Can You Use a Snooker Cue for English Pool

Can You Use a Snooker Cue for English Pool

We all love a good game of pool. It’s why you’ve come here, naturally. On a Friday night, when the drinks are coming round and the tables are just filling up, there’s nothing better than renting a rack and sinking some shots. But what if the rack’s all you can afford, and all you’ve got … Read more

Is a Pool Table a Good Investment


If you’ve played pool, you’re likely familiar with what a great time it can be. Get a few good friends, a few good drinks, and a good environment, and a few hours at a pool table makes up for a lifetime in an office cubicle. You may even be tempted to buy your own pool … Read more

How to Get Rid of a Pool Table


For many tabletop game enthusiasts, pool tables are a classy and functional addition to any extra entertainment space. Sports bars, man caves, and old-timey dives alike share in their love for pool tables and the casual competition they offer.  Though while the question of installation and upkeep is largely researched at the time of purchase, … Read more

What are Pool Cues Made of

What are Pool Cues Made of

In the game of pool, whenever a player holds the cue stick to make a shot, it is expected that he knows what to do with it and may not need to know what it is made of. However, this player would produce better results and performance by understanding a little more about the cue … Read more

Can a Pool Table Go Upstairs


Thinking about adding a pool table to an upstairs room? Getting it up the stairs is one thing; the other thing to consider is whether the second floor can hold the weight of the table. As long as the house is up to building code standards then it should be completely fine to put a … Read more

Can a Pool Table Be Outside


Pool tables are generally considered to be inside furniture and are designed as such, but in some cases pool tables are kept outdoors. There are some challenges for keeping a pool table outside in good condition. so, can a pool table be outside without getting damaged? There are going to be some downsides to keeping … Read more

Can a Pool Table Be Kept in a Garage


Since a lot of people have extra space in their garage, pool enthusiasts may consider setting up a pool table out there. But is keeping a pool table in a garage a good idea? One challenge for keeping a pool table is managing humidity and temperature to keep the wood from warping. A pool table … Read more