Best Pool Cue Tips on the Market 2024

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Is it durable? What is its hardness?  Glue on or screw on? Well, in any pool cue, the tip is one such accessory in the whole product that might need your attention more often than not.

Your cue tip might grow mushrooms or become flat, maybe it doesn’t hold chalk correctly.

All these can happen and will happen, so it means it will require your attention to constantly maintain.

It’s good to note that most issues that arise from your pool cue tip are easily fixed with the use of a tip tool..

best pool cue tips for playing pool

But when the tip becomes too worn down you just have to say goodbye to the old tip that helped you successfully pot many incredible shots and welcome in a new age of shot with a brand new cue tip

Believe me, it’s hard sometimes when you need to change your cue tip. You are worried it won’t give you the same performance, the same level of control. All these are valid fears, and every billiard player has them.

But, I have selected cue tips that I have personally used and recommend to ensure you get the best pool cue tip to keep you at the top of your game

In a hurry?
If you don’t have much time, use the links below to quickly find my best pool cue tips on Amazon. You can be assured we only choose the best products…

– Best pro cue tip  – Kamui Clear Black Cue Tip​(Amazon Link)
– Best budget cue tipElk Master(Amazon Link)

Reviews: Best pool cue tip

Now, it’s time to look for the excellent and best pool cue tip! Right here we have compiled a list of the top best and excellent reviews of pool cue tips to choose from, check out the remarkable products for yourself

Before you check out the reviews, I highly recommend you first read through my buyer’s guide. While you are purchasing a cue tip you will need to understand, the hardness, material, and sizing of the tip. Right here we have a buying guide for you to choose the ultimate best pool cue tip for your game: Check out the buying guide HERE

What are the best pool cue tips available to buy? Based on performance, price and player experience I believe the best cue tips to buy are:

  • Kamui Clear Black pool cue tip –Best Overall Tip
  • Elk Master cue tip –Budget-Friendly Tip
  • Moori IV pool cue tip
  • Cuesoul billiard cue tips
  • Predator Victory billiard cue tips
  • Tiger Everest pool stick cue tips
  • Zan Hybrid Max pool cue stick tips
  • Honbay cue stick tips
  • White Diamond break cue stick tips

After careful comparison, Kamui got my pro vote as the best pool cue tip to buy. Some of the comparisons I have shared on this site: just search Kamui on the search box.

If you want to try something other than Kamui or are looking for something of better value then I recommend all the above mentioned, with the exception of a white diamond – That would be a great cue tip for a break cue, not so much a playing cue.

KAMUI Clear Black Laminated Pool Billiard CUE TIP - 1 pc (Soft, 13 mm)
KAMUI Clear Black Laminated Pool Billiard CUE TIP - 1 pc (Soft, 13 mm)
Repeatable performance: Bring out consistent cue performance over the installations
Amazon Prime
Moori IV Laminated Pool Billiard CUE TIP - Soft (14 mm)
Moori IV Laminated Pool Billiard CUE TIP - Soft (14 mm)
World famous brand, 100% GENUINE; Made of 8 layers of selected pig skin; Excellent chalk retention
CUESOUL 5pcs 14mm Cue Tips M for Billiard Pool Cue and Snooker Cue
CUESOUL 5pcs 14mm Cue Tips M for Billiard Pool Cue and Snooker Cue
Hardness:M; Material:japan baked pig leather,hold billiard chalk well.; Easy to install and maintain,great for all billiard players.
Amazon Prime
Predator Victory Soft Cue Tip
Predator Victory Soft Cue Tip
8 layer design holds shape longer; Top quality leather; Constructed to the most exacting standards
Tiger Everest Laminated Pool Billiard CUE TIP - 1 pc - 14 mm
Tiger Everest Laminated Pool Billiard CUE TIP - 1 pc - 14 mm
This cue tip shapes like a hard tip, hits like a medium and has a control like a soft tip
Zan Hybrid MAX Pool Billiard CUE TIP - 1 pc - 8 Layers (14 mm)
Zan Hybrid MAX Pool Billiard CUE TIP - 1 pc - 8 Layers (14 mm)
The Hybrid Max tip is a marriage of two different tips into one, hence the hybrid name; This combination gives you a solid feel, but with less miscues unlike a standard hard tip
Honbay 10pcs 13mm Pool Billiard Cue Stick Tips
Honbay 10pcs 13mm Pool Billiard Cue Stick Tips
Pool billiard cue stick tips; Color: dark brown; Size: 13*7mm (D*H, 0.51*0.27 inch); Good replacement parts for billiard cue
Amazon Prime

Kamui Clear Black Cue Tip

This amazing Kamui Clear Black is available in 13mm and 14mm and in a range of hardness types from super soft to hard. 

