Best Pool Cue Under 500 – 2024

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Pool is one of the most captivating sports, and one of the most important items is a pool cue.

A high-quality pool cue helps you improve your playing experience and maintain consistency.

Contrary to what many people think, you do not need to pay a premium for good pool sticks. The challenge comes in finding top-rated pool cues that are ideal, even for the advanced players. 

If this is a challenge you are experiencing, you’re in luck. This article is a detailed guide on the best pool cue under $500.

With these good cue sticks, you get value for money as well as superb performance. 

best pool cue under 500

In a hurry?

If you don’t have much time then use the links below to quickly find my best pool cues under 500, check out the price on Amazon. You can be assured we only choose the best products…

Reviews: Best pool cue under 500

If you are a more advanced player then you’ll need a cue to match your level.

Pool sticks at this level are noticeably better and therefore you’ll be able to feel the difference between a regular house cue and a stick under $500.

Cues at this price range will have a better build quality, making use of more exotic woods, more attention to their design and look with beautiful inlays and finishing. But aside from aesthetics, what really sets the performance of these cues apart from their lower priced counterparts, is the technology built in the cue.

These top cue makers spend a fortune on researching and perfecting different cue technologies to help give you a cleaner, crisper and more accurate hit that will produce less vibration. 

To achieve such goals, implementations such as carbon fiber rods inserted into the shaft core, low deflection shafts and improvements to the ferrule are made. Of course not forgetting a lot of these cues are handcrafted, which gives them a look and feel that is unmatched. 

Not only the cue, but the cue tip is of premium quality, usually made from layers of pig skin which helps hold chalk and grip to the cue ball.

Want a little more buying information, be sure to check out my buyers guide below.

Of the many cues out there on the market today

These are my best pool cues under 500 based on performance, playability and cost

  • Lucasi Custom Hybrid – Best Overall
  • Meucci SB1-S
  • Lucasi Custom Mystic – Best Value
  • McDermott G309 G-Series
  • Predator Revo 12.9mm
Lucasi Custom Hybrid Pool Cue Stick LHC80 w/Zero Flexpoint Spliced Shaft, Black Lizard Grip & Kamui Pro Tip
Lucasi Custom Hybrid Pool Cue Stick LHC80 w/Zero Flexpoint Spliced Shaft, Black Lizard Grip & Kamui Pro Tip
Limited edition custom cue - 19 ounces (adjustable from 18 to 21oz); Lifetime warranty including warpage
Meucci SB1-S Handcrafted Billiards Pool Cue Stick - Smoke Grey Stain + Hard CASE
Meucci SB1-S Handcrafted Billiards Pool Cue Stick - Smoke Grey Stain + Hard CASE
Smoke stained maple butt sleeve and forearm with checkered rings; Lacquer coated white linen wrap with black specks
Amazon Prime
Lucasi Custom 58' 2-Piece Pool Cue with Upgraded Low Deflection Shaft, Blue Luster Inlays, 19oz
Lucasi Custom 58" 2-Piece Pool Cue with Upgraded Low Deflection Shaft, Blue Luster Inlays, 19oz
Quick-Release Uni-loc joint; Premium Tiger Everest tip for superior ball control; 4-piece cue butt construction for a solid hit and increased durability
Amazon Prime
McDermott G309 G-Series Pool Cue (19oz, 13mm Taper)
McDermott G309 G-Series Pool Cue (19oz, 13mm Taper)
6 Bocote inlays. Bubinga/Bocote/Recon Ebony/Silver rings. Genuine Irish linen wrap; Lifetime Warranty Including Warpage
PREDATOR Revo Radial Carbon Fiber Shaft - 12.9mm Low Rise Taper, Soft Case & Wipes
PREDATOR Revo Radial Carbon Fiber Shaft - 12.9mm Low Rise Taper, Soft Case & Wipes
Most accurate Predator shaft at low and high speeds; 12.4mm tip diameter, Radial Thread Joint

Lucasi Custom Hybrid Pool Cue Stick

If the quality of a pool cue is important to you, then this product is, without a doubt, the ideal choice.

This limited edition pool cue weighs only 19 ounces, but this is adjustable from 18 to 21 oz. The cue tip is a soft Kamui which is made from 10 layers of pigskin with a uniform thickness that is of exceptional quality.

This is then covered with a special vacuum-sealing to ensure the tip is even, and this is vital when shooting.

The joint of this cue stick incorporates a Quick Release Uni-loc Joint technology, which locks the cue together nicely. It also features a fashionable yet simple design that features a black butt and forearm. Its four-piece design is also very useful in helping you guarantee all the shots have enough power.

