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How to Change the Weight of a Pool Cue

How to Change the Weight of a Pool Cue

If you are looking to adjust the weight of your pool cue and want a simple walk through then this is the guide for you….

how to properly chalk a pool cue

How to Chalk a Pool Cue Stick Correctly

There are many aspects to this beautiful game that may surprise you but there is a subtle but significant tool in your cue sports arsenal…

How to Soften Pool Table Bumpers

How to Soften Pool Table Bumpers | Complete-Guide

Although a great investment, a pool table can be costly in the long run if not properly cared for. If you notice that your pool…

How To Identify Aramith Pool Balls

How To Identify Aramith Pool Balls

Aramith balls enjoy the reputation of being premium quality, durable, and with fantastic performance. This makes them a constant choice of billiard pool balls for…

how to play cutthroat pool

How to Play Cutthroat Pool

Cutthroat pool— also known as three-man-screw— is a popular variation of billiards. Unlike the traditional 8-ball game, Cutthroat is played with three players (or five)…


How to Install Pool Table Bumpers

If you are in need of new bumpers and looking to replace the old ones then you have come to the right place.  It’s important…

How Does A Pool Table Recognize The White Ball

How Does A Pool Table Recognize The White Ball

Ever found yourself playing at a bar with a friend who has just scratched and wondered; how the table knows to return the cue ball…


How to Tell Ivory Pool Balls

If you love playing pool or recently developed a taste for antique pool balls, you must have wondered how to tell ivory pool balls. If…


How to Move a Pool Table Without Pro Help

Moving a pool table is no walk in the park. Why, you ask? Because a pool table is one of the heaviest and bulkiest things…

Why chalk a pool cue

What Does Chalk Do In Pool

Usually, before every shot, you will probably chalk up, but what does chalk do in pool? why do you chalk a pool cue? This little…