The pure quality means they have been recommended by so many pro players.

When you are playing with the best, it really adds the gaming experience. Right off the bat, you are able to feel the extra cue ball control a tip of this quality gives you. 

Although it can’t replace practice, it does give you an advantage over your opponents.  Your shots feel on point with a Kamui tip on. 

The bottom part of this tip is completely transparent and has been designed to prevent glue absorption within the tip. That’s a very neat feature as a lot of tips don’t have such prevention and as a result, the wrong type of glue can, over time, harden the tip.

Having this type of glue absorption protection will result in a performance that is extra uniform and consistent.

The tip has been manufactured using 100% Japanese Pig leather, which has been all stacked in 10 different layers. Every single layer has been utterly laminated for reducing the maximum chances of mushrooming. These tips are known for their durable nature. Depending on how you use them, they can last quite a while.

You can get it in four different hardness categories, such as super soft, or soft, medium, or hard. Cue ball control is made easy when your cue is sporting a Kamui tip.

The tip itself holds chalk excellently. Its everything you would expect from a premium cue tip

Personally, I love having a tip that allows me to produce a nice amount of english without being too hard. Therefore, I usually pick the soft option. Depending on your play style, you might want another type.

This is my best pool cue tip for a number of reasons. I have compared this against many others: I have detailed some on this site. So this is why I confidently choose the Kamui clear black cue tip as my best pool cue tip to buy.


  • Extra durable tip
  • Best performance
  • 10 layered tip
  • Protective layer to stop the glue from entering the playing tip
  • Keeps its shape for longer
  • Holds chalk perfectly


  • Pricey
  • 1 cue tip

Elk Master 13mm Best Pool Billiard Tips

Next on our list, we have Elk Master. This tip has been set with a diameter of around 13mm and you’re given 10 tips! Its hardness is soft.

The overall finishing of the tip has been made from leather and it’s topped off with the blue chalk to give it their unique blue look.

As a recognized tip maker, you can guarantee that these elk master tips are of great quality. This has been one of the top best-selling tips in the market. 

The tip itself holds chalk very well, so mix that in with this soft tip, and you’ll have a tip that controls the cue ball perfectly while giving you the extra english and accuracy on each shot. I’ve used Elk’s for years and they are a great tip!

The tips themselves I would say are very well made, very rarely do they mushroom so not that much maintenance is required with these. Therefore, your tip will last for longer. That’s not to say, no maintenance is ever needed, they are very well made tips

Efren Reyes, probably the best pool player ever, used Elk Master tips for a large part of his career. So if he’s able to use them, it proves they must be a great cue tip!

Endorsed by many professional players from pool to snooker, they all can’t be wrong! After my personal tip comparison, I pick this as the best pool cue tip on a budget.


  • Affordable
  • Perfect control
  • Easy installation
  • 10 Pieces


  • Require some grooming

Moori IV Laminated Pool Tip

People who aren’t too concerned about the price, but want the best often go buy Kamui tips. But I know a lot of players who swear by Moori tips.

They claim they provide much better control and spin than a Kamui tip.

I guess its all down to preference, but it’s clear from people’s reaction to Moori that they are well deserved on my list of best pool cue tips.

These Moori IV are soft and what’s great is you are able to choose which size you want. Either pick a 13mm tip that you will be able to glue straight onto most cues and start playing or 14mm if you want to do a little shaping work so its a perfect fit.

Similar to Kamui, they are a Japanese brand that also makes its tips using layers of selected pig skin laminated together. Moori uses 8 layers to give excellent control and english in every shot.

Check out my list of Best Cue Tips for English if you’re interested.

Moori has outdone themselves with these tips, they hold chalk perfectly giving you that extra grip and friction on the cue ball. Not too much work is needed in keeping these tips in great working order.

