Are Fiberglass Cues Any Good

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  • Date: April 23, 2023
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Are you considering a fiberglass/Graphite cue? Been wondering are fiberglass cues any good?

Maybe you’ve heard some of the good, or bad about fiberglass or graphite cues and are taking the initiative to find out for yourself.

Well, I plan on giving you my honest experience and opinion on the matter of are fiberglass cues any good. 

If you are considering a new cue, and fiberglass is in your thoughts then it can be a little confusing getting reliable information, especially if you are a beginner.

are fiberglass cues any good

The fact that not all cue sticks are made from the same material makes it trickier than you can think. Maybe you have heard that many people prefer wood to other materials and are now asking, “Are fiberglass cues any good?”

I believe you do not have to worry. I have created this comprehensive guide to help you to know whether fiberglass is any good or not. Read it to gain insight on if you can use fiberglass cues to take your pool game to the next level.

How are fiberglass cue sticks made

Fiberglass pool sticks are becoming more popular for a good reason. I want us to consider how they are constructed to help us see the reason behind this improved success. 

If you ask people, are fiberglass cues any good, they will most likely mention something to do with durability. But many of them will fall short of telling you that this great feature comes from how fiberglass cues are made.

Fiberglass cues are made one of two ways either from a wood core that’s encased in fiberglass or by having high-density foam core encased in fiberglass. 

This is something that you may not have heard of before. Fiberglass cues with a wooden core may seem misleading but it adds certain benefits such as reduced costs. 

The exceptional finish that you may have seen as you watched a fiberglass cue is pure fiberglass. If you want to play your pool game without gloves, this unique finish may help you.

However, It’s my personal opinion that hybrid type of cues that use both wood and fiberglass are better than just fiberglass cues. 

Remember that there are also fiberglass pool cues without a unique finish. These outer covers keep your pool sticks from wrapping but are not attention-grabbing like the others. But you can expect almost the same experience when you are hitting the cue ball.

Pros of a fiberglass pool cue

If you want a better insight to answer the question, are fiberglass cues any good, then a good place to start would be the positives of these cues. 

Understanding if fiberglass cues are worth their money is a good thing to note, as it will help you to make a better, more informed decision. 

But I feel its also important to compare Fiberglass vs Wood Cues, as they are the most popular types of cues.  Adding all this knowledge to your decision will help you get a better more informed answer.

Low Cost

I believe the cost is an essential factor that you need to consider. However, it is not the only crucial one for you. Fiberglass pool sticks are cheaper than their closest rival, wood cues.

As such, in case you are a beginner or a player who needs spare cues, this could be a valid option for you. 

Super Strong

The reason a wood core is used is to give your pool stick the exceptional degree of strength and stiffness that many players cherish. You will be able to use it for a long time without any problems. 


What’s great about fiberglass cues aside from the cost is the fact they won’t dent or scratch like wooden cues can. Granted, you should always look after your cue regardless of what it’s made from, but as we all know, accidents happen.

If you have spent a bit on a nice wooden cue to then drop it, leaving some very visible scratches, it can be heartbreaking. Because fiberglass is a very resilient material, it won’t scratch, dent or chip so your cue will look in better condition for longer.

Never Warps

We have also implied that this cue has a unique covering that ensures that it never warps. You do not have to worry a lot about where and how you store it after use. Adverse temperature will also not cause you any problem.

If you have done some little research before, I am sure you have seen that many people consider wood to be better than this alternative in many ways. That is true if you are more concerned about getting the perfect feel of hitting your cue ball than quality products or anything else.

However, if you do not want to struggle with the idea of using pool sticks that can easily be abused, fiberglass is your ideal choice.


Another fantastic feature of fiberglass cues is that many of them have a special attractive appearance. As you play, you will be inspired by the unique look, which may be another reason some people are continuing to gravitate towards these crucial sticks.

Cons of a fiberglass pool cues

Hand Sticking Issues

The sad reality is that fiberglass pool sticks have some flaws. For instance, you may find it more difficult to use if your hands often sweat easily.

For you to overcome this problem, you may have to use quality gloves or chalk it a lot. In a way, this may increase the cost of using these cues.

You may alternatively buy fiberglass sticks with an exceptional finish. As you know, the additional value comes at an extra cost. While the overall price is still highly affordable, I am of the view that the possibility that your hand may stick on the cue is not something that you can necessarily want to appreciate.

Sub-Par Feeling

I think this is a big one, and you need to consider it carefully. I say this because almost all of us what to experience that magic feel when hitting the cue ball. Probably, for pool game purists, this alone is enough to turn them away.

But I believe you do not necessarily have the same requirements as such individual players. Thus, there is no guarantee this will always be your final consideration.

Do you think you value the feeling more than anything else as a beginner does or one who wants to experience with all the major types of cues? It might not be so done. But I have presented this to help you make an objective decision.

