Very Best Pool Table Under 3000 – 2021

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best pool table under 3000Pool currently lists among the most popular table games played at competitive levels. A lot of people play pool in halls and bars, while others find it enjoyable when playing at home with family and friends. 

Beyond being just for entertainment and competition it’s a game played on a beautifully crafted piece of furniture. Time is spent, and lots of considerations are made in the design and production of these tables. Hence, when setting out to buy a pool table under 3000 for your home, there are certain factors you will need to consider. One such factor is the cost of the piece.

It seemed almost impossible before now to find a quality pool table going for anything under $3,000. Quality tables were far too expensive as cheaper ones were nothing more than a child’s toy. 

However, with basic changes made in the manufacturing process, prices have significantly dropped, and the chances are high that you can buy that quality table of your choice at a fair rate. 

After checking all popular pool tables online, I have come up with this buyer’s guide to help you secure the best pool table under 3000. Ensure you read this guide before making your purchase.

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– Best Pro Table under 3000 – Harvil 8ft slate table
– Best Budget Table under 3000 – Mizerak Dakota table

Reviews: Best table under 3000

Looking for the very best pool table under 3000 then you’re in the right place! Tables at this price range start getting serious. Although still considered mid-range tables, at this price point things start to improve. Better table beds, cushions, table aesthetics, and overall playability. So when looking for pool tables under 3000 you can be confident that you are getting a high-quality pool table for your money.

Quick Glance…Our Best Pool table under 3000

🎱 Harvil 8-Foot Slate Pool Table Our Pro Pick – Check price on Amazon
🎱Playcraft Extera Outdoor Table – Check price on Amazon
🎱Hathaway Alpine 8-ft Outdoor Pool Table – Check price on Amazon
🎱Mizerak Dakota Table  Our Budget Pick – Check price on Amazon
🎱Barrington Claremont Slate Table– Check price on Amazon
🎱Playcraft Southport Table– Check price on Amazon

Harvil 8-Foot Slate Pool Table

About:- Harvil
Harvil who  are owned by Dazadi, are a US company and makers of top quality gear, not just high quality pool tables but outdoor and indoor games as week as fitness equipment.

The Harvils make quality pool tables, and this Toscana Onyx is an example of the elegant products of the Harvils. The table is designed especially for players with great play taste. The top surface of this table is made of 3-piece slate with a soft felt covering, surrounded by top rails made of hardwood. Its pockets are made in elegant, drop style patterns, and its legs are square-tapered, produced from solid wood. Harvil 8-Foot Slate Pool Table is built to endure play at any level and can last for a long time. No worry about the installation as professional installation is included.


This pool table is built on the support of fiber wooden legs that are about 17.5-inch. The table felt cloth is 75 percent wool and 25 percent nylon blend and comes in 3 different colors of Red, Blue, rich Green, and Camel colors. The hardwood rails surrounding the table cloth is 5-inch thick. Adding to the already beautiful look is the mother of pearl diamonds on the rails.

Table Bed

This table comes with a 3-piece slate 1 inch thick. Ideal for home use due to it being very durable.


The felt grade makes this table play at a nice consistent speed throughout. The table bounce is consistent due to the nature of the K-66 cushions. This is an all-round great table, I highly recommend this one


  • Along with the table, you will find 2-piece, 58-inch Canadian maple wood pool cues. 
  • A set standard sized billiard balls.
  • A copper-plated bridge stick 57-inch long.
  • One Roman wall-mounted cue rack.
  • A PVC pool table cloth for 7-9 foot tables.
  • A box of chalk.
  • 2 wooden cue ball racks.
  • 2 billiard table brushes.
  • A tally shaker bottle containing tally balls (to be used in bottle pool games).
Pro PickBecause of its excellent quality and all-round gameplay, this gets my pro-choice badge for the best pool table under 3000!

  • Free On-site delivery and professional installation
  • Stylish classic details
  • Slate table
  • 2-year Warranty
  • Better ball control on straight shots
  • Heavy table

Playcraft Extera Outdoor Table

About:- Playcraft
Founded in 1975, Playcraft have been committed to making high end game room games and currently have an impressive catalog. They really have an exceptional line of pool tables, too.

