Ultimate Guide To Clean Pool Table Felt

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Ultimate Guide To Clean Pool Table FeltPlaying indoor games has been a norm for decades, a pool table is one of the most wonderful and cool things you can have in your games room. It might be the only spot in your house where you spend time with your companions. And in the event that you have children, it tends to be something to be appreciated by their companions too. 

But as we all know, sometimes it doesn’t matter how much we try to keep something in pristine condition, it just gets dirty somehow. Felt on the pool table is fragile and must be kept spotless, its an expensive thing to replace so your best to take extra care of it. But if accidents happen, and let’s be honest here, they always seem to happen, you might wonder about the ways to clean pool table felt. Have you already tried and only made it worse?

Take a deep breath, and relax, this article is to let you know the potential ways to clean the felt on a pool table. Though for the cleaning purpose, just use brushes that are made for pool tables, don’t go routing for your dog’s hairbrush, that won’t be necessary here. 

Some general guidelines are:

  • just a simple pool table brush. Dust off the table after you brush it.
  • deal with spills quickly but never rub them. Just utilize pool table endorsed cleaners.
  • Keep your table clean by not chalking over it.
  • keeping it secured with a table cover, and keeping whatever’s not pool gear off of it.

For a more detailed step by step guide to help you clean pool table felt and get rid of stubborn stains, or frustrating marks simply keep reading or pick the type of stain removal for you from the table of content – happy cleaning. 

Cleaning Chalk off the Pool Table Felt

The most widely recognized recommendation for removing standard pool chalk from the table felt is to brush it away, ensuring the brush is a professional pool table brush. however, this only serves to spread the residue, not to evacuate all of it.

That’s not to say using a brush is a bad thing, quite the opposite, in fact, I would recommend using one from time to time. properly grooming your table is an important step in looking after your table as chalk residue left on the table can harm the felt and affect your game.



simply use a nylon or horsehair bristle pool brush (Check this one out on Amazon). It’s important not use too much force otherwise you will stretch the felt, just apply enough force to allow all the bristles to make contact with the felt in order to brush without pulling at the fabric. You don’t want to stress the cloth at all.

Remember to brush from the top of your table to the bottom, going in only one direction. If your cloth has nap, which is the direction it is weaved, then brushing in one direction like this will cause it less stress.  

There is another simple way that won’t just evacuate chalk but also clean pool table felt, too.

Steps to Remove the Chalk:

  • Spray a professional felt cleaner over the whole felt surface of the pool table. 
  • Wait for the froth to raise the chalk to the top. 
  • Wipe the froth with a microfiber fabric. Important that it’s a microfiber fabric scrubber otherwise it could damage the felt. 

Wait for the table to dry before playing again. 

Clearing: Stains off the Felt

  1. With regards to drinking, eating and playing a round of pool simultaneously, stains will surely occur. A beverage sitting on the table rails dribbles on the felt, or a someone carelessly dropping a gooey tidbit chip on the table that leaves a brilliant orange spot on your non-orange pool table. The requirement of a delicate cleaning is needed here. A mixture of water and vinegar is a good home remedy to clean with as it refrains from harming the felt.

Steps to clear Stains:

  1. Blot the spilled substance up at the earliest opportunity with a lint-free cloth. Keep blotting with cold water using a fresh area of the cloth. blot until you’ve evacuated the stain to the extent of possibility. On the off chance that the spill is a food item, for example, salsa, collect as much as you can while cleaning from the outside of the spill toward the middle.


  2. Wash a lint-free cloth in cold water, then rinse it out. Spot the stained region with the cloth without scouring the stain, as this may harm the felt. Wash the cloth once more.

  3. Add a couple of caps full of white vinegar to a cup’s worth of cold tap water and mix the mixture together.  Spot the stained region with the vinegar mixture.


  4. Wash the cloth out in mixture and spot the affected region again until the stain evaporates.


  5. Enable the felt to dry totally before utilizing the pool table.


  6. If it’s still there once the felt dries, spot it again with a vinegar and water mixture, then allow it to dry totally.

Remember, if the stain has been there a while, or if it’s particularly stubborn, there is a chance it can’t be removed using these methods, and a replacement may be required

Remove Grease off the felt

  • Place the powder of cornstarch or baking soda on the spots of grease.
  • Allow it to sit in the powder for about 15 minutes.
  • After that, cautiously using a vac (not with a standard vacuum) on a low setting as not to harm or stretch the felt; clean residue. 

Attempt with caution, grease is very stubborn to remove. 

Remove Bad Smells - such as smoke from the felt

The smell of smoke can be hard to expel when things can’t be washed. In these cases, it might take additional time to remove. Look over the rundown below to discover an alternative that works for you.

Steps to Remove the Smoke Smell:

  1. When things can’t be washed or laundered, now  and again the best way to evacuate the smell is to let them air out.
  2. Open a window. If possible. but consider the moisture levels, don’t want the table getting too much moisture, especially if its an MDF bed.
Alternatively, you could always try Febreze Fabric Refresher, on it. They are well known for removing bad odors and it may be your best option if airing isn’t working.

Remove Pet Hair from the felt:

Trying to get rid of pet hair can be tricky, and for most solutions, I would completely advise against it.

For clearing pet hair off the pool table; don’t use:-

  • lint rollers.
  • tape 

Its repeated use will gradually harm the felt. Therefore, in order to remove pet hair from the table pool I recommend this:

  • Take a pair of kitchen gloves.
  • Put them on and simply rub your hand over the felt.

The pet hair will adhere to the gloves.

Additional Cleaning

Clean the balls

At the point, when you might be routinely looking after on your pool table, you should take a couple of moments to clean the pool balls.

Cleaning them with a fabric dampen down with warm water will be sufficient for fast cleaning.

Once in a while, give them an increasingly thorough wash. The availability of special products that will evacuate oils and different kinds of dirt that can’t be cleaned away by water.  

Clean the wooden structure

Realizing how to clean a pool table is significant and not hard to learn. The wooden supporting structure can be kept up like some other bit of fine furnishings. Any unmistakable soil or spills ought to be cleared off promptly with a clean, scarcely clammy fabric.

Occasionally, polish the wood with a citrus-based finish to help clean and protect the wooden rails and legs. Obviously this won’t need doing all the time, but it’s worth doing every now and again to keep your table in its best order. 

Clean the pockets

Table pockets in a pool or snooker table are quite often produced using leather. The ones that are not are commonly business style plastic drop pockets that require no upkeep other than an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth. 

Leather ones, on the other hand, may require some attention. You can use a leather cleaner to clean against oils and grime left from the balls and from greasy hands when being touched. 

Ways to prevent felt from harm

There are a number of ways to help prevent hard coming to your prized possession.

  • Firstly, take care of your pool table. it’s expensive and hold considerable value – so look after it.
  • Avoid eating and drink at the table.
  • Avoid having the table in direct sunlight.
  • Invest in a good pool table protective cover.
  • Chalk away from the table.
  • Clean your pool balls and give occasional table cleaning such as brushing down the felt 

Follow these pointers and your table will be better off for it.


On the off chance that you appreciate playing pool, you will need to play on a surface that performs well. Realizing how to clean pool table felt, the wooden casing, and the balls will empower you to set your own norms for tidiness and quality.

Now, as you have come across ways to clean the felt, be it a stain,  residue, dust pr even pet hair, You can now surely clean the felt without damaging it. This will give your pool table a new life over and over again as you clean it. 

I hope, this guide has helped you and provided the complete information that you might have been looking for.

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