Do not forget that fiberglass pool sticks have many cons, but there are ways to fix almost all of them as we have seen in the instance above. But this one is not like the rest of the issues. You cannot fix this problem.

If you asked me the best way to overcome this, I would only say learn to live with it and explore other creative ways to enjoy whatever you do in the field of play.


Because of fiberglass being more rigid than wood, it doesn’t tend to flex like wooden cues do. This can lead to cues producing more vibration which leads to an uncomfortable feeling. Depending on what features the cue has and how it’s been made, It may produce less vibration.

Are there good fiberglass cues?

In short – yes! Fiberglass cues can help you, depending on your requirements. But you have to learn to live with at least one or two of its demerits.

Having said that, I would like you to appreciate that not all fiberglass pool sticks are created equal. In other words, the general descriptions that we have discussed above do not perfectly apply to all types of these cues.

For you to choose the best fiberglass pool stick, you should consider several things. Here are some of the most important ones.

  • Cue weight
  • Type of tip
  • Density or hardness
  • Purpose of your stick

Who are fiberglass cues suitable for

If I was to break down, who would be best suited for a fiberglass cue, I would have to say, beginners and intermediate players.

Better players will usually opt for a wooden cue but still may have a fiberglass cue as a reserve or a travel cue as weather conditions won’t affect its condition.

Also, someone who is considering the cost is likely to pick a fiberglass cue.

That’s not to say all fiberglass cues are cheap, but for the playability of the cue compared to the cost, they are well worth the money.

If you were to get a wooden cue that is comparable in features and playability then you will most likely be looking to pay extra for it.

Because of the strength of fiberglass, it may be a good option for a break cue as it transfers energy pretty well.

Wooden cues will give  “flex” when they hit the ball which has its advantages, but fiberglass cues won’t, meaning they hit very straight and powerful.

Perhaps adding a Phenolic tips instead of a leather one for added results when breaking

Just by having a fiberglass bonded cue, doesn’t mean it will play very well or very badly.

As mentioned there are many factors to consider in a cue, other than the material it’s made from.

From my experience, fiberglass cues play similar to wooden cues but have some drawbacks that are unique to only fiberglass cues such as the feel and sound when striking the ball.

If you can overcome this then you might have a very good alternative to the traditional wooden cue. 

Examine some fiberglass cues

Here, let us consider some of the pool sticks that many people are looking for. Their unique features could as well attract you. Whether that is the reality or not, you should use the above tips without forgetting to consider the different reasons why you need the cue stick.

If you have not picked one that you think suits you best, consider whether one of these is what you have been looking for this long.

Cuetec Prestige Series

First, you may need to note that Cuetec Prestige(Amazon Link), which is the manufacture, is popular for the patented process that ensures all its products have a quality-layer of either fiberglass or graphite.

For this reason, it assures you of straight shafts despite the impact of adverse conditions like humidity and heat.

You can find these rare attributes in Cuetec Prestige Series. Moreover, this well-crafted, 58-inch piece of pool stick comes with a laser decal design as well as a durable rubber bumper that makes it appeal to contemporary tastes.

However, just like its other counterparts in the fiberglass family, you are not guaranteed the ideal feel when playing.

Fiberglass Graphite Composite Billiard Pool Cue Stick – GSE Games & Sports Expert

This graphite-fiberglass cue(Amazon Link) is made from high-strength fiberglass and titanium composite, finished with matte paints. The Veltex micro-fiber non-slip grip is great for comfort, the butt also has a black rubber bumper. With the required care, you can get a lifetime service from this product.

 Imperial Excalibur Platinum Fiberglass Pool Cue Finish

This Imperial Excalibur Pool Cue(Amazon Link) Finish is part of the attention-grabbing Cuetec Platinum series. To achieve a striking appearance, the designer has crafted the well-coordinated shaft and butt colors. The highly affordable cue also offers quality service.


As with all other pool gaming issues, you cannot miss the pros and cons of fiberglass pool sticks. The sub-par feeling is something that cannot go unmentioned. Nevertheless, the advantage that you have is that there are different types of fiberglass cues, which means you can find one that best meets your requirements.

The question of: are fiberglass cues any good? really depends on other factors about the cue and you as a player. They have pros and cons but all can be overcome if you are willing to give them a real chance. Personally, I prefer wooden cues, I prefer the grainy feel and sound, but that’s my personal preference. But if i was to pick a fiberglass cue, i would want one that has a wooden core or make use of a wooden butt.  

If you do not want to deal with warping and other forms of damage or want a low cost cue which plays great then seriously consider fiberglass cues. There are some drawbacks for sure but nothing that can’t be overcome.

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Rob is an avid player and fan of all cue sports, particularly 8-ball, and snooker. He has competed in a few local 8-ball tournaments and although he is not a professional, he can compete with the best of them.

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