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Most novice players only know the standard pool cue, but the more experienced players know that you can break down pool cues into different units for jump shots and break shots. 

Break shots, as the first shot of the game, is crucial and can determine whether or not you will win the game. Therefore, to correctly carry out the first shot, you need to have a break cue, but which are the best break cues on the market? 

Well, you should not worry as in this article, you will be taken through five of the best break cues as well as what to consider before buying one using your hard-earned money. Consequently, you will get to realize that truly a great break cue is, without a doubt, the difference between you emerging as a victor or a loser.

Best break pool cues

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Reviews: 5 Fantastic Break cues

If you are considering getting a break cue then you must be taking your game seriously. That’s good, keep it up. You can only get better by trying to improve and selecting equipment that helps get the best out of you. It’s a great step on your journey to being a better all-around player.

Make the most informed choice, I have written a detailed buyers-guide below It will teach you all you need to know to pick the best break cue on the market – definitely check it out before buying.

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Pure X HXT-P1

This Pure X Black Quadruple Threat 4-piece break cue is another example of why the HTX range from players can’t be ignored. You get a nice solid break when using this break cue, the carbon fiber ferrule and carbon fiber joint collar along with a very hard XLG Quad face phenolic tip ensures maximum energy transfer.

The Mz Multi-Zone rubber Grip wrap with 3 separate traction zones gives you that extra grip needed to really put the power into your shot.

You are picking up a great break cue with this one, all the advanced features along with the PureX HXT carbon fiber ferrule make this phenomenal at breaking and well worth a place in your billiards arsenal.

This cue is made of maple and very stiff, accurate and hard-hitting, everything you need to ensure maximum smash of the balls. The joint pin is a Turbo Lock quick-release and the come comes if different weights from 18.5 oz all the way up to 21 oz.

This 4-piece cue makes it perfect for any jump configuration, it’s versatile and weighted perfectly for taking on the jump.

This really is one of the best jump break cue for the money!


  • Multiple weights available
  • Very stiff and durable
  • Fantastic rubber grip
  • Large tip diameter
  • Phenolic tip
  • Carbon fiber ferrule
  • Perfect for breaking and jumping


  • Slightly expensive

McDermott NG07 Stinger

The McDermott NG07 Stinger break cue is one of a kind, beautifully crafted, and oozing tech that delivers a punch!

This world-renowned McDermott Stinger also doubles as a jump cue so you’ll have no issues jumping your way out of a tight spot.

A large 13.25 mm extremely flat Phenolic tip makes every hit noticeable. The larger surface area of the tip mixed with the patented stinger shaft and stinger pin technology means that when you strike the ball the shock is transmitted through the shaft which results in a very precise hit.

If you walk into your local club sporting this beast, you’ll get noticed as it is designed with the typical stinger series Black and white honeycomb pattern and the Stinger bee logo overlay along with the classic McDermott clover.

This cue doesn’t come with a wrap and is only available in 18 oz, which might be a little light for some. Luckily you can adjust the weight using McDermotts’ weight bolts


  • Great for jumping
  • Phenolic tip
  • Fiber linen ferrule
  • Large tip diameter
  • Stinger pin technology


  • Only 18 oz – although it is adjustable

Elite Break Cue

Most professional players love hitting the game right from the start as they believe this gives them an advantage over their competitors.

Therefore, if you also have a similar line of thought, look no further than the Elite break cue, which is made from high-quality Canadian maple, thereby guaranteeing you will stay for a long time before wanting another pool cue.

Its design features wooden billiards and a short taper that is useful when you want to improve your game on the pool table.

With this break cue, you will notice an improvement in your break, even if you are just a beginner. This thereby proves why you must never ignore the significance of a reliable break cue.

Integrated into its design is a thermo-setting resin tip that you can use to tackle forceful impacts, thereby enabling you to deliver solid shots. Furthermore, thanks to the threaded wood design, this pool cue provides you with an improved control as you hit the cue ball.

This falls on the heavier side of break cues at an impressive 27 oz, this should give you the extra power to scatter the balls perfectly on the break.  It comes with a beautiful Irish linen wrap at one end of the cue and a 13.5 mm hard phenolic tip at the other. For the price, you get a fantastic break cue


  • Robust and durable
  • Affordable
  • Stainless steel collar
  • One-year warranty


  • Banned in some leagues
  • Relatively heavier compared to other pool cues

Rage Heavy Hitter Jump & Break Cue​

This break cue is an ideal choice for novice and experienced players alike. It also is relatively affordable, further making it one of the best break cue options on the market.

This pool cue is made from high-quality solid rock maple, which is often praised by many buyers due to its outstanding quality.

