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Low deflection shafts have been all the rage, with many people claiming it is a miracle cure to improving their game. Are you thinking about getting one? First, you must understand what makes the best low deflection shaft.

The best low deflection shaft increases the consistency of your ball play and reduces off-course balls. It makes pulling off English in your ball play easier. The low-end mass should allow your cue to bend at will. 

Two of the best low deflection shafts & cues in the market are the Predator 314 and Lucasi Custom+Hybrid LHC98. Predator first pioneered low-deflection shafts with spliced maple shaft about 25 years ago. Recently, they came up with the REVO carbon fibre shafts. Lucasi is a big name in the low deflection shaft industry too. So what makes these low deflection shafts the best, and how can you know the best low deflection shaft? Find out in the rest of this article.

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Best Low Deflection Shaft

A low-deflection shaft has less endbase than a regular shaft. As a result, it creates less cue ball deflection. The cue ball heads closer to the aim line when hitting off-center to impart sidespin. Low deflection or low-squirt shafts can be advantageous and disadvantageous for different players.

Many low deflection shafts are made with canine fibre, and sometimes, as long wedge-shaped layers glued together. This design makes them more likely to hold their straightness over time and are less likely to warp.

Usually, when the wood laminates are chosen carefully, it helps improve the strength. Sometimes, it also helps with the consistency of shifting from one shaft to another of the same model.

The consistency creates a more consistent hit regardless of the twist angle of the cue. If you prefer long bridge length while playing, a low deflection shaft is a better choice when using the System for Aiming with Sidespin (SAWS).

BHE (Back-Hand English) won’t provide enough aiming correction for short and fast shots when a natural pivot length is much shorter than your preferred bridge length. Getting a good position while playing requires the application of English or side spins to control where the ball is going.

Now, you see why you need a low deflection shaft. But with the numerous brands in the market promising to perform wonders, you want to be careful when choosing a squirt. However, there are two brands that we know for sure won’t disappoint you.

Predator 314 LD shaft

Predator is among the industry’s well-known brands, and they manufacture high-quality shafts endorsed and preferred by professional players. Predator shafts are designed to reduce cue ball deflection and are one of the lowest deflecting shafts on the market.

The company’s Predator 314 3rd generation shaft has become popular among the players. It is also on demand because of the consistency it offers.

In addition, it has proven to be better than the ones produced before it.

One of the critical features of Predator 314 is how it helps the players with improving their accuracy when breaking, spinning, or shooting. The low front-end mass ensures that the kinetic energy is optimally transferred and doesn’t give room for any form of unwanted squirting angles.

You would love the light construction and robust front-end of this shaft. It uses a uni-loc quick release joint and thread, a Predator victory medium tip and a 12.75 mm pro taper.

This is really a great shaft, predator are one of the best out there and this shaft is easily one of the best low deflection shafts you can buy.
Note: This is just the shaft

Lucasi Custom + Hybrid Low Deflection

Lucasi cues are created from combining various billiards technologies to help take the players’ performance to the next level. Lucasi Custom + Hybrid LHC93 is made from some of the best materials that you can imagine.

One of the key features of Lucasi Custom+ Hybrid is its Kamui pro tip that gives your play uniformity and unbeatable control. It is compressed together with the use of an advanced vacuum sealing process.

The shaft is embossed with premium elephant leather wrap. There is no doubt it is beautiful to behold. Lucasi has also engineered the wooden inlay in a technology that makes no ticking sound, as you might find in other brands.

The adjustable weight makes this shaft suitable for any number of players. You can shift it from 18oz to 21oz. The shaft’s overall 4-piece cue butt construction ensures you get solid hits. You can be sure this shaft will last you for a long time. This is a beautiful-looking cue maple wood cue with stunning bocote wood and silver poly inlays. This cue plays perfectly, everything you would expect and more from a Lucasi premium cue. Without a doubt this is possibly the best low deflection cues on the market right now! 

Best Low Deflection Shaft Cue under $300

Pool cues are not something you buy every other day. It would be best if you were sure your investment would pay off in the time to come. Choosing an excellent low deflection shaft within your budget can be a hard task with the number of options available.

We have made making a choice easy for you. Pure X Classic low deflection shaft comes in your budget and has all the features you need. The shaft uses the Kamui 12.75mm black soft tip.

This tip makes for a uniform play because of how well it holds its shape.. The 1’ zero flex point LD ferrule has a light feel that provides accurate feedback with each shot.

Another thing to love is the maple construction of the shaft. This beautiful wood gives the shaft a solid feel.

The shaft comes with a professional taper. With a lifetime warranty, you know you’re getting your money’s worth. It doesn’t matter that you can’t afford a high-priced low deflection shaft. You can still have increased accuracy with several low-budget deflection shafts.

Best Budget Low Deflection Cue

There are several popular and feature-rich low deflection cue sticks you can choose from depending on your personal preferences and budget. When it comes to low deflection cues, you find something irrespective of your budget.

Although, whether it would be worth it is an entirely different question. However, we have one best budget low deflection cue stick you would love. The Champion Dragon pool cue stick defines value for money’s worth.

The cue stick fits with a Predator uniloc joint and a low deflection ferrule. You can also choose between a white or black case. The ferrule is ABS fibre threaded encased with a rock maple shaft with a solid feel.

The cue tip is a top quality Tiger laminated leather from the finest pig skins. You also can get it with a hard case in the set. There is no reason for you not to join the league of big gamers with this cue within your reach. Even though it has an affordable price tag, you would think its premium based on the way it plays. This is the best budget low deflection cues on the market! 

Are Low Deflection Shafts Worth It?

There has been deliberation on whether to use a low deflection or a regular shaft for a while now. Some people have learned and are comfortable playing on a regular shaft and focusing on it squarely, while those who are used to low-deflection shafts stick to theirs.

Are low deflection shafts worth it? The answer to this would be yes. Although the low-deflection shaft is a fairly recent invention, there is proof that it helps improve the game drastically.

For example, you need less aiming adjustment with a low deflection shaft. It also minimizes squirts caused by English due to wrong judgment of off-centre alignment.

It is feasible to generate more optimal sidespin with lesser adjustment using a low deflection shaft. The low deflection shaft would improve accuracy and overall cue ball control for players who use sidespin often.

Wrap Up

We took a look at what makes a good low deflection cue and shaft. 

If you want more accuracy in your game then a low deflection cue will give you that.

I picked two that i consider the best low deflection cues available

Best Low deflection Cue: Lucasi Custom + Hybrid LHC93

Best Low deflection shaft: Predator 314 LD shaft

Best Low Deflection Shaft Cue under $300: Pure X Classic

Best Budget Low Deflection Cue: The Champion Dragon pool cue

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