What is the Difference Between Aramith Pool Balls

What is the Difference Between Aramith Pool Balls

When it comes to pool balls, Aramith is considered a top brand in the industry. It is used not only by professionals but also by casual players. However, what exactly is the difference between Aramith pool balls? Aramith pool balls come in different variants. The Aramith premium set has an enhanced vitrified surface, while Aramith … Read more

Simonis VS Championship Cloth

Simonis VS Championship Cloth

If you have ever bought a billiard cloth, you would know the Simonis and Championship brands. These big names have produced some of the best clothes for a billiard table. You would find their clothes in different styles and colors on major tournament tables.  But what happens when you have a Simonis vs. Championship cloth … Read more

Best Break Tip

Best Break Tip

The game of pool is highly competitive and one shot can make or break a match. There are many important shots to be played during a match, but none are more impactful than the first shot. Breaking is a big advantage in the game so players need to make sure to use this advantage. One … Read more

Best Pool Table Ping Pong Combo For Home Fun

Best Pool Table Ping Pong Combo

If you are looking for the best pool table ping pong combo then check out my best picks that I’ve reviewed here. These multipurpose, multifunctional game tables are the perfect way to spend some more time with friends and family while adding a touch of class to your rec room. All these reviews on my … Read more

Best Pool Table Lights For Your Home Table

Best pool table lights

A home pool table is a great thing to have and if you are lucky enough to own one then I highly recommend you look for adequate lighting. Pool table lights bring a whole new element to playing as they illuminate the whole playing field perfectly and evenly. It will be bright and the colors … Read more

Best Pool Balls For Serious Players


Choosing the best pool balls is not an easy task. There are many factors to consider, such as hardness, size and material of the ball, weight of the ball and how it reacts on different surfaces. In this blog post we will review in detail some popular sets of billiard balls you can buy online … Read more

Best Pool Tables for Home Use


Pool tables are great. From getting in practice to playing pool with your friends any time you want, there’s really no limit to the possibilities. If you’re thinking about buying a pool table, you’re likely also concerned about buying the right one. So many factors can influence what kind of pool table you might want … Read more