Top 7 Best Women’s Pool Cue Cases

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best ladies pool cue casePool cues are prized possessions for every pool player, so they need extreme care to safeguard them from getting destroyed. The best way to prevent your pool stick from getting damaged either from incidental household incidents, dust, or your kids while playing is by getting a quality cue case. 

Lucky for you i have gathered the best women’s pool cue cases so you pool loving ladies out there need not worry.

With one, you can confidently walk around the pool hall without any worries that it is vulnerable to getting destroyed. 

However, the main issue comes in finding a reliable and quality cue case as there are numerous brands from which to choose from. These include either leather case, hard case, or soft case, so making an informed decision becomes quite tricky.

Fortunately, this will no longer be an issue ever again, as in this article, you will be taken through the best women’s cue cases on the market. 

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If you are looking for a stylish and cool carry case for your sticks, then I have just the list for you here. I’ve collected the top 7 best woman’s pool cue cases so you don’t need to spend hours searching and wasting your time. I hope you enjoy my list – As always, I encourage you to first check out my buyers guide that give you some buyers tips to help while making your decision, you can find them at the bottom of this page or click HERE

Quick Glance…Our best woman’s pool cue cases

🎱 GSE 1×1 Hard Billiard– Check price on Amazon
🎱Athene Heartburn 2×2 Our Pro Pick – Check price on Amazon
🎱Collapsar 1×1 Hard Camo Case – Check price on Amazon
🎱Casemaster Q Vault-Supreme  Our Budget Pick – Check price on Amazon
🎱Athena 2×2 Purple and Black case – Check price on Amazon
🎱Action Vinyl Case
– Check price on Amazon
🎱GSE 2×2 Case– Check price on Amazon

GSE 1x1 Hard Billiard Pool Cue Stick Carrying Case (Several Colors Available)

About:- GSE
Games and Sports Experts and quite well known for their catalog of all types of gaming products. Their catalog covers everything from billiards to fitness products.

Are you looking for an affordable and high-quality cue case for women? If so, you are in luck since the GSE games, and sports expert billiard cue case is the perfect product to get.

This cue case integrates a robust exterior that ensures you never need to worry about your pool sticks getting minor bumps or scratches. It comes with a unique design that is relatively flatter and more compressed, unlike the traditional style that had a full-tube style.

Additionally, it is 32” long, hence allowing you to store one shaft and butt inside it with minimal effort. Thus, your pool cues are always safeguarded from harm, with this a likelihood if you have kids to take care of.

The interior of this cue case is a soft lining, which guarantees there is no collision between the pool stick and the harder parts of the cue case.

Thanks to this, you can be sure there will be no scratches or cracks on your pool cues. Furthermore, it features a slidable zipper where you can store all your chalks and tips, ensuring you never experience any hassle when carrying this cue case.

This cue case comes in various colors, so you have the option to pick your preferred color. Likewise, it has a shoulder strap that enables you easily make adjustments, so moving with it will never be an issue.

Athena Series Heartburn 2x2

About:- Athena
For those of your who know your greek mythology, you’ll know that Athena was the goddess of war and wisdom. So, hence the name of this billiards brand for ladies. Athina products are stylish, well made and fashionable and all their products are made for women who enjoy cue sports. 

If you want a sturdy cue case that perfectly balances on your arm, then this product is the perfect choice to meet your needs. Its interior design is lined with a soft felt to safeguard your pool sticks and has a sturdy rubber molded casing structure.

To improve its durability, it is also covered with a vinyl exterior. Therefore, the elegant look of the case matches its performance, and this is something most women find very appealing. 

Furthermore, this cue case features a poured molding casing structure, butt insertion, bi-directional shaft, soft/felt cloth interior and poured rubber molding casing structure. The structure of this cue case also has an oval-shaped white vinyl exterior and a length of 32. 

Pro PickThis cue case can comfortably fit two 31” shafts as well as two butts. It also comes with a shoulder strap, a top carrying handle style, a bottom pocket that is 16” long, and a large 6” long top pocket. Likewise, it has a top handle 

Collapsar 1x1 Hard Pool Cue Camo Carrying Case

About:- Collapsar
Collapsar have been making cues and other billiard products for some time now. With there beginings making american cues, they moved into the Chinese marketplace in 2007 and made a name for themselves there too.  

Do you want a cue case that guarantees your pool sticks are entirely safe from harm? If so, then this product is what you need to resolve all your woes.

The Collapsar hard pool cue case can do this as integrated into its design is camo nylon covering, which is robust enough to safeguard all your pool cues. Inside, it can comfortably accommodate one shaft and one butt as well as a joint with a protector, thanks to its spacious interior that which that is 31” long.

Additionally, it features extra small pockets where you can store accessories such as gloves, chalks, small tools, as well as tips.

Its build quality is made from Regged zippers, which ensure opening and closing are always smooth. Despite its robust build quality, it is still very portable, with this possible thanks to having a sturdy, detachable and adjustable shoulder strap. This makes it a trendy choice among women as it is easy to carry around either when heading home or in the pool halls.

Finally, it comes in five colors, thereby not restricting you to an option that does not best suit your style.

Casemaster Q Vault-Supreme 1x1 Cue Case

About:- GLD
GLD house multiple brands with these being one of many who specialize in billiard products as well as other sporting products. For 40 years GLD have been pleasing customers with high quality gaming products

Are you searching for a cue case that delivers a sturdy and premium feel? If so, look no further as the Casemaster Q Vault-Supreme 1×1 cue case is a perfect choice. Moreover, thanks to its outstanding build quality, it is no surprise why its popularity among many ladies who are pool enthusiasts. 

