Best Pool Cue Under $200 – 2021

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best cues for under $200I want to bring you my best cues under $200, and I feel I have succeeded, not only because they are all just great cues under $200 but because they are great CUES. 

I’ve picked cues for breaking, jumping and playing American pool and cues for playing English pool, too. A whole range of perfect cues for you to browse through.

So, If you want to play pool in a complete professional and experienced way, then choosing the best pool cue should be your first choice. 

As you will search around, you will be finding so many companies and brands that are offering excellent quality of pool cues at affordable prices. Therefore, choosing the best pool cue can be an intricate task for you.

Similar to the full range of sports tools and types of equipment, pool cues are also available in various features and specifications. Based on your requirements and skill, you need to choose the one who can help you to grow your pool skills even more efficiently.

In a hurry?

If you don’t have much time then use the links below to quickly find my best cues for under $200, check out the price on Amazon. You can be assured we only choose the best products…
– Best Pro cue for your game – Players HTX15
– Best Budget cue for your game – AB Earth

Reviews: best pool cues for under $200

I will be discussing a list of the best pool cue for you under $200. But before that, let’s share some fascinating and essential buying guide tips for you to choose the perfect pool stick for yourself! you can check out my buying guide HERE 

The best pool cues under 200 based on playability and cost are:

  • Players HXT15 pool cue – Overall Best
  • Players D-15 pool cue
  • Cuetec CT296 Breaking stick
  • Champion spider cue
  • Y&J Handmade Snooker cue 
  • Cuetec gen-tec pool stick
  • AB earth pool stick – Best Value
Check out the fantastic cues below when you’re ready!

Players Technology Series HXT15 Two-Piece Pool Cue
Features Stainless Steel Joint and Slimline White Implex Butt Cap; Solid Black Double-Pressed Irish Linen Wrap
Players D-JS White with Jester on Pool Balls and Dripping Card Suits Cue, 18-Ounce
Stainless steel joint collar with 5/16 x 18 pin gives a rock solid hit; Available in 18 – 21 ounces in half ounce increments
Cuetec-CT296/BJ Separated Ring
Tip: 13mm Lepro; Ferrule: capped and threaded fiber ferrule; Joint: Solid black implex plastic
Champion Spider Blue Billiards Maple Pool Cue Stick 18 oz, Black Pool Cue Case, Champion Glove
Special Hybrid Wrap; Tip size: 11.75mm or 12mm; Available color: White, Blue, Green, Orange, Black, Purple, Golden
Excellent Handmade 3/4 Piece Snooker Cue Kit (TSC9)
INCLUDES: a handmade cue, a aluminium case, a mini butt, a telescopic extension.; CASE: Hold 3/4 piece cue, aluminum, soft sponge material inside,115cm external length.

Players Technology Series HXT15 Two-Piece Pool Cue

About:- Players
Players are really a cue brand to keep your eye on, always packed with technology and extrealy nice looking cues that perform perfectly. from my experience, they punch above their weight.

This cue from Players is definitely one of the best cues under 200.

It’s an exceptional stick, one of my personal favorites.

It’s a beautiful 58 inch 2 piece pool cue. The shaft is nice and smooth and its balanced very nicely.

When the cue makes contact with the cue ball it’s a premium 13mm kamui soft tip with 10 layers of pig skin that creates all that extra english.

This is a great cue anyway but the addition of a kamui tip is the cherry on the cake for me.

Moving down the cue is pure x’s very own low deflection ferrule which reduces deflection giving  Increased accuracy and power.

The cues shaft and butt fit together with a stainless steel joint and there is a double-pressed Irish linen wrap to give you extra grip while taking your shots.

As well as being a great looking cue, it also comes in different weights that will suit you personally from 18oz to 21oz

Pro PickThis fully north American hardwood maple cue is protected from moisture and warping adding to its durability.

In my opinion, this smooth hitter rivals some of the higher end cues. It gives a nice clean hit that gives you tremendous feedback.

This is a fantastic cue for the price, packed with technology so if you’re taking your game seriously then you won’t go far wrong with this finely crafted cue

This Players HXT15 cue is fully worthy of my pro choice award for best pool cues under 200!  

  • High-end balance
  • HXT shaft
  • Kamui soft tip
  • LD ferrule
  • Soft tips are not ideal for hard breaks

Players D-JS White with Jester Best on Pool Balls Cue

About:- Players
For over 27 years, players have been producing excellent pool cues for all levels. Their attention to detail, technology and range of cues are exceptional.

This is one of the most remarkable and best pool cues available in the market today. This 2-piece pool cue is available with so many advanced features. I find this cue bring the fun back into shooting pool, with its stylish look and excellent feedback on the hit.

This cue has a stainless steel joint for connecting the two parts of the stick nicely. Its available in multiple weights from 18-21 ounces which depending on your preference can give you a nice weighted feel.