They are a world-famous brand delivering a premium pool cue tip. Just an all-round great cue tip


  • Available in two sizes
  • Holds chalk perfectly
  • Great grip and control
  • 8 layered tip


  • Only 1 piece


These tips are of great value for money. Here you get 5 tips for your money (most on the list you only get 1 tip).

You can pick these tips to be either, Soft, Super Soft, Medium, Hard or -and I think this is great- you can pick a mixture. Having tips for different cues is a great idea as harder tips are better suited on a breaking cue.

These Japanise laminated pool cue tips are very affordable and are sized 14mm. Made from pigskin and with 6 layers means these tips hold chalk well, giving you extra friction between shots.

Although they require some maintenance after long periods of use, they are still worth their money and should be seriously considered.


  • Affordable
  • Excellently made
  • Gives good grip and control
  • 5 pieces


  • Needs maintenance, especially the softer tips

Predator Victory Superior Cue Tip (H/M/S)

This tip has a diameter of around 14mm. The tip I have tried is soft – and that’s where my main link will take you.

If you like other types of hardness then Predator have you covered and I’ve also provided links for them too.

The overall finishing of the tip has been made using 8 layers of durable leather stained yellow in color to help spot mushrooming easier.

That’s a nice touch in my opinion from these top range producers of billiard products.

This really is a superior tip that offers reliable performances. You won’t be disappointed in its great handling of the cue ball and fantastic control, but as with anything top-rated, it comes at a price.

With this great tip you’re unlikely to have any miscues due to the tip’s ability to hold chalk, therefore, giving you great contact with the cue ball.

To sum up the whole tip in one word would be – excellent! performance is great and compared to its rival, Kamui, it’s much easier to install. 


  • Excellent performance
  • 8 layers
  • Great control and grip
  • Yellow tip helps for shaping


  • Comes at a cost
  • 1 piece

Tiger Everest Laminated Pool Billiard CUE TIP

These American-made tips are available in two sizes. There is a 13mm and a 14mm so if you want to make it shaped perfectly, then you can pick the 14mm tip.

The hardness is medium to medium-soft giving it some nice grip when it strikes the cue ball. 

It has been made using durable pigs skin which makes it extra sturdy. Then vacuum Laminated using a vaculam process which adds to the overall quality of this great tip.

Tiger Everest cue tips have made itself to be one of the best and more reliable cue tips ever on the market. It has the consistency and reliability of any cue tip out there. A lot of effort has gone into engineering this tip and Tiger have really pulled out all the stops with this one. It plays great and holds chalk amazingly.

What I really like about this, is they have placed a red layer as an indicator when the tip has worn out too much and needs to be replaced. It’s a very nice feature that will help you keep playing at the highest level.

Fantastic tips! A billiard brand everyone knows and trusts!


  • Affordable
  • Easy in shaping
  • Does not mushroom easily
  • Red layer to indicate when tip needs replacing
  • Excellent control of the ball


  • 1 piece

Zan Hybrid MAX Cue Tip

The Hybrid max from Zan is very much a premium tip from a premium brand. Highly recommended in and around the pool halls of the USA and UK.

Their tips really speak for themselves and if you are debating on the best pool cue tip to buy, then I highly recommend you take a good hard look at these guys!

As the name suggests, the Hybrid Max is a hybrid of two different tips into one. a medium hardness tip where the cue ball makes contact. That surrounds a hard leather core.

This medium/hard tip gives you all the benefits of a medium and hard tip in one fantastic tip. The medium section of the tip grips nicely and helps mitigate miscues while the hard allows to keep its shape, therefore, less grooming is needed with this one.

The size of this technological beast is 14mm and its made in Japan like most high-end tips.

The tip is laminated in eight layers of pig and hog leather. Due to the way its made means it retains chalk very well.

This masterpiece is perfect for the more advanced player with its unique and intelligent features. Their dedication to making the best tips in the world have really paid off here.


  • Hybrid design
  • Best of all med & hard & soft
  • 8-layered tip
  • Hold chalk nicely
  • Great control


  • 1 piece
  • Recommended for advanced players

HONBAY 10pcs Excellent 13mm Cue Tips

This tip has been set with a diameter of around 13mm. Its a hard tip that is made from durable leather. 