The first on my list of the best pool table under 3000 is the aluminum-coated Playcraft Extera Outdoor Pool Table. This 8-Feet sized pool table offers an amazing playing surface with a weatherproof UV resistant poly tech billiard cloth. The large tubular beam legs are durable and ensure there is no shaking of any form during games. Playcraft Extera billiard table has K66 profile cushions, which aid faster rebound. The table is super easy to assemble, and it does come with added playing equipment. With the overall playability of the Playcraft Extera, the pool table is a great deal any time, any day.

Table Design

The design of the silver-colored 8-Feet playcraft Extera pool table gives it a beautiful look. The tabletop is spread with a 1-Inch composite weatherproof playfield. The surface of this table is an extruded aluminum top rail of about 5-7/8-Inch, with 5 aprons of 1/2-Inch each. Its tubular beam and square legs is subframed with an anti-rusting treatment. There are 6-Inch diameters adjustable feet levelers to assist you in getting the table height you desire. The pool cloth is an electric blue weatherproof UV resistant poly tech cloth. Surely the look is simply classy!

Table Bed

This is an HDF (high density fiberboard) table. Meaning its very durable and waterproof to an extent but care will still be needed to protect it. To add to its protection, the bed has been encased in fiberglass to make it a good alternative to a slate table


A very flat consistent ball roll, the cloth that coveres the table allows for a fast level of play. It There is a nice clean bounce off the K66 cushions.


The Playcraft Extera doesn’t come alone when you buy it; it certainly comes with other accessories. First, you will get the pool table (obviously, that’s what you’re paying for), two composite pool cues 57-Inch each, a set of phenolic cue balls, a PVC cover, a pool cloth brush, one cue ball plastic triangle rack, and two cue chalk.

  • Composite weatherproof playfield
  • UV resistant poly tech cloth
  • Easy assembly
  • Suitable for outside
  • Not Slate
  • If used for outside, ensure its covered when not in use to protect the table

Hathaway Alpine 8-ft Outdoor Pool Table

About:- Hathaway
Hathaway have a huge list of products, all centerered around the games sector. With pool equiptment and tables being some of their best sellers. 

Your yard certainly deserves a sleek, classic, and durable billiard table like the Hathaway Alpine 8-ft Outdoor Pool Table. This table is built to withstand any kind of weather (both rainstorm and summer) with its waterproof and UV-resistant felt. The gum rubber cushion of the 8-ft standard size table comes with a regulation. The assembly is hassle-free as it requires you to simply place the leg bolts and then adjust the leg levelers to choice, and you are ready to play. Every needed playing accessory is packed alongside the table. The Alpine comes with a 1-year warranty.


This quality table is finished with a luxurious look made possible by the white, powder-coated gloss that covers the table’s sleek frame. The dazzling, electric-blue felt top combines stylishly with this brisk-white look to produce a style that can’t be ignored by any pair of eyes. Call the design of the Hathaway Alpine ‘stylish’, and you won’t be faulted.

Table bed

This table plays well inside or outside, its felt is protected against wet weather and the sun’s rays and the bed is HDF (high-density fiberboard). It’s not as durable as slate and although its waterproof to an extent, it does still need to be covered when outside


Fast play and consistent bounce, flat and smooth for ultimate play. It’s what you need from a pool table.


Components included in this pool table are one set of ABS drop pockets, 2-composite pool sticks, one set of cue balls (¼ In), a nylon cover (rip-resistant), an ABS triangle, two pieces of cue chalk, and an ABS brush.

  • Waterproof, UV-resistant felt
  • Easy installation
  • Complete package
  • One year Warranty
  • Not a slate table

Mizerak Dakota Table

About:- Mizerak
Being a fairly big name in the billiards world, Mizerak focus solely on making high end billiards equipment and tables. They make exceptional, long lasting products. 

If all you seek is maximum durability from heavy-duty pool tables with added sleek finishing to your game room, then all you are asking for is the Mizerak Dakota Slate Billiard Table. The table comes with well-built pedestal legs and leg levelers placed to maintain a level playing surface for you. With the Mizerak Dakota Billiard Table, there is no stress of picking balls from the pocket as the table features rail integrated pockets and an internal ball return system.


