarkable how Iszy Billiards are able to bring such high-quality stuff at such a low price point, but they have and it’s awesome!

The 1×1 billiard stick carrying case has the capacity to hold 1 butt and 1 shaft nicely snugly fit into separate compartments in case. The compartments are lined with fabric to avoid the butt and the shaft from damaging each other.

This hard pool cue case 1×1 is well made and looks great, especially for its low price point, This is definitely one of the best cheap pool cue cases around. Well worked stitch finishing on the vinyl-covered hard case.

Its available in two colors, black and pink and white. Both stand up well to heavy use and keep the cues in great condition.

Another thing I like about this case is its very light to carry, with the aid of the shoulder strap there are no issues while carrying.

You might think a cue case at this price point would be cheaply made and won’t hold up after a short period of time. Its quite the opposite, in almost every way, this case impresses me, and I’m not easily impressed!

Budget PickThe case comes with a side pocket that although isn’t too large, it does give you enough space for your chalk, tips, tools and cloth.

To sum this hard shell pool cue case, I would have to say, nice, compact and well made.

Iszy Billiards 1×1 hard pool cue case

Holds 1 Butts, 1 Shafts
Type of case Hard
Material Vinyl
Pockets Yes, 1
Shoulder strap Yes
Color Two available
Weight 1.4 lbs
Bag length 32″
  • Great value
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Snug compartments for cues
  • Well stitched
  • Lacks extra pockets

Casemaster 1x1 classic pool cue case

About:- Casemaster/GLD
Casemaster is one of the many brads under GLD. For about 40 years they have been producing a range of sporting products.

If you are looking for a more traditional classic looking pool cue case then this is surly the one you’ve been looking for. It’s a hard case with a leatherette exterior and a cushioned interior lined with fabric to provide protection for your cues.

This pool cue case 1×1 has a hinged design to open and close the case and the top is securely clasped to close it. With the aid of the cushions and the hard case, your cues are very well protected inside.

Although some people notice the hinges are not the best with screws coming loose, My buddy had no issues with it.

This billiard cue case is cheap but stands up well and does what it’s intended for.

The case can hold 1 shaft and 1 butt within its cushioned compartments where it will sit very snugly.

Although there are no extra storage spaces, the case is large enough to have room for chalk and a couple of other pieces such as tips and a tip tool. Definitely not ample room but just enough for the basics.

This carry case comes with a nice padded handle for ease of carrying, there isn’t a shoulder strap with this case.

To sum this case up, I would call it reliable, safe, durable and stylish. My buddy liked it a lot and he had no issues with it, despite others having issues with hinges on the case, he personally loved it.

Casemaster 1×1 pool cue case

Holds 1 Butts, 1 Shafts
Type of case Hard Box
Material Vinyl
Pockets No
Shoulder strap No
Color Black
Weight 1.4 lbs
Bag length 32″

  • Looks fantastic
  • Great value
  • Cushined dividers for cues
  • Traditional classic look
  • Limited space
  • Case hindges could be better

Final thoughts

These cheap pool cue cases are great value for money and if you decide upon any of them I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. 

Being cheap doesn’t always mean low quality, all these are proof of that, all hold up well when tested and have proven themselves to be the best affordable pool cue cases to buy.  

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