5 Top Garden Party Ideas – Billiard Themed

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  • Date: April 23, 2023
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Organizing an excellent garden party requires proper planning and some level of creativity. And if the party has a unique theme like billiard, it means you have to make some special plans to bring in the game accessories. Remember, you are making use of some garden and not a fancy hall, or space, you are actually making use of the habitation of plants, which have life. It means you have to be creative with space and the set up of equipment needed. Another thing you must consider is the fact that it is billiard themed, that is, billiard games are to be played. Therefore, you must make the necessary provision for the games to make them a fun expressive as well being safe for all.

Billiard garden party

The Best Time For A Billiard-Themed Garden Party

While you are generating great garden party ideas, one thing that must be considered is the time to start the fun. While there is a certainty that the place would look resplendent with colors, you cannot afford to be in a garden when the sun is scorching during summer. The cool of the evening is perfect, and you are guaranteed of shades and the cool breeze that would make your guests comfortable.

You’d agree with me that the coolest parties are done outdoor. The best of parties are usually done in an open space; especially if you plan to get wasted and shake your waist, perhaps yours is to move your body, whichever way, you’d be sure to have a good time. More often than not, you just want a party that would make you expend lesser energy; this is where a garden party can come into play. However, a lot of planning has to go into the execution of this kind of party.

How About The Garden Party Games?

Asides from the music, I really do not think there is anything else that constitutes the “life of a billiard themed party” than the games. This is where it gets tricky. The kind of games you introduce to your outdoor party should be screened in relation to the audience you are expecting. 

Yes, it is true that it is a time to unwind from some stress, but some people might consider some games disengaging. You do not want to have empty seats halfway through your party. Is there anything more embarrassing than that? You tell me! 

Check out the games that might be of interest below.

Golf Billiards

From the name, the similarity is strong with golf. The only difference is, it doesn’t require a large expanse of land like real golf. All that you need is a 10-foot snooker board.

Playing this game is quite easy. The players involved are given a ball, each with numbers. Their job is simple, pot the balls into holes in ascending order.

The competition is in the first person to finish putting his ball into the holes. Be sure; there will be loads of fun. Imagine, people desperately trying to put the ball into holes!

Take a moment to imagine, can you see what I see? The beads of sweat running in their faces, the postures, as if it would guarantee the balls going in, the frustration, the screams of delight as well as mockery, please let me stop there! The fun would be unbeatable.

Puff Billiards

This game is one that commands interest. However, you must warn your audience, particularly those who show signs of wanting to play that, it requires a lot of air from the lungs. Asthmatic patients shouldn’t participate. In this game, the task is simple, push the balls into the holes with air. Hold up! Not like, this is what the game is entirely about. 

Puff billiards

There is a puffer where you are asked to squeeze to drive the balls into holes. The part where you have to use your lungs is only a bonus, especially when the ball is being pushed towards your hole. The fun about this game is the laughter it generates when your opponent is puffing the ball in your direction, and you have to use your air to push them back. 

Games like this, light up parties, particularly garden parties where your family and friends  are present.

Human Billiards

This game is played by making use of humans, from the name, you can figure it. It is played by setting people in some fancy manner on an inflatable table, where the person is asked to kick a ball with his foot, to hit the other small balls into holes. It is usually fun, and I’m sure your guests would have massive fun with it.

If you have the available space required this will make a great garden party game. Everyone likes bouncy castles, they maybe for children but even adults cant help getting on to enjoy bouncing around. Human billiards is similar. Its inflated and fun, requires some skill but is mainly there for everyone to have a good time – It’ll be an instant hit at your garden party!

Bowling Billiards

Another fun game is bowling billiards. Hands are used to play this game, just like bowling. You have to pocket the balls like in Human billiards, only that this time around, you are to use the ball to push other balls into holes.

Lets be honest here, who doesn’t like bowling and pool? You would be hard pushed finding anyone who doesn’t like both, that’s why the combination of these two great past times are a touch of class!

Check out Hugh Jackman on the tonight show enjoy a game in this hilarious video!

Billiards Tournament

The old faithful, a good old pool tournament.  Having your friends round for this would be great, things might get extremely competitive, but that might be part of the fun. You and your friends all competing for the glory, and no doubt, bragging rights – No one wants to be beaten, to be subject to a night of ridicule from his pals, now do they

Imagine the look on your friends faces when you 8-ball someone, nothing beats that feeling!