Since this pool cue is made from robust Maplewood, its build quality is very sturdy. Therefore, you never need to worry too much about it dropping, although with such a well made, beautiful cue, dropping it would be the last thing you want to do.

Its design is also great with stained Black maple wood with white and Natural stained maple wood accent points along with pearlized green and blue poly rings – the whole cue is a stunner!

It also uses a black genuine leather wrap which will help with grip. and as with most good cues, the weights can be adjusted – swap in some Lucasi Weight Bolt if this is something you want to do.

Another feature that makes Lucasi Custom Hybrid Pool Cue Stick one of the best cues under 500 is its 12.75mm shaft has low deflection technology meaning you shoot with greater accuracy.

If you are looking for functionality without overlooking a stylish design, this is the perfect cue stick for you.


  • Impressive inlays
  • Comes in a simple yet sleek design
  • Its four-piece construction guarantees great power with every hit
  • Its low deflection technology improves your gaming experience


  • Relatively expensive

Meucci SB1-S Handcrafted Billiards Pool Cue Stick

In your search for a reliable pool cue under $500, the SB1 billiards cue stick is one that you need to consider.

Only a small number of these top-rated pool cues get released hence why they are referred to as limited editions. This high-end cue sticks also provide you with exceptional performance at all times.

Thus, it should not come as a surprise that it is considered among the best pool cue for advanced players.

One of the best features of this pool cue is its robust build quality. This top-rated pool cue also has a great design. The reason for this is that it comes coated with a Lacquer coated white linen with steel pin joints, some white specks, and a smokey gray outlook at its butt.

It also features beautiful green inlays that give you a majestic look while carrying a Meucci Pro Shaft.


  • It is handcrafted.
  • Great for competitive games.
  • Super build quality.
  • Features checkered silver rings.
  • Lightweight.
  • It delivers excellent performance.


  • It’s only available in 19oz

Lucasi Custom Mystic Black and Curly Maple Pool Cue 

This is among the good cue sticks available for purchase on the market. With this cue stick, you get not only value for money but also a guaranteed remarkable performance.

As a result, you will be able to emerge victorious and enjoy the bragging rights over your friends.

Integrated into its build design is a Quick-Release Uni-loc joint, which helps you assemble and take it down with ease. It also comes in a simple yet stylish design characterized by a mystic black butt and forearm.

It also features natural curly maple handle, exotic Bocote bands surrounded by Cocobolo & black rings, and a natural wood butt with many high-quality features.

This billiard cue has a solid core low deflection technology, which helps you achieve accurate and powerful shots to emerge victorious in your matches. It features a superb finish that protects it from fading due to the sun’s rays or scratching.

Furthermore, the Lucasi Custom Mystic Black and Curly Maple pool cue has a distinctive and outstanding look, which looks awesome. With that said, this does not mean its performance is by any means inferior.

As it is built from maple and exotic woods like Cocobolo and Bocote you can confidently use this pool stick, knowing this stick is a beautifully crafted piece of art. This is the perfect cue stick if you want to take your game to the next level.


  • It is handcrafted.
  • Beautiful inlays.
  • Great for competitive games.
  • Super build quality.
  • Features checkered silver rings.
  • Lightweight.
  • It delivers excellent performance.


  • It’s hard to fault such a great cue.

McDermott G309 G-Series Pool Cue

This is also one of the best pool cue under 500, which you need to consider. It comes weighing in at 19 oz, and this is adjustable to between 18 to 21 oz by adding extra weight bolts separately.

The McDermott G309 G-Series pool cue also comes with a lifetime warranty to cover it against destruction.

A nice eye-catching feature of this cue are the six Bocote exotic wood inlays.

This pool stick is made using robust, exotic woods and materials to ensure it lasts for a prolonged duration before necessitating replacement. As a result, you get to better focus on your game, thereby increasing your chances of winning.

This G-series shaft of this cue stick is made using carbon fiber ferrule core and also a three Layer Carbon Fiber Core which extends through the first 7 inches of the shaft, this helps improve consistency, reduce vibrations and stabilizes the front-impact area. These are common issues with using only maple wood.

This is further aided by the exotic woods of black urethane, bocote, Bubinga, and recon ebony rings used throughout this masterpiece.

Its tip is a Navigator Black Tip made using numerous layers of Japanese pigskin and at the other end of the cue is an Irish linen wrap.

This is a really nice cue from McDermott, well made, shoots great and beautiful inlays – definitely a contender for the best pool cues under 500


  • Its quality is impressive.
  • Build quality is exceptional and durable.
  • Its finish is stylish and beautiful.
  • You get value for money.


  • It is considered somewhat costly.

