comparison between pool and snooker and carom billiards

Snooker vs Pool vs Billiards – Full Guide

Contrary to popular belief snooker vs pool vs billiards are comparable as they are distinct types or forms of cue sports.  More often than not, the expressions ‘billiards’, ‘pool,’ and ‘snooker’ are used interchangeably but there are some marked distinctions between these types of cue sports.  Historically speaking, ‘billiards’ was the generic term for referring […]

Different types of billiards

14 Different Types of Billiard Games

Billiards is a collection of skill games that originated in England during the reign of the British Empire. Although it was previously played in Commonwealth countries, the game has spread worldwide, with countries such as Russia developing their unique iterations. Clueless to the different types of billiard games? Allow me to fill you in a […]