How to Break in Snooker Like a Pro

breaking in snooker

I would consider snooker to be one of the most skillful cue sports out there. The size of the table, the size of the pockets and balls makes it an extremely difficult game to master.  The precision the professionals can pay at is remarkable, when you play snooker you can fully appreciate just how skilled … Read more

How to Move a Pool Table without Breaking the Slate

step-by-step How to Move a Pool Table without Breaking the Slate

In buying a pool table, the best recommendation regarding location is to choose a place in the house where you won’t require moving the table at all. Why? It’s not easy to move pool tables around; it exposes tables to the risk and potential damage of vital parts. However, irrespective of the precautions taken, occasions … Read more

How To Play Bumper Pool + Pictures

rules of bumper pool

Want to know how to play bumper pool? Maybe you are unsure of the bumper pool setup? Or maybe who goes first?  Well, I have this handy guide to help you know when someone isn’t playing by the rules. Luckily the rules for bumper pool are pretty simple and straight forward. With fewer rules and … Read more

How to Change the Weight of a Pool Cue

How to Change the Weight of a Pool Cue

Your pool cue is your vital and indispensable tool in a pool game. Hence, the condition of this tool should be a matter of importance to you at all times. Besides keeping the pool cue in a safe place and cleaning regularly, you should consider checking your cue weight. You wouldn’t want to play with … Read more

How to Level a Pool Table – FULL GUIDE

How to Level a Pool Table

Are you struggling to decide whether you should level your pool table on your own or not? Many people think that it is too difficult and time-consuming, or they think a professional is required. You’ll be happy to know that this isn’t taxing on your time, your pocket and its easy to perform. Want to … Read more

Ultimate How To Rack Pool Balls Guide

how to rack pool balls

If you see casual players trying to play pool they will often randomly rack the balls and guess at their order. In reality, setting up a good rack is very easy once you know what you’re doing. That being said, there are several types of pool that all need a different rack. Here we will … Read more

How to Clean Irish Linen Wrap on a Pool Cue

how to clean Irish linen wrap on a pool cue

If you are reading this then I guess its finally time to give your precious cue some much needed TLC.  Thing is most people will clean their cue occasionally, they might scuff their tip occasionally, they might even do some overdue care and maintenance… occasionally. But, the one thing that seems to go unnoticed is … Read more

Snooker Table Setup & Ball Values with Pics

snooker table setup and snooker ball values

Snooker is a game of precision, accuracy, and nerve. The skill involved in my opinion is unrivaled in cue sports, I would even say it beats the beautiful game of Artistic Billiards to the top spot.  Top professionals of the game have mastered every aspect of the game, from the snooker table setup to hitting … Read more