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best pool table coversA pool table is a precious item and you have to protect it against dust, water, sun, and environmental elements. A pool table cover will help you keep the table in good condition.

No matter how high-quality a table you buy, any kind of wear and tear can destroy it, so better clean it daily and cover it well.

Many companies are making covers, including the pool table cover for outdoor. Make sure you read their reviews before buying any product.

If you love to play outdoor, you will face elements like mildew, debris, bird poop, dust, storm, and so on. Only the best pool table covers can protect the table and its accessories.

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– Best Pro Cover for your table – Imperial Billiard(Amazon Link)
– Best Budget Cover for your table – Iszy Billiards(Amazon Link)

Review: Best pool table cover

Having a suitable pool table cover is extremely important if you care about keeping your table in a good healthy condition. Not only will it help protect your table from an array of unwanted knocks and spills, but it will increase the life of your table as a result. If you have invested your money into a pool table then surely a few extra bucks to ensure its stays in a good condition is more than worth the investment.

 As I always do, I highly recommend you first check out my pool table cover buying guide on the things to consider and look for when buying a suitable pool table cover.

Check out my reviews below for the best pool table cover for your table

Quick Glance…Our Best Pool Table Cover

🎱 Imperial Billiard Our Pro Pick  Check price on Amazon
🎱 Imperial Billiard – NFL – Check price on Amazon
🎱Boshen Cover – Check price on Amazon
🎱Iszy Billiards – Check price on Amazon
🎱Iszy Billiards – Rip Resistant Our Budget Pick Check price on Amazon
🎱Saking Cover– Check price on Amazon

Imperial Billiard/Pool Table Fitted Naugahyde Cover

About:- Imperial USA
Imperial has over 60 years of experience in the billiards space. They offer a huge range of products and accessories which cater to all your billiard needs. They are well established and provide quality products. With pool tables, felts, covers, balls and cues to name a few things they also have a line of rec room products to choose from. 

I love the Imperial Naugahyde pool table cover for its features. You will get durability and an affordable price at the same time. It has three colors, including brown, mahogany, and black.

As the name shows, it has a durable leather making which is unlike ordinary leather. You can use it for years depending on how you keep it.

The available sizes of this cover include 7, 8, and 9 feet. This cover has double edge seams that makes it very durable. Though it is very strong, the surface is not hard which allows the cover to fit snugly over the table.

I would say its a little heavy, but  as a result the wind wont be able to blow it away meaning it stays intact if you keep it outdoors, plus its waterproof, too.

Pro PickYou will find it stylish and effective because it is better than a vinyl cover. However, if creases develop, they are hard to remove.

Because of all the positives mentioned, we highly recommend this as our best pool table cover!

Imperial Naugahyde pool table Cover- NFL Licensed NFL

About:- Imperial USA
As already mentioned they have been around for over 60 years, so as you can imagine, they know a thing or two about biliards. Not only do they provide great billiard and rec room products they also are also a licensed NFL seller.

With NFL approval, this cover becomes the best. Again, as the material is Naugahyde, you would find it too strong. It is also the best table cover for outdoor so you should not avoid this item.

Those who love the NFL logo will definitely buy it. The company designed it for an 8 feet table, however, it can also go well on a 7’ table but with some overhang.

You can easily take it off when you want to play as it feels smooth. The cover cannot only protect your table from dust but can also keep the pets away and kids won’t be able to put scratches on it.

Sometimes creases develop when you wrap it but you can make it smooth by placing it in the sun. You can also remove wrinkles by giving it a blow with a hairdryer.

This is definitely another excellent pool table cover that is easy to put on and take off. However, it does not have a color variety because it is only available in black. Moreover, some people find it expensive.

Boshen Leatherette Cover

About:- Boshen
Their focus isn’t solely on billiard products as they have a catalog of many different products, but their cover is a great one and highly recommended on amazon. For the price, it’s a great investment. 

It is a well-fitted and durable cover that can save your table and pool cue at a time. It is worth the money so you will not lose anything.

Aesthetically it’s good too because of its stylish looks and brown color. However, it is also available in green and black.

Though the material is not Naugahyde, still, it fulfills the purpose of a cover thus protecting the table from unwanted elements. This is not only an ideal pool table cover for indoor, but one can use it outdoor as well. The stitching is durable and the corners are heavy that give it a good fall.

Backed with cotton fleece, Boshen will not scratch. You can buy it for 7, 8, and 9 feet long tables. Though it is somewhat waterproof, it won’t be suitable for outdoor tables.

Iszy Billiards 8 Foot Leatherette ​Cover

About:- Iszy Billiards
With their commitment on offering quality, affordable billiard products, it’s hardly surprising they feature so often in my lists.  With a huge catalog of products and affordable prices I’m sure we will be seeing more of them.

The Iszy pool table cover is heavy duty so it fits quite well. It is an innovative cover than other traditional covers and stylish too.

Green, black, burgundy, and amber, ask any color and you will have it in Iszy. The company gave it a leather-like texture though the material is leatherette.