If you are looking for a cue tip that is excellent in its performance and affordable in price, then this product is the best option for you.

It is made from solid leather finishing, which makes it extra sturdy. It is available in a package of 10 items. The tip is available with just one hardness.

Being available at a low price and durable nature, this cue tip is worth it for hard tip lovers. It can often act as a house cue for any clubs or bars. The installation process of this tip is also easy.


  • Affordable
  • Comes in a pack of 10
  • Good for a solid hit


  • Slightly too hard if you’re a fan of soft tips


This tip has been set with a diameter of around 13.5mm. 

This tip is perfect if you are looking for a break cue tip as the hardness level is hard.

The overall finishing of the tip has been made from Specially selected fiber.

Performs like a phenolic and still allows you to grip the cue ball.

In favor of jumping or breaking tips, we will be recommending you with this pool cue tip.


  • Affordable
  • Sturdy manufacturing
  • Has the ability to hold chalk
  • Perfect for breaking and jumping


  • Not ideal for playing
  • 1 piece

What are the best pool cue tips

Whether you prefer a leather cue tip or a laminated leather cue tip, you will find what you are looking for here, I’m confident about that. 

Although I consider the Kamui cue tip one of the very best pool cue tips out there for many reasons, such as cue tip elasticity, variety of hardness available, the material used, durability and playability. 

You might think differently, and that’s perfectly ok. People have different preferences for what they like. 

A lot of people will choose predator cue tips or Tiger Everest pool cue tips, with many people preferring them over Kamui. These are perhaps the more well-known brands and therefore more popular.

Players who have tested different cue tips may prefer the Moori pool cue tips or Zan pool cue tips as they are two premium pool cue tips.

If you want a tried and tested pool cue tip then you really can’t go wrong with an Elk master pool cue tip, as it’s not only of great value, it’s a great pool cue tip, too.

You won’t find YOUR best pool cue tip until you’ve tested the market. Understand your game and your style of play then you can analyze which cue tip complements your game the most; Consider the hardness, type of cue tip, and how it feels. Over time after multiple comparisons, you’ll find YOUR best pool cue tip. 

What is the best tip for pool cues is a lifelong question that will need to be asked and answered multiple times over your playing years. 

How to Choose Best Pool Cue Tip – Buying Guide

If you want the best cue tip for pool then I highly recommend you give this buyer guide a read-through. By doing so you can ensure you will make the correct choice based on your playing needs.


First, the most important element is the sizing of the cue tip, which you should choose with great care and attention. Make sure that you want such a cue tip, which is following the diameter of the ferrule.

Mostly the ferrules are available in a diameter of around 13mm, but some of the cues are available in the thick or thin-based ferrules. You can easily measure the width by using the vernier calipers or giving a check on the cue’s specifications. You can often choose to trim down the larger size of the tip to match with ferrule sizing.


Having softer tips in the cues will let you add some extra English impact on your ball. They would remain in touch with the ball for an added split second. This will give the entire shot with a better series of accuracy and extra control.

On the other hand, harder tips are entirely maintenance-free. They are also perfect for breaking or jumping.


If you are looking forward to pool cues that are longer-lasting in resistance, then choosing a leather material pool cue is the best option for you. Over the last few years, non-organic based tips are becoming so much popular because they are reliable forms of the cue ball.

It is recommended for all those people who have been looking forward to get the superb hard cue tip.

Leather tips are divided into two main categories, such as layered and robust. Leather piece is cheap, and they are extra harder. They do not need too much maintenance.

Layered leather is also known by the name of laminated leather. It is made through different layers of the leather finishing, which is sandwiched all together.


The last important element is the cost of the cue tip! You should not be spending such a considerable amount of money on replacing the tip all the time. An ordinary tip can be used for at least one month. You can purchase them in just one dollar. Set your budget first and then look for the reliable pool cue tip.


So, if you want to buy reliable and best of quality pool cues for your pool sports, then pick any one of our recommended products right now. Find the one which suits your needs and requirements.

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Rob is an avid player and fan of all cue sports, particularly 8-ball, and snooker. He has competed in a few local 8-ball tournaments and although he is not a professional, he can compete with the best of them.

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