What is a Sneaky Pete Cue – With Examples

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  • Date: April 23, 2023
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Playing pool is enough excitement on its own. The bond it creates with friends, the relaxation you get, the joy and laughter shared in gaming makes the sport altogether thrilling. But then, there is one thing that brings a different level of excitement to the game, which is the joy of knowing how to trick your opponent(s).

Any pool player who always desires to displace an opponent must seek to acquire lots of technical skills and use special tools. 

To aid players to dominate opponents repeatedly, a unique pool cue was produced by cue manufacturers.

What is a sneaky pete cue

This master class cue produced to work magic during pool games is known as Sneaky Pete cue.

What is a sneaky Pete cue and who was sneaky Pete. lets find out. 

What Is a Sneaky Pete Cue?

A Sneaky Pete pool cue was an old hustling cue. It’s a regular-looking pool stick, similar to a house cue you might find in a pool hall. But the Cue is deceivingly advanced, usually using the latest in pool stick technology. The low-cost look gives the user the appearance of an amateur.

The name Sneaky Pete isn’t a new one for regular pool players, especially players who hang around the pool hall often. 

In fact, for these players, tactical deception most often comes to mind with each mention of the term. So, what is a sneaky Pete cue?

The Sneaky Pete Cue, also known as Hustler style cue, is the oldest traditionally designed two-piece cues. 

The pool stick was produced to be a higher-end cue. Although its physical features are not too different from that of the regular pool stick or house cue, but looks can be deceiving. 

On the outside, it is simple and ordinary, but it’s a naturally high-quality piece that possesses a nearly unnoticeable wood-to-wood joint.

The reason for the hustler as a second name is because, for the undoubted players, it produces a hustle. Nowadays, the demand for the cue is beginning to wane; however, it is still counted as one of the all-time most amazing cues.

Its traditional design style and inherent beauty have also made it rank among the best-selling pool cue styles ever on the market.

To sum up, what is a Sneaky Pete pool cue? It has the look of a cheaper house cue but is extremely well crafted. 

At first, it will cause people to second guess you as a serious player because of the cues basic look, but the sneaky Pete pool stick is anything but basic. 

Usually, a sneaky Pete cue stick or a sneaky Pete break cue come loaded with high-end features and top-of-the-line cue technology.

Such was the demand for these type of cues that big cue manufacturers started taking note and producing their own version of a sneaky pete pool stick. 

Not long after you could find players sneaky pete, viking sneaky Pete and predator sneaky Pete cues. 

Morel of the story: never judge a book by its cover…. or even never judge a pool player by the look of his cue. 

Players who are willing to get the best sneaky Pete pool cue probably know a thing or two about playing pool so always beware of the player who brings what looks to be a house cue to the table.

Who Was Sneaky Pete?

In the year 1919, Peter Anthony Crisafi was born in New York. Sneaky Pete, as he was called, was a fantastic pool player with an accomplished career. According to the story, Pete was a hustler, and he loves to travel around playing pool for money.  His favorite local pool hall was the Flambonis in New York. As he frequented the pool hall, he stole a house cue he liked so much. 

Pete cut this cue in half and modified it in a way that he could sneak it into any pool hall, and then screw the two pieces back together. The advantage of always playing with his favorite cue gave him an edge over every opponent he faced. The reason behind his action as the story has it that Pete was lazy, couldn’t work hard, and was poor at playing cards.

The Evolution of Sneaky Pete Cues

Modeled after Peter Anthony Crisafi, Sneaky Pete Cue was manufactured to help players gain an unfair edge over their opponents. Just like Sneaky Pete used his favorite pool cue against an opponent who could only access a random house cue from the rack. 

Over time, some modifications regarding design and use were made to the Pete cues. From that crude 2-piece cue, the legend pool stick has become a known category of cues of its own. 

It was previously just a preferred house cue that was modified, and cut in half to be screwed back together. However, it has become a high-performance cue, designed to appear traditional, but modern in its playability.

How Sneaky Pete Cues’ Look Compared to Regular Cues

The looks of the Sneaky Pete cue is typical of the regular cue, but then, there are few differences to this magical piece and the regular pool sticks.

  • Method of manufacturing: Though almost the same looks, the manufacturing method of the Pete cues is different from the others. It is manufactured in such a way that the joint and tips are almost the same as the cue’s inner system. Remember that the strength of a pool stick lies with the method of its manufacturing.
  • The Tips: In some sneaky Pete Cues, the tips are traditionally attached, and cannot be separated from the rest of the shafts. For Pete cues, the unchangeable tip makes them appear like the ordinary cues, while the inner does the magic.
  • The Joint: The joint of Pete’s cue is visibly different from the other cues. Its joint is wood to wood joint and merged so well. The noticeable parts of the joint often make people think that the sneaky Pete Cues is a one-piece pool stick.

Advantages of Playing With A Sneaky Pete Cue

Gone are the days when there was a huge advantage one player has over another with the Pete cue. At those times, you have an unfair advantage as a player over your opponent with the Pete cue. One of such is fooling unsuspecting players to assume you are a novice using just a “house cue,” while the real show takes place on the table. 

Today, pool players are now familiar with the cue, and as such, these benefits beginning to fade. However, there are still a few benefits to enjoy with the Sneaky Pete cue aside its classic and straightforward design.

  1. Making Surprise Attack: With the manner of the manufacturing of the inner system, together with the placement of an extraordinary tip, the Pete Cue can pull some stuns. It can be used to play a sudden attack rather than a simple shot that your opponent might be expecting.
  2. A Custom Made Cue: All sneaky Pete Cues are special and custom-made. This explains the reason for its expensive nature. Though its outer casing looks ordinary, it’s manufacturing technology is well-defined.
  3. Easy to maintain: Even with the distinct manufacturing technology of the cue, the outside still looks like an ordinary cue. This means that the maintenance of the cue won’t be a challenge at all. It will be cleaned, maintained, and placed just like other cues. 