Predator Revo 12.9mm Radial Carbon Fiber Shaft 

If quality is important to you, look no further since Predator Revo Radial Carbon Fiber Shaft is exactly what you need.

This is one of the really good pool sticks on the market made by Predator as it perfectly built to guarantee very little squirt when you take a shot.

Its build quality is superb, so you need not worry about it breaking as the shaft is made from carbon fiber and therefore extremely durable.

You can get this billiard’s cue in two sizes, either 12.4mm or 12.9mm. If you are still perfecting your pool playing skills, the 12.9mm cue tip is ideal, but if you are more experienced and need improved cue control, the 12.4mm is the go-to option.

** This is for the 12.9 mm shaft – I personally prefer the thicker shafts so my preference is with the 12.9mm **

Although it is fairly expensive, you are assured of incredible value, and you will never regret your investment.

It also comes in a carbon design, which allows the maximum transfer of power onto the cue ball from its cue tip. However, you will notice it produces a weird sound with every strike, but this is something that you will get used to over time.

With this cue stick being a carbon fiber composite the shaft feels frictionless and extremely light weight.

Predator apparently spent 10 years researching the Revo carbon fiber shaft so a lot of thought and technology went into this, this is why many advanced players opt for it as it provides you with game-changing performances.

The tip on the Revo is the same as the tip on the Predator Sport 2 cue. It’s the 8 layered Predator Victory tip (Soft). I find the yellow cue tip looks great at the end of the black cue shaft, it really gives the cue an aggressive personality, which I love.

Its worth noting that this is ONLY A SHAFT AND NOT THE BUTT of the cue. The Revo shaft also is missing a ferrule as one is not needed with a carbon shaft – which makes playing slightly unusual as a white ferrule tends to help with depth and perception while aiming – but its something you can adjust to.

All in all its a top cue, looks great, glides effortlessly over your bridging hand and has all the Predator tech inside – looking for the best cue for advanced players then this is one for under $500.


  • Its build quality is superb.
  • Offers you with great value.
  • Always ensures you have a firm grip.
  • An excellent choice for competitive games.


  • It is fairly expensive.

Buyer’s guide – Best pool cue under 500

There are several things you must consider when searching for the best pool cue for advanced players. Here is a detailed guide that you need to take into account when searching for the good cue sticks. 

Type of Tip 

While the pool cue tip has a standard size of 11 to 14 millimeters, the types of tip installed usually differ. Some pool cues come installed with hard tips that last longer and are stronger. In contrast, others feature soft cue tips, which give you a better feel of the cue ball after striking it. The ideal choice is down to personal preference as well as your expertise. 

You want a cue tip that the density is suited to your style of play. Most of these cues have Navigator, Predator or Kamui tips which are all excellent tips.

Weight of Pool Cue 

Another factor you must also consider when searching for the top billiards cue is its weight. If you are less experienced at playing billiards, get a heavier cue weighing around 20 ounces as it is bulkier and generates a greater spin to the cue ball. After perfecting your pool playing skills, you can then get a lighter cue weighing 19 ounces.

You can also opt for billiard cues weighing 18 ounces, but these are best left to the more experienced players, such as pro players. 

Price of The Pool Cue

One of the most important factors you must consider when searching for a top-rated pool cue is how much it costs. The reason for this is that you will find some cue sticks costing as low as twenty dollars while others are sold for as several thousands of dollars. It is no doubt that the more expensive cue sticks provide you with greater quality.

However, you must not forget to try and find the perfect balance between price and quality. A pool cue of exceptional quality will remain functional for a prolonged period without the need for replacement. 

Skill Level 

You should also factor in your experience and expertise when deciding which pool cue to buy. If you are a novice pool player, a billiard cue costing more than $500 is unnecessary. Instead, you should opt for the cheaper models and, over time, advance to the more expensive models. For the more experience billiards players, the top-rated pool cues are the best options.

That said, if you’re just starting out playing pool and you will like to get a cheaper cue, check out the articles I wrote on Best Pool Cues Under 200 and Best Pool Cues Under 100.

Wood Type

This is also another vital factor to take into consideration when searching for good cue sticks. The most popular type of wood used by most manufacturers is maple, as it is cheap and durable. If you wish to get the good cue sticks made from darker or lighter woods, you will need to pay more. The same goes if you want a pool cue that features inlays and any other decoration.

You’ll find the more expensive cue, like some of the ones on this list will make use of more exotic woods, this comes at a cost but really add to the aesthetics of the cue.


If you are searching for the best pool cue under 500, reading this article has taken you through the seven cue sticks that need to be at the top of your list. With these billiard cues, you are guaranteed not only an excellent playing experience but also an item that will serve you for a prolonged period. 

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