This pool table by design is a durable one, yet stylish. Around the wool blend, the cloth top is a metal frame and a laminate cabinet. The Slatron colored table has three – 5/8″ rails with nose rubber, which gives you consistent rebound and a uniform play.

Table Bed

You have two very good options here, the cheaper is slatron which is similar to HDF. It’s not as durable as slate but it is still very strong wood that is somewhat resistant to weather conditions but will still need adequate protection while not being played on.

The more expensive option is the 3-piece slate one. If you have the extra money, I would always advise the slate, although it’s heavier, its more durable and will last longer.


Both beds provide a nice playing surface. Not a fast-paced felt but still fast enough to enjoy.


Along with the Billiard Table, you will receive other needed accessories, such as a set of pool balls, two included pool sticks, and two pieces of chalk, a brush, and a triangle.

Budget PickFor its price, especially for if you go with the slate option, its extremely good value for money, that’s why this gets my budget choice badge!

  • Ball return system
  • Complete accessories
  • Comes in slate or slate tron
  • The guaranteed Customer service team
  • Very heavy
  • Light pool cue

Barrington Claremont Slate Table

About:- Barrington
Barrington are apart of the MD Sports brand who are a big name in all games room and spring equipment makers. They have an impressive list of billiard products all of which represent their trademark in high-quality build as well as extremely pleasing on the eyes.

The Barrington Billiards Claremont 8 Foot Pool Table is a large, heavy-duty table, made of high-quality solid wood, and suitable for indoor games. The table comes highly recommended as one of the best pool tables under 3000 because it is built to be durable with a sturdy heft. The table weighs 735 pounds (333.39kg), with a dimension of 100 x 56 x 31 inches (0.79m). However, you require a professional installation to get started with this table.


The Barrington Billiards Claremont 8 Foot Pool Table is a beauty to behold. The table comes in classic Queen Anne legs, quality wood for the rails, a deep red cloth, plus leather drop pockets. It also comes with a 1-inch slate – normal for every Claremont table that ensures durability plus smooth ball roll. The beautiful cloth cover is 60% wool, giving you accurate ball speed and angling.

Table Bed

There are other models available but the one i have looked at is a 1 inch 3-piece slate.


consistent seamless motion of the ball rolling during gameplay. Lovely strong bounce off the K-66 cushions.


This beautiful table comes with everything needed to play:

Standard balls
2 cues
1 table brush
1 triangle
2 chalks

  • High-quality solid wood
  • Leather drop pocket
  • Good ball speed
  • Very heavy to move around

Playcraft Southport Table

About:- Playcraft
A second mention goes to playcraft in this review of tables under 3000. With such a huge collection of stunning tables, we could have easily made a full list using just tables from Playcraft. Superior value and workmanship are their guiding principle, and it is true when you check out these beautiful tables.

The Playcraft Southport 8ft Table is certainly one of the best pool tables under 3000 that you can buy. It’s a regular-sized, premium looking pool table that delights every owner. With the three pieces of the table’s slate bed, supported by all side frames, you are guaranteed of great gameplay. The Playcraft weighs 1100 pounds (498.95kg) and doesn’t come assembled. You may need to hire a professional to assemble the table for you.


The Playcraft has a catchy design. The table is made of high-quality wood and complimented with a light blue colored tablecloth. There is an attractive medium Cherry finish given to every component of the table, to give it that look that every owner is proud to behold. The K66 Profile rubber cushions provide you with a good bounce and no thudding. You can choose your fabric color swatch from a variety of 24 different colors in Playcraft.

Table Bed

This table bed comes with a 1 inch thick, Brazilian 3 piece slate. Durable, strong and perfect for play.


The slate allows for a very flat playing surface that gives a lovely ball roll.

  • Ball return design
  • Attractive cherry finish
  • Multicolor
  • No professional installation included


These few selections have been made from an extensive collection of pool tables. They combine attractive designs with quality and great playability features. Be rest assured of getting good value for your money if you decide to get any of the pool tables above because these really are the best pool tables under 3000.

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