Players have really made this cue look great, it has real personality about it. The jester designs with the dripping card suits really give it an artistic feel, you can teel they really put a lot of effort into the design of the cue because even the grip has a skull multi-zone traction pattern.  The overall design of the pool cue is exceptional The butt of the cue has a  black rubberized grip and the pro taper shaft uses a Tweetens hard oak leather tip and a high-impact ferrule making it very durable.

This Maple wood cue is treated with Nelsonite to add to the protection against atmospheric changes and then coated with an epoxy to seal the pores in the maple wood to add even more protection again moisture that if untreated can lead a cue to warp. It’s even treated against chips and fading. This is all waxed keeping the cue silky smooth.

  • Attractive design
  • Affordable
  • Strong grip
  • Smooth and straight to touch
  • Players lifetime warranty
  • I’m not a fan of the rubber grip

Cuetec CT296 Separated Ring Pool Cue Stick

About:- Cuetec
Cuetec are no stranger to top end cue, since 1989 they have been producing them. from small beginnings to a big player in the market. Their cues are packed with the latest tech and some of their range of cues are some of the best cues around. they look great and play great too

Next on our list, we have Cuetec CT296, They really are a top leading brand for producing premium pool cue sticks. My list is all about the best pool cues under $200, and this fits all the criteria – but this is a breaking cue and NOT a playing cue. Cuetec cues are some of the most top recommended in the market due to the durable nature and expert play and break. It a 3-piece cue that is straight and smooth to touch making it an ideal purchase for any intermediate player.

It is made from durable materials which make it longer lasting and premium in overall quality. The butt of the cue has a weight bolt system so you can easily adjusted to the ideal weight you want. As standard, it comes weighted at 18 oz but can be increased up to 22oz. With it being a break cue, the higher weight is usually recommended.  There is a Veltex Grip that they claim pulls moister away from your hand to give you the best feel and control. personally, I found the grip worked well, I could grip the cue nicely and struck some nicely hit breaks with it. 

The joint of this cue is stainless steel, which is pretty standard. The shaft is a pro-type of taper with a Polycarbonate ferrule to add extra protection to the shaft and a Tiger Everest Multi-layer hard tip.

The cue is fiberglass making this so much strong and longer-lasting. It has been also protected with the powerful binding process. The cue has been included with the wooden core finishing which is so much solid. It is available at affordable prices and has been much easy in terms of adjustment or the re-installation work. You would love breaking and jumping with it.

  • Affordable
  • Great in quality work
  • very strong
  • Easy to adjust weights
  • Grip might be little slick

Champion Spider Maple Pool Cue

About:- Gator
These American cue makers started back in the 90’s and have risen through the ranks. they have an excellent range of cues, especially for intermediate players.

This is a fantastic cue, packed with tech and looks great too. It is not just amazing in terms of design, looks, smooth feel but it also includes some advanced features such as the low deflection ferrule and a hard Tiger Everest Tip.
The size of the tip comes in 11.75mm, 12mm,12.5mm, and 13mm depending on which color and model you pick. Talking about the colors, The cue is available in many different colors, all of which make the cue look great. 

This 58-inch cue has a stainless steel joint to firmly lock the butt and shaft together. a pro-style taper is connected to the LD ferrule.

hybrid wrap on this compared to the snake or gator leather options?
A: Very tight, feels very comfortable on your hands, and the gripping material that is embedded into it is flawless.

Depending on the color and model, the cue comes with either a hybrid wrap or a snakeskin textured leather wrap. which adds extra durability and attraction in the whole cue. I’ve only tried the hybrid wrap and personally, I’ve found the grip very comfortable on my hands. 

As well as all the looks and tech, Gator give you a very stylish leather cue case and a pool glove to help make your shooting nice and smooth.

  • Durable quality
  • Smooth finish working
  • Attractive design
  • LD ferrule
  • Excellent performance
  • Comes with a cue case and glove
  • Premium tiger everest tip
  • I perfer softer tips

Y&J Excellent Handmade 3/4 Piece Snooker cue kit

About:- Y&J
Although i have to admit, i dont know too much about these guys. i have seen their cues been talked about all over the place and overall what i hear about their cues is very positive.

Y&J has manufactured this outstanding handmade Snooker and English pool cue. If you want a cue that is eye-catching in designing and offering unique features, then choosing this cue is the best option for you.

My journey through the cue sports world started with snooker and English pool. I fell in love with both sports and still love them to this day. so it brings me great pleasure to introduce this cue for you. As a warning, this cue isn’t suitable for American styled pool because the balls are too heavy and big. If you try, chances are you will eventually damage this beautiful cue.

This beautiful 4-piece 57 inch cue is perfectly balanced and constructed with ask and rosewood which is usual for an English pool and snooker cue. The cue itself is very straight and strong, making for a fantastic hit. 

The shaft of this traditional looking cue has a brass ferrule and a 9.7mm tip. There is an airlock release joint to secure the ends of the cue together.