Additionally, weighing in at 25 oz., you always have an easy time playing, ensuring every shot delivers the required force and accuracy.

You can get this pool cue in three different colors, that is, red, silver, and black, and thanks to this wide variety, you get to choose one that best suits your style and décor. In addition to this, you also get a 3-year warranty, and this further underlines the remarkable quality of this pool cue.

It features a top-notch leather tip that ensures you deliver shots that are precise hence increasing your chances of emerging victorious. Furthermore, this break cue is made from a stained maple wood of incredible quality, thereby guaranteeing it feels sturdy and smooth in your hands.

Another fantastic feature the 25 oz Rage Heavy Hitter Jump Break Cue has on offer is a warpless handle with a matte black finish. Such a finish makes strip stroking convenient and better, something that experienced players love.

Double Turbo Lock Quick Release joints
The tip of the cue comes with a large 14mm Bakelite hard tip so you shouldn’t have to worry about them hard heavy hits. All in all, if you want the best break cue for the money, this is it!


  • Affordable
  • Build quality is superb
  • Different colors available
  • Bakelite Tip


  • Only 25oz available
  • heavy for some

Cuetec Meteor Breaking Cue

Do you frequently experience scratches on your break cue? If so, then the Cuetec Meteor Breaking Cue is the perfect brand for you due to its fantastic resistance to scratches thanks to its composite coating.

All this is made possible as a result of the high-quality maple wood used in its construction, which guarantees an extended lifespan. Additionally, the steel ferrule, as well as the leather tip, provide you with a solid firmness, thereby allowing you to play hard shots confidently.

Another feature that makes this one of the best break cues is the integration of a fiberglass-coated butt, which provides you with a firm option for strengthening the breaking power.

Finally, both ends of this pool cue are seal with fiber nylon inserts hence preventing moisture from entering it and subsequently affecting your performance when playing.


  • The ideal pick if you are a recreational player
  • Low vibrations thanks to the added energy effect
  • Cue prevents warping


  • Prone to miscue

Do you really need a break cue

Well, that depends on what you’re looking for in a break cue.

If you are just an occasional casual player who just uses a house cue to play with, then there really is no need in purchasing a break cue as they can be pretty expensive.

You may actually own your own playing cue and might think there is no point in purchasing two cues, you have a perfectly good cue that you can just break with. For the most part that’s true, but using your playing pool cue to break with can damage the cue tip, which in turn will affect the quality of your shots.

Usually, more force and stress is applied to the cue tip when breaking, that’s why the best break cues have tips made from a very hard phonemic resin. Regular leather tips, like those used for playing with will flatten and harden due to the excessive force applied when breaking. This will need them to be replaced much sooner.

The best breaking cue is made to withstand a lot of abuse and with their harder tips they can provide more power when breaking.

So, if you are looking for more power and control when breaking, then a break cue is the right choice for you. But, if you are just an occasional player, there is no need to go out and purchase one. Your playing cue will work just fine.

What is a good weight for a break cue

Break cues can be a bit heavier than regular cues and have a harder tip. This allows it to create more power and momentum when striking the cue ball.

When choosing a break cue, it is important to consider the weight. A heavier cue will create more power, but it may be too heavy for some players to use comfortably. A good weight for a break cue is between 18-21 ounces. This will provide enough power without being too cumbersome.

Players should also consider the length of the cue. A longer cue will give more reach, while a shorter cue will be easier to control. That’s why break cues are usually shorter than playing cues.

What’s important with breaking is less about the weight but more about how fast you can propel the white ball using the most control and that’s more down to technique and less about weight, although the weight of the break cue butt will help.

If you select a break from one of these break cue reviews, you’ll be able to select which weight you’ll prefer.

I wrote an article on how to change pool cue weights here, check out if your cue needs adjusting. 

What’s the difference between a break cue and a regular cue

There are a few key differences between a break cue and a regular playing pool cue. For starters, a break cue is typically heavier and has a stiffer shaft than a regular pool cue. This makes it easier to generate more power when breaking the balls. 

Additionally, a break cue typically has a larger tip than a regular pool cue, which helps to create more impact when breaking. The tip is also harder than a playing cue tip, which helps to create more friction and power when striking the cue ball.

A break cue ferrule is made from a harder material, such as carbon fiber, which can take more abuse and prevent the cue from chipping or cracking.

A break cue is usually shorter than a playing cue because you don’t need the extra length when breaking. The standard cue length is 58 inches, but a break cue is usually around 54 or 55 inches.

The butt of the cue is also made from a heavier material so it doesn’t move as much when you make contact with the ball. This added weight at the end of the cue will help keep the cue in place and give you more power. 

