Is Simonis Cloth Worth It?

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It is time to change your billiard cloth, and you start scouring the market. You come across different options and varieties, but you want to go for the best. You must have heard of Simonis cloth in your quest, and you wonder if it is the best value for your money. 

Is Simonis Cloth worth it? Yes, Simonis cloth is worth it. This brand produces high-quality worsted woolen billiard cloth in different styles and colors. Simonis cloth is durable with over 19oz TPI. Its skillful crafting makes for accuracy and consistency during play. It is the popular choice on many tournament tables. 

You don’t play in a tournament, though. Your pool table is used for recreation and entertainment. Therefore, you want to look into the cloth’s features before investing hundreds of dollars into it. Find out every detail that makes Simonis cloth worth it below.

Is Simonis Cloth Worth It?

A good billiard cloth can determine if you would have a good play or not. However, not all billiard clothes measure up to desired quality.

Simonis is one of the most preferred brands in the billiard cloth manufacturing industry, and here are some of the reasons why.


One of the first qualities anyone would want in a billiard cloth is durability. You don’t want to change your cloth every few years. A durable cloth also makes it easier to be precise in your moves. 

Simonis cloth measures over 19oz thread per inch. It is worsted and made of tough, strong wool. The yarns are twisted during manufacturing and worsted to remove short fibers. This process makes for a tough cloth that won’t quickly experience pills and fuzz. 

Suitable for All

Some clothes only work for professional players, and amateurs might have difficulty playing on such tables. With Simonis billiard cloth on your table, both pros and amateurs can enjoy a good game. It keeps the speed even, and you will experience fewer ball burns.

Easy to Maintain

Simonis clothes are designed to make maintenance easy on users. The cloth is tightly woven to prevent moisture and dust penetration. The fabric naturally resists these elements making it easier for you to clean the cloth. The ease of maintenance also makes the cloth last long. 

Dedicated to Quality

The Iwan Simonis brand is committed to excellence in its billiard cloth production. The textile mill has focused its resources on making these superior worsted wool cloths for pool and snooker tables for over three centuries. The experience shows as they are known for producing more than a few firsts in the industry.

Tested and Trusted

Simonis cloth has been tested and trusted in many major league tournaments all over the world. Several professionals are backing the brand. All clothes made by Simonis are also ISO certified where they pass a dynamometric test. This test checks its abrasion, elasticity, and thickness extension. 

If the above qualities are what you’re looking for in a billiard cloth, then you have your answer to the question ‘is Simonis cloth with it?’ The cloth will serve your purposes, whether personal or commercial.

How Long Does Simonis Cloth Last?

Another essential factor that people consider when getting a pool cloth is how long it will last. Generally, the longevity of a billiard cloth depends on the quality of the cloth, the play it gets, and how well it is maintained. 

A Simonis cloth can last for as long as decades, depending on its maintenance and frequency of use. In commercial locations where the cloth gets used, it might not last as long as it would in private use. 

If you want your billiard cloth to last long, you also have to take proper care of them. Cues without a tip can damage even the best of clothes. The edge of the ferrule can tear the cloth. Plays like the Masse and jump shots also result in faster deterioration of billiard clothes. 

Therefore, it is essential to take proper care of your Simonis table felt if you want it to last long. You might also want to be careful about the kind of shots you take.

Which Simonis Cloth is the Fastest?

Simonis has different styles of table clothes, each designed to fit the unique needs of users. If you are looking for the fastest Simonis cloth, Simonis 760 is your answer. The cloth is made of 70% wool and 30% nylon. 

Its speed makes the cloth perfect for tables that get high traffic. It is also used in many pool tournaments. You can play a different game on the cloth, from the traditional 8-ball to a straight pool. 

This Original Worsted Blend is the best choice for competitions as it does not lose its speed or accuracy after long periods of use. The 21oz cloth also keeps Simonis’s image of causing no naps and fluffs.

What is Simonis Cloth Made of?

The material content of a billiard cloth affects the speed and accuracy of the ball. Simonis clothes are mostly made of wool with varying quantities of wool in each type. The clothes combine this wool with nylon to produce different thicknesses and ball resistance.

The long-fiber wool is finely-combed, twisted, and woven into a cloth. After the worsted process, the cloth is then finely sheared and finished. All these processes are done in their mill in Belgium. 

You can choose any of the different Simonis blends for your table. However, you might want to take note of how the different blends would affect your play.

Which Simonis Cloth is Best for Me?

The Simonis cloth that is best for you depends on what you need from your table felt. There are three basic types of Simonis cloth: the 760, 860, and 860HR. All three clothes are good with different blends but the same 177 thread per inch. 

However, if you are looking for a swift table felt, 760 is the choice for your table. For games that need slower ball action, like 8 or 9-ball, 860 works best. 860HR is the heaviest cloth of the bunch and lasts longer. Therefore, you might want to go with it if you play a lot. 

The choice of a table felt is an independent decision. You need to consider what you would be using the table for, the kind of game you enjoy, and your budget. If you find that none of the Simonis blends fits your needs, you can always choose an alternative to Simonis cloth.

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Any Simonis cloth is worth the cost as the brand has proven itself over the years. You can expect a durable, fast, reliable, and accurate table felt every time you order Simonis. However, you can always go for an alternative to Simonis cloth if it is out of your budget. But Simonis is a great choice that you won’t regret.

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