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We all have to start somewhere, right? This is why I have compiled a catalog of questions you might have on everything pool, snooker or billiards related. Through my years of experience, I have amassed a fountain of knowledge on all cuesports which I have documented here for all to see, share and learn from, so you can go forth and enjoy your game at a higher level. This might be the Beginners Guides section, but believe me, you’ll find something here for every skill level. Curious about something you can’t find, just the handy search bar.

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how much does a pool table cost

How Much Is a Pool Table

Most times, when people intend to buy a new pool table, they greatly influence their decision- the available space, and the pool table’s cost. It’s…

Simonis 860 vs 760

Simonis 760 vs 860 vs 860HR – Detailed Difference

You have just gotten a new pool table, or you’re in the process of recovering one, one of your primary concerns should be the table…

is pool a sport or game

Is Pool a Sport? Answered!

Occasionally, some questions spring up in the heart of some billiard enthusiasts. One such question happens to be, is pool a sport or a game?…

are fiberglass pool cues good

Are Fiberglass Cues Any Good

Are you considering a fiberglass/Graphite cue? Been wondering are fiberglass cues any good? Maybe you’ve heard some of the good, or bad about fiberglass or…

fiberglass vs wood pool cues

Fiberglass vs Wood Cues

If you want to know the difference between fiberglass vs wood pool cue sticks then you are in the right place. One of the main materials to…

are expensive pool cues worth the money

Are Expensive Pool Cues Worth the Money?

Billiards is said to have been derived from the croquet and the first cues were called ‘maces’ which sort of resemble mini hockey sticks. You’d…

Pool Cue Anatomy

Pool Cue Anatomy – Learn The Ins & Outs With Pictures

To a lot of people, the pool cue, at first sight, looks simple and has just two major parts.  Truth is there are lots of…

Ultimate Equipment Guide

Ultimate Billiard Equipment Guide

Sports are always good for your health even including indoor sports. These sports motivate us to compete and our mind also becomes active as we…

billiards theme garden party

5 Top Garden Party Ideas – Billiard Themed

Organizing an excellent garden party requires proper planning and some level of creativity. And if the party has a unique theme like billiard, it means…