Can you play better with a sneaky Pete cue stick

Many people ask if playing with a sneaky Pete cue stick will improve their game.

It’s easy to see why, originally as a hustler stick with almost magical powers, its easy for people to make the leap and wonder if it will help them improve.

But people who generally use custom sneaky Pete cues are usually of a high playing standard anyway. 

The days of hustling people with a below-standard-looking cue are behind us now. However, sneaky Pete pool sticks made such a name that the style of the cue is still popular today. 

That initial shock from your opponent who will notice your “house cue” and be in awe of your playing standard; is lost to the ages.

If you are a good player, then your opponent might still be in awe, but it won’t be from the assumption you were a bad player based on your cue.

You will still be a good player with a house cue or a sneaky Pete pool cue. 

So will you play any better with a sneaky Pete pool cue? probably not I’m sorry to say.

The added confidence of a top-end sneaky Pete cue might rattle your opponent though.

It might not make you a better player, but sneaky Pete pool sticks are designed to look average but are of a higher standard, therefore you may gain a few extra wins because you’ll be playing with a better cue than a house cue, even if the look is comparable.

Popular Sneaky Pete Cues

As promised, let me give you some examples.  I’ll split them into two categories –  “a little sneaky” and “very sneaky”. the two categories represent the build and overall quality of the cues, with “very sneaky” being of the higher grade.

Check out and compare some good sneaky pete pool sticks with regular playing cues

A little sneaky

Viking Sneaky Pete Cue- (Amazon link) This particular cue comes in multiple design options, enabling players to show off their individual styles. The Viking sneaky pete has a shaft thats produced from Canadian maple, with a 13mm leather tip. The joint has a metal threading ensuring long-lasting lock


  • 13 mm leather tip
  • High impact resin ultra durability
  • North American maple wood & pro-style taper
  • Lifetime warranty 

Viper Sneaky Pete cue- (Amazon link)The Viper Sneaky Pete cue is a 2-piece billiard cue, with 58-inch length, and made from hard Canadian maple wood and Zebrawoods. Its joint is light weighted wood-to-wood, having a brass insert. The cue tip is made of 13 mm Le Pro leather.


  • 13 mm Le Pro leather
  • 2-piece billiard cue
  • Finished off with 9 coats of varnish
  • 18-21 ounce weight 

Very sneaky

Lucasi Custom Sneaky Pete- (Amazon link) The Lucasi cue is a traditional designed Sneaky Pete cue that has a modern color scheme. The lucasi sneaky pete joint is near seamless wood-to-wood, a Uni-loc pin, and a sleek handle.  This great Sneaky Pete cue comes with Lucasi’s Custom Solid Core Low Deflection Shaft, and a Tiger Everest tip (upgraded). It’s a perfect fit for players above the novice stages and is also on the pricey side.


  • 58″ Length
  • 18oz-21oz Weight
  • 2 Piece Construction
  • Sleek Wrapless Handle
  • Uni-Loc Pin
  • 12.75 Lucasi Custom Low Deflection Shaft
  • Upgraded Tiger Everest Tip
  • Pro Taper
  • Lifetime Warranty

Predator Cues Sneaky Pete- (Amazon link) The Predator cue is an excellent mix of technology, beauty, and vibrancy.  The new Roadline sneaky Petes cue maintains the traditional design, but with its technology, the predator sneaky pete  brings winning to pool games. 


  • Uni-Loc weight cartridge system
  • Vibrant yellow, blue, orange, and black veneers
  • Vivid Rengas and Natural Maple
  • Predators world-renowned low-deflection shafts

What is the difference between a sneaky pete pool cue and regular pool cue

The main difference between a sneaky pete pool cue and a regular pool cue is that a sneaky pete cue is designed to look like a traditional house cue, while playing like a high-end pool cue. This makes the cue less noticeable to opponents, which can give you an advantage during play.

Sneaky pete cues are often made with more expensive materials and construction techniques than regular pool cues, making them a better choice for serious players. This advanced pool cue can be more expensive than regular cues, so it’s important to do your research before buying one.

Is a Sneaky Pete a good pool cue

If you’re looking for an edge in your next game, then a sneaky pete cue may be the right choice for you. With its superior construction and performance, this cue can give you the advantage you need to win. However, keep in mind that these cues are often more expensive than regular cues, so make sure you have the budget for one before you buy.

What gives sneaky pete cues an edge over regular playing cues, aside from their superior build is their appearance.  They are designed to look like house cues, and even the most experienced player will have a hard time noticing the difference. This can give you an advantage in tournaments or casual games, as your opponent may not expect as much from a “house cue”.

Are sneaky pete pool cues expensive

Yes, sneaky pete pool cues can be more expensive than regular pool cues. This is due to the higher quality materials and construction techniques used in their manufacture.

sneaky pete pool cues price range from around $75 to $1000+, depending on the features and construction of the cue. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line pool cue, a sneaky pete may be the right choice for you.

 however, if you’re on a budget, there are plenty of regular playing cues available for under $50.

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line pool cue that will give you an edge in your next game, then a sneaky pete may be the right choice


I am confident you now know what is a sneaky pete pool stick. Besides, you know now know about the pool game legend behind the manufacturing of the sneaky Pete cue stick.

Whether you are still a novice player in the game, or past that stage, I am sure you will want to give this fantastic pool cue a try if you haven’t. You may be amazed by how much difference such a simple, traditional-looking cue can make in the pool game.

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Rob is an avid player and fan of all cue sports, particularly 8-ball, and snooker. He has competed in a few local 8-ball tournaments and although he is not a professional, he can compete with the best of them.

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