Taiba Pool Cue Review

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pool cue reviewAll pool enthusiasts will agree to the fact that a good pool cue is technically an essential factor any pool player needs to change a game.

A good pool cue can enhance your game!

Hence, players see investing in pool sticks as necessities for them to showcase their playing prowess effortlessly. So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, you need to go for any of the best pool sticks available to dominate a game.

Among the several excellent pool cue choices you will have on the market, one cue that comes handy when best pool sticks are mentioned is the TaiBA Pool cue. 

This pool stick has been a favorite for a while now due to its features and price. 

Aside from being in the rank of the best pool cues for a beginner/intermediate player in the market currently, the low price point this pool stick and it’s free hard case further makes it a favorite pick any day. 

This pool cue is beautifully designed and comes with a free stylish leather case for protecting your cue. 

Find out more in this in-depth and honest TaiBa pool cue review.

TaiBa Pool Cue Review:

Today’s review will be on the Taiba 2-piece pool cue. This is my own honest opinion on this cue. If you are considering the Taiba and looking for a real review then please enjoy this one. 

About the TaiBa pool cue

The TaiBa 2-Piece Pool Stick is a product from a Chinese company named TaiBa.

TaiBa, for the past decade, is gradually becoming a household name in the production of a cost-effective variety of pool cues. They have their production factory in Xiamen, China, and have the reputation of only serving the beginners market.

Production outside the US has been viewed as the most likely reason behind the low price accessories offered by TaiBa.

The TaiBA pool cue is manufactured with 100% Canadian maple wood and designed to be extremely durable. The cue is well-balanced, coupled with that, the manufacturing wood’s top quality and the grain density helps to prevent unintended spin during games. 

It is produced with multiple coats of varnish, giving it a great and lasting appearance. This multi-varnish layer makes the cue extremely resistant to moisture which will in turn, protect the cue from warping.

So even with your wet or sweaty hands, the durability and performance of the pool stick aren’t affected. 

Because of the way it’s coated and protected, it’s unlikely to warp.

Though there might be a slight inconsistency among various models, the one-year warranty period given by the manufacturer and the excellent Amazon return policy covers this concern in case issues arise with your order.

The look and feel of the TaiBA pool cue

As mentioned earlier, the TaiBA 2-Piece Pool Stick is made from maple wood, which is a common wood for pool cues as maple wood is known for being extremely durable making it perfect for cues.

The maple wood is treated with multiple coats of varnish which gives the piece added protection. This makes also for a nice smooth shaft which gives little resistance while bridging. 

TaiBA cue has a leather wrap, which ensures its appearance is a beauty to behold. The leather design provides a grip that ensures that during gameplay, you can grip the butt without without worry. 

taiba pool cue review buttsGenerally, the overall design of the TaiBA 2-Piece Pool cue has received lots of compliments from many players. Simply put, the design is correct and faultless. Its a beautiful traditional looking cue using bright colors set in a deep black overlay decal butt, which really makes the cue stand out.

This TaiBA is also a 2-Piece Pool cue and it comes in multiple colors and styles, all keeping in line with a traditional cue with a modern take on it.

It is also available in three, different size selections of 19 ounces (0.72 kg), 20 ounces (0.76 kg) and 21 ounces (0.79).

Who Is The Cue Suitable For

Ideally, the TaiBA Pool cue is designed for every player who wants an affordable cue with a low deflection and decent balancing point. This category of players can either be beginners or experts. 

More specifically, this cue would be better suited for beginners and intermediate players. They will gain the most from this cue in my opinion, although it shoots straight enough for a seasoned player to enjoy playing with it.

The cue has a multi-weight system that allows you to change the cue weight at any particular time to your suitable choice. 

Another attribute that makes the TaiBA pool cue suitable for all is its design, which is aimed at increasing power, minimizing slippage and deflection too. 

The extra features of a hard case with  a strap, and a storage pouch for chalk and other items that come with the TaiBA 2-Piece Pool Stick makes it an excellent pick for players who love to play pool at billiard halls on weekends.

Features of the Taiba 2-piece Cue

In the Taiba 2-Piece Cue pack, you will find One Pool Stick, One Cue Case, and Joint Protector. The features of these accessories are listed below:

The features of the Pool Cue Stick:

Taiba pool cue review specs stick

In addition to the taiba pool cue stick you also get a handy cue case to help protect your cue. Storing your cues in a case helps to protect the cue keeping it straight and without scratching or dents.

Features of the cue case

Overall Playability

Ok, so lets have a look at what matters, how it plays – The cue can look great, feel great but if places like a broom stick then whats the point.

This Taiba pool cue review wouldn’t be complete without some of my personal pros and cons of this cue. 

My rating and recommendation

So let me delve deeper into my Taiba pool cue review 

Does this Chinese made pool cue get my stamp of approval? There’s definitely some stigma with Chinese made products, and sometimes for good reason, but I can confirm this is not one of those times. 

Most people, i’m sure, would prefer it to be USA made, but this isn’t the case and honestly, I don’t mind too much. The cue is excellently made.

The construction on this is exceptional, it’s smooth, straight and looks great. It’s really hard to find fault with it.

I like the traditional look and the colors, I feel they add value to this budget cue. 

If I was to fault the cue, I would have to dig deep to pull out some criticism, especially when the cues price is only $70, but my review wouldn’t be complete without an honest opinion. 

For my own personal preference, I found the tip to be a little too hard. I’m not a huge fan of super-hard tips on a playing cue, so this is solely a personal view. This is easily solved by changing the tip for a better cue tip. 

Another thing i would say about the Taiba pool cue is that the leather wrap was ok, but for my sweaty palms, I prefer irish linen as it absorbs sweat better. This is also easily changed.

So, does this cue get my seal of approval?

Of course, it does!

It’s a great playing cue for beginners and intermediate players and it comes with a case and joint protectors. It is a really great deal in my opinion.

Because of its many merits, including its price, playability, and construction coupled with a few personal niggles I have with the tip and the wrap

I give the Taiba 2-piece pool cue two thumbs up! Its a great cue!

Final thoughts

The TaiBa pool cue made from Canadian maple wood deserves mention as an all-around solid cue. The cue’s professional-level performance is very commendable, considering its relatively affordable price. 

Little wonder it has been listed among the best available pool cues in the market for some years now. True to the words of the Chinese manufacturing company –TaiBa, this pool stick offers users years of long reliability action and feel that’s way above its low price point.

One occasional complaint is that of the slightly bent shaft, which has been addressed by the manufacturing company in its latest productions. For a pool stick that goes for about $60 on Amazon, its performance level has bought it lots of admiration and trust among the pool enthusiasts. If there is one word that crowns the review and performance of the TaiBa, that word is Dependable.

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