It’s available with a blend of the black and white casing which is manufactured through leather material used. It is also offered with the mini butt, which is another exciting feature of this cue.  The weight of this cue is between 18 and 20 ounces and is ideal for the smaller balls that are used in snooker and the English pool game.  

On top of all this, the cue comes with a very stylish 4 piece aluminum cue case with a soft sponge material to protect the cue once securely inside the case. perfect for transporting it safely

  • Comfortable to hold in hand
  • Durable quality
  • Offers case with a mini butt
  • Nice clean hit
  • Needs more work to protect from warping

Cuetec Gen-Tek Series 58″ 2-Piece Canadian Maple Billiard/Pool Cue

About:- Cuetec
Cuetec are worthy of a 2nd mention on my list for best cues under $200, because their crafmanship is hard to beat. a great cue company with great cues!

Next comes this breath-taking pool cue which is well deserved on my list! You can quickly understand why it’s so highly rated. It has incredible performance and a lovely smooth straight solid hit, its more than worthy of being included here.

This 2-piece pool cue is the standard 58 inches long with a rubber bumper on the butt and a Tiger Everest 10 layer laminated Pigskin tip on the shaft which makes for a very nice hit of the ball allowing you to control the shot much more comfortably. The cue is made using maple wood for its strength and durability. 

The cue has been treated to help it be more resistant to warping, dents, and scratches, keeping a straight shooter longer in mint condition. To clean this cue is also pretty simple too, which I like. simply use a cloth to clean and you should be good to go.

What’s nice about this cue is you are able to change the weight of it pretty easily due to its weight adjustment bolts system in the butt. simply screw on the weight you require. 

Overall, I have to say its a very well made cue. It’s a very smooth hit and makes excellent contact with the cue ball. Its not a cue that shouts out to “look at me”, with its simple design; but don’t be fooled. its a fantastically craved play piece that doesn’t take any prisoners

  • High durability
  • Superbly powerful tip
  • High performance
  • Joint finishing is average

AB Earth 2-Piece 58 Inches Pool Cue Stick

About:- AB Earth
Over 50 manufacturing steps help create AB Earth cues so a lot of care and thought have gone into these. The look good and perform great. They have an ergonomic grip making them unique to other cues. AB Earth also have a nice line of pool products and snooker sticks. 

This pool cue is ideal for players without a $200 budget. It is offered with stylish designing too. In short, it is providing a superb combination of fashion and high-performance chart. This cue has been settled with the ergonomic based handle design to add the product with a firm grip. You can get this cue in many design variations as well as being available in three weight options, which are 18, 19 and 20oz.

The butt portion is also featuring with the skid-proof form of wave shape designing for adding extra comfort and secure grip, its a very unique design that really works. The shaft of the cue is made by using hard maple wood with a 13mm hard leather tip.

Budget PickThis is a very smooth straight medium deflection shaft with an excellent grip. Suited for a beginner to intermediate players who are looking for something a little different. i think its a great cue at a great price!

  • Brilliant design
  • Skid-proof ergonomic grip
  • Offered in different color options
  • Durable build
  • One year warranty
  • Tip could be better

I will inform you on what you should be looking for in order for you to get the most out of your $200. If you follow my buying guide on what to look for i’m confident you’ll pic a winning cue.

Suitable Pool Tip

Usually, when you are searching for the pool stick, you should look for the one which is based on standard dimensions and measurements. A standard pool tip is around the size 11-13 millimeters. 

But the sizing is not just the only thing you have to consider. The type of tip for the cue is equally essential for you too. the hardness of tips range from soft to hard. Soft tips produce more english and are perhaps a more skillful tip, whereas, hard ones give a stiffer impact and can produce more power, Very hard tips are usually found on break cues. 

Weightage of Pool Cue

The next most important tip is about the weight of your pool cue! heavier cues around 21 ounces may be a little hefty, they can add extra power but can be a little harder to handle than a lighter cue. The cue weight is really down to your preference, as a rule, heaver cues produce more power while lighter ones allow for more finesse in the shot. Cues typically are weighted between 18 and 21oz and can usually be adjusted using weighted bolts that attach into the butt of the cue

Type of Wood Construction

f you are looking for an affordable cue and at the same time durable to last long, then choosing a pool cue made from maple is the best option for you. Maple belongs to the wood family that is light in weight and darker in coloration. 

Cues can be made of other materials too, but I find the best cues to be made from maple wood or maple bonded with another material. common materials bonded with maple wood are wood graphite, carbon fiber and fiberglass

Wrap Up Material

Most of the manufacturing companies make use of a specific material that is wrapped around the butt of the pool cue.  Common wraps for beginner and intermediate players are Irish linen, nylon, silicone and leather or leatherette. Some cues come without a wrap which is perfectly fine, again it depends on your preference. Personally I quite like genuine Irish Linen. 

Final thoughts

To sum it all up, if you are looking for the best cues under 200, then look no further. These cues are all great value for money and will provide you with the perfect tool for making great shots consistently. 

Although cues at $200 are still considered budget cues, they play anything but amateur-like!

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