If you want to learn more on this, i wrote a detailed article on regular pool cue vs a break cue here, click the link to learn more

Buyer’s Guide: Picking the perfect Break Cue

So, you may be wondering, what is the point to having a breaking cue? can’t i just use my regular cue?

Well, the answer is, of course you can just use your regular cue. The only problem is your regular cue is designed for neat, finesse types of shots. Your “regular” cue is a crafted piece of innovative technology designed to assist in your delicate, precise shots. 

Similarly, your break cue is equally draped in technology, from tip to butt its designed to give you a far superior break than a “regular”. It will also save your regular cue from damage, as they aren’t designed to smash balls with considerable force. Such power can damage the cue and tip of a regular cue.

Below I have broken it down into the parts you need to know when making informed decision on your perfect break cue.

Type of Tip on the Break Cue

The two most common types of tips incorporated in break cues are the leather and Phenolic tips. 

Personally I would recommend the Phenolic tips as they are usually the harder type of tip. When breaking you want a super hard tip for transferring the energy from the cue tip to the cue ball, while still maintaining proper grip and control over the cue ball.

Some practise will be needed to avoid hitting the wrong spot on the cue ball, subsequently passing on an unwanted angular momentum. But with good practise this will be avoided. Phenolic tips are usually very durable and hold their shape well making them perfect for a break cue.

Leather tips, on the other hand, is also another option you should consider. I would point out though that, leather usually wears away with repeated power shots – but there are tools available to scuff the tip back into shape.

Leather tips can hold chalk better so do a remarkable job of passing across the energy to the cue ball from the break cue. As a result of this, you can achieve better accuracy as well as control. Nevertheless, leather tips are less durable compared to Phenolic tips. 

Whichever tip you decided upon for your break cue, just remember it needs to be HARD – soft and medium tips just won’t cut it.

Budget for a Break Cue

When looking for the best break cue, you need to consider its price as this will guide you and help you make an informed decision. Therefore, you should purchase a break cue that fits your budget because there is no need for overburdening yourself with something that you barely get maximum value from.

Typically, you can find units across different price ranges, so it is up to you to decide which is the budget-friendly option while still meeting your needs.

Breaking Technique

You should also consider your technique before buying a break cue. This is because even if you purchase the best break cue, a poor technique or unwillingness to improve on your technique will only lead to the breakage of the break cue.

Thus, you should also incorporate an exceptional breaking technique if you want to get maximum value from your break cue. Failure to do this only results in you complaining about the poor quality of even the best break cues on the market.

The break Cue Shaft

When looking to buy a break cue, you need to consider the material used in the break cue shaft with wood often the most popular option, especially maple wood due to its lightweight and robust design. Nonetheless, pool cues made from natural wood are often costlier but offer you an incredible sound and feel as you hit the cue ball.

As an alternative to wood, modern designers are nowadays designing break cue shafts out of synthetic composites. These cues frequently have a natural wood core, which is then surrounded with fiberglass to enhance the cue’s durability.

Some composite cues make use of carbon fiber, which guarantees improved shock absorption and stability. Moreover, several pool cues are also made out of graphite, which is cheaper and less robust compared to wooden cues.

However, you should always test out both composite cues as well as natural wood cues to better gauge for nuance between these two types of wood.

As a result of advancements in product designs, composite cues are nowadays matching the performance of wooden cues. So, you should not straightaway rule them out as these cues are still a great option. 

Weight of the Break Cue

The weight of a break cue is essential as it determines the accuracy of your shots. Typically, the ideal weight of a break cue varies depending on your expertise as a player. Heavier pool cues have more mass, thereby allowing you to put your focus on being accurate, letting its weight help in delivering the required force.

Therefore, heavy break cues are ideal if you usually struggle to deliver a fast stroke and while simultaneously maintaining your accuracy.

Contrary, with lighter break cues, you get to swing faster, and this consequently results in a harder break. Thus, lighter pool cues are a perfect choice if you still can maintain your accuracy even when using a fast and athletic break stroke.

In the end, this is down to personal preference, so you need to have this in mind before deciding which break cue to buy.

Personally, I prefer the slightly heavier break cue which helps transfer that extra power when breaking. Typically, break cues are heavier than regular cues weighing between 18 – 21 ounce.

If you feel your break cue needs to be heavier, then it is possible to add weight bolts to increase its weight a little.


Having read through the article, you now have an idea of what to look for in a break cue as well as the best break cues on the market.

Therefore, you need not wait any longer to get yourself the perfect pool cue that suits your needs, as this typically varies from one person to another. Subsequently, you will experience a significant improvement on the pool table thanks to using a dependable break cue.

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