We don’t have to say that it will protect the table from dust or debris as this is what covers are for. A cotton backing further prevents all kinds of scratches. Though the edges are not heavy, you can easily put on and remove it whenever you want. The best table covers include this awesome product.

Overall, it is a good cover at an affordable price. The user can buy it in three lengths like 7, 8, and 9 feet. In case of wrinkles, you can use a blower to straighten it, but keep the heat normal. Moreover, it is less durable than pure leather covers.

7 ft available HERE

9 ft available HERE

Iszy Billiards Pool Table Cover- Rip Resistant

About:- Iszy Billiards
Back in our list for a 2nd time, Iszy billiards really know how to make their mark! Cheap, quality products by cutting out the middle man seem to be paying off for them.

Though it is lighter than the other covers we described, it can well protect the table from dust, water spills, or any kind of air particles. It is rip-resistant and that makes it prominent among other products. This pool table cover is cheaper than other covers due to its making.

The cover has a variation in the form of colors and sizes. Besides, there is a glossy look that also makes it unique.

You can have it in blue, red, black, wine, brown, and dark green. Since it was made 

Budget Pickwith nylon, it gives a loose fall, unlike fitted covers.

However, the corners fit well and you can remove and place it over the table quite easily. It is not waterproof so you must use it inside. Since it is in nylon, it can tend to slip away from its location. The price is lower than the other covers’.

The quality at its buying price has easily earnt it’s our budget pick for our best pool table covers – Definitely worth a consideration!

Saking Pool Table Covers

About:- Saking
Although they don’t specialize in billiards equipment, they specialize in covers for a range of different things, so it makes sense that when they design a cover for a billiard table, it’s of a high standard.

Take care of your table and your table will take care of you, your pool cues, and other accessories. Only a cover can give you all these benefits. Saking table cover enjoys long-lasting entertainment before it needs to be replaced.

The cover is enough for the entire table from top to the bottom of the legs. Its making is unique as the material is high-quality oxford fabric.

Saking has a silver lining on its back that keeps the sun away. Not only that, but, the exterior of the cover is waterproof and rip-resistant, so don’t hesitate to use it for outdoor billiard tables. It comes up in 7’, 8’, and 9 ft  and is very popular among players. In my opinion, it is one of the best pool table covers for outdoor tables.

Don’t be afraid of bird poop because now you can boldly place the table outside with this cover. Though the material is not as thick, still you can have a strong cladding.

Don’t hesitate to invest in this cover because it brings many features like durability, water, and rip protection, besides it is cheap. One drawback is it’s only available in black.

How to buy the best cover is a difficult task as there are so many types of covers. You have to consider a few elements while buying a pool table cover. For example, is it to be used for indoors or outdoors? Also, you have to see the size, material, color, seams, and other properties. Following guidelines will help you choose a nice cover.

Table Size

You must know the standard pool table size of your pool table, so you can buy a suitable cover for it. Generally, tables are available with lengths 7,8, and 9 feet. The size of the cover should be more than the table so it can cover till the end.

Durable Material

The material of the best pool table covers must be of high-quality as this is why we call them the best. When we cover the table, we can also cover the pool cues, so choose it carefully. Leather covers are good for outdoors; however, you can also use them for indoor pool tables.


The cover should go well with the entire color scheme of the room. You can easily find grey, black, dark brown, and blue colors that go with every color scheme. The colors also depend on the brand as some bring a variety.

Outdoor or Indoor Cover

The decision depends on how and where you play. If you have placed the pool table on your patio or in your backyard, better have a cover that is waterproof and made of leather, leatherette or any such strong material.

Nylon covers are suitable for indoors because they are lightweight and wind can blow them off easily. For outdoors, buy covers which can resist the sun, as otherwise, heat will destroy them. Nylon cover is not a good option for outdoors because it easily gets hot.

Durable Seams and Fastening

A way to check the durability of a pool table cover is through its seams which have to be well-stitched. The machine stitching is better than hand stitching. Moreover, double seams also make a cover strong. If the corners of the cover are heavy, they will not let the material rip apart.

Fastening is also essential to secure the cover tightly. You can fasten the cover to protect it from flying away in the air when there is a storm. But, heavy covers can’t easily slip away due to wind. Only some cover companies provide secure fastening.

Check for Price

Generally, pool tables are expensive so a cheap cover cannot protect it. You have to buy a strong cover to save the table. Don’t compromise on price if you need the high-quality pool table cover. Besides, also make sure to clean it regularly to keep it fit for your table.


Pool tables are valuable assets of billiard players, especially for professional people. Some people love to play in nature and put their pool tables outside. However, most people prefer indoor pool tables. In all cases, a pool table cover is essential to keep you free from worries like dust, pets, kids, water, bird poop, etc.  A good cover will not let any damaging factor affect the table so make sure you truly are choosing the best pool table cover.

Pool table covers are available in different colors, sizes, and materials. They are either simple or stylish with different textures. They are also waterproof depending on the brand. The price range of best table covers include expensive items, but the cheap stuff is also online and in other stores.

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