Its design is meant for both casual players as well as beginners who usually only make use of one pool stick. This cue case features a removable accessories bag where you can store tips and chalks. Additionally, it can only store one shaft and one butt. 

Despite being reasonably affordable, it still has an outstanding build quality. This is because it comes with a sturdy vinyl case along with a plush leatherette covering that gives it a premium finish and look. It also has a lightweight construction as well as an adjustable shoulder strap that makes it easy and convenient to carry, with this very appealing to women. 

Budget PickTherefore, if you are looking for a cue case of exceptional quality to store one pool stick, then this is an excellent pick.

Athena 2x2 Black & Purple Pool Cue Case

About:- Athena
The goddess of war and wisdom gets a 2nd mention on this list. Truth be told, If you are making a cue sports list targeted for ladies, then you WILL find many Athena product. They truly make world-class billiards products for women.

This is undoubtedly one of the best options for women looking for a high-quality cue case that guarantees reliability and functionality. It comes in an ideal size and incorporates an added spot where you can place your breaking cue. 

Inside this cue case are two handy pockets, with one including a pouch where you can store a 10” Athena extension. Its spacious interior allows you to store two butts and two thanks to its shaft tube design. Moreover, it has a shoulder strap that you can easily adjust as desired to make it easier to move from one point to another. 

Integrated into its design are two pockets, with the longest being 32,” whereas and a zipper top closure to safeguard your pool sticks from falling without you knowing. The structure on its interior is made from poured rubber mold casing, and the lining is soft felt. Thus, you can be sure that your pool cures will never get dents or scratches when inside this case. 

It fits butts and shafts which can be inserted in either direction that is not longer than 30”. Additionally, this cue case is available in a purple and black color, which is appealing if you want a case that does not have screaming colors. 

Action Vinyl Pool Cue Case

About:- Action
Action is a well know billiards brand catering for all levels. They have a large amount of products catering for all your cue sports needs. Action pride themselves on their pricing and customer service.

The Action Vinyl Pool Cue Case is the perfect choice if you are looking for a high-quality and robust product to store your pool cues. Therefore, with this item, you can confidently know that your pool sticks are safe from any scratches or dents. 

Its design usually incorporates a hard case, which is vital in safeguarding your valuable pool cues. This cue case can accommodate one shaft as well as one butt. Additionally, it features large 16” pockets where you can store all your essential pool accessories such as chalks and tips.

The interior of this cue case is a poured rubber mold that has a felt-like lining. This unique design makes it one of the best women’s pool cue cases as it ensures your pool cues never get dents or scratches.

Moreover, it features a shoulder strap that comes in several colors, including light gray, pink, purple, blue, black, burgundy, and brown. 

GSE Expert 2x2 Deluxe case

About:- GSE
A worthy 2nd mention for GSE. With their many brands under creating high quality products under the GSE umbrella, its easy to see why so many of their brands gets a mention.

Whereas the search for a high-quality cue case is often challenging as most items are of inferior quality, but the GSE Games & Sports Expert 2×2 Deluxe Hard cue case stands out from the rest. You can use it to carry two shafts as well as two butts. 

Thus cue case is 32” long so you can easily fit in your pool sticks thanks to its spacious interior. Its interior has both large and small pockets where you can easily store chalks, tips, and other items. Moreover, the design features zippered pockets that ensure you never misplace any of your precious items stored inside this cue case. 

The outer part of this cue case is solid, with this essential to protect your pool sticks from dents and scratches. Its inner part also features soft cushions as well as divider tubes that ensure the sticks do not get damaged while you are on the move. Incorporated in its design are adjustable shoulder straps that enable you to carry this cue case in the pool hall easily. 

The search for the perfect women’s pool cue cases is often challenging with the numerous brands on the market. However, there are several features you need to consider to be better placed to choose a model that best serves your needs. Here are some of the most vital aspects you need to take into consideration.


When searching for the best women’s pool cue cases, space is, without a doubt, one of the factors you need to consider. The amount of space inside a case determines whether you can carry one or two pool sticks. It is recommended you opt for a cue case that can accommodate at least two pool cues, thereby not requiring you to carry two bags when going to a pool hall in the future.

Type of cue case

There are two types of cue cases to choose from, that is, one which comes with either a hard case or soft case. The perfect choice here depends on its convenience as well as your personal preference. 

The harder cases better safeguard your pool sticks from damage and are typically feature a plastic outer shell or leather. With this, your cues are guaranteed safety from scratches, warping, or bending. However, they often are bulky, thus more strenuous to carry around. 

Cue cases with softer cases, on the other hand, feature more delicate materials such as leatherette or vinyl. They are usually very easy to carry around due to their small and lightweight design. Nevertheless, they provide your cues with less protection as the outer layer is softer.  


Cue cases are available in a broad range of colors and designs. These include wooden box style, leatherette, and pure leather, and the ideal fit all depends on what you prefer. Nonetheless, you should not overlook the significance of a good looking case. 


The price of cue cases usually ranges between $20 to $400, with cheaper models often preferred by amateurs and more expensive ones popular among professionals. Nevertheless, you can buy any that pleases you regardless of your expertise, with the cheaper types often offering less protection.


Having read through this article, you now have an idea of the best women’s pool cue cases on the market. Likewise, you are now well-informed on the factors to consider when searching for a high-quality case. 

Therefore, with this information in mind, you are better placed to go to the market and get a cue case that best serves your needs. Subsequently, worrying about the safety of your pool cues will be a thing of the past, and with your mind at ease, you will be able to better focus on the game.   

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