For enjoying this you would need to have a good tournament score card to keep track of the winners and loser, and if there was a prize at the end it would make it all that extra exciting!

Just consider the space needed, especially with you have other guests walking about. Another consideration is if your pool table can go outside.

Here is a easy to use free tournament brackets to help keep track of your games

Let’s Talk About The Venue

You should consider a space that provides the prime features of a summer bloom garden like:

  • Leveled ground for billiard themed games.
  • Enough space.
  • Freshly scenting flowers – Everyone likes the smell of flowers!
  • Magnificent landscape, if you have one.
  • Well fumigated garden devoid of insects and rodents.
  • Open and clean garden.

Creating The Perfect Scene For A Garden Party

An essential feature of any outdoor party is the theme it radiates. The setting of the arena is the first point of contact that tells an individual about the kind of party that is about to go on. Besides, the color combination is vital. I usually advise that a color wheel is used to know which colors can be combined. Colors are always underestimated, they evoke emotions and feelings, so use colors to enhance your party!

color to the garden party billiards theme

The knowledge of this makes it easier for the “tone” of the party to be set. For a garden party, where billiards is the theme, there is definitely no way there won’t be shades of color green. If the garden has a hibiscus flower with a popping red color, there needs to be carefulness in the setting since billiard balls have their distinct colors as well. I would advise that the red color to be used as a backup must be shades of the red, while sunset red and burgundy can also be employed to accentuate the colors.

The scenario in the garden must be top-notch. This alone would attract your guests and would want them to take in the ambiance, even more, it’s like magic as they play your garden games.

  • Getting a horticulturist- Most times, you aren’t sure how to manage the flowers before the appointed date for your garden party. It can become a burden, especially if you have a particular scenario in mind that you’d like to play out that day, and you don’t seem to get the plants to grow in that pattern. It is usually advised that you get a professional planter to help you in arranging those flowers and also nurturing them till they attain that fantasy in your head. Otherwise, you would struggle to get that perfect landscape you want, and might even end up ruining the whole process. You want that perfect garden party, invest in a planter or horticulturist.
colorful flowers garden party billiard theme
  • Chairs needed-This might look unimportant, but if you are a perfectionist like me, then you should know that a garden party must carry all the splendor of a garden party. The beauty of a garden party is in the whole setting and ambiance. If you ask me what kind of furniture I would want, then my answer wouldn’t be far-fetched. I would answer you with grins all over; “vintage furniture.” That’s right! There is a level of uniqueness, and vintage items bring to anywhere. It is a super delectable. So, for a billiard themed garden party, try getting vintage chairs and see how unique the whole scenario would look like. However, the chairs mustn’t have to be many so that space can be made for the games. 
  • Lets face it, all parties need music and if its your thing, alcohol, too. The combination of the two can make or break a party. They both work so well together if mixed correctly. Too much of either will sway the party in the wrong direction so be sure to be thoughtful. You want your music selection to cater for all tastes, as much as you cant understand this, not everyone likes your music…. I’m sorry. It needs some up beat classics and some mellow, nod your head to, tunes. Same goes for your choice in alcohol, personally i always find a nice punch bowl where guests can help themselves to a lovely alcoholic fruit punch. That always adds a nice touch of class to any party! Just remember to leave some trash cans for the empty bottles and cups, you done want anyone standing on broken glass!

Essentials Of A Garden Party

People are often bothered by the size of your space, but, to be honest, it is essential. You know why? A regular party can hold as long as the essentials are available, regardless of the size. But for a billiards themed party, space is crucial. To have a successful outdoor party, time, space, and intensive care are what you should base your focus on. Intensive care in the sense that you get to make available the vital decors, meals, music policy, and efforts in ensuring that your guests make it. As regards time, you do not want to set your party for a time when people would struggle to make it there. Instead, the timing should be when everybody you give an invite would have no excuse to miss it, say the holidays, or special days of the year. 


Now that you have seen how to organize a billiard themed party properly, it would be fun to consider creating one. Remember, you have to be creative in the crackling atmosphere that would communicate the theme of the party effortlessly. It all depends on what you want, and to be honest, everything is available. All you have to do is set your plugs right, and you’d definitely get a spark, as it is a no-brainer. Garden parties can be easy to set up, but some themed ones require some serious planning and excellent garden party ideas. If you provide all the above types of billiard games in your garden party, I’m sure you would have a review from The People’s magazine. Well, maybe not, but you know it is going to be the talk of the town.

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