Can I Take a Pool Cue on a Plane – Answered

  • By: Rob
  • Date: April 23, 2023
  • Time to read: 4 min.
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Maybe you have a tournament planned or you are looking to get away for the weekend and would like to take your pool cue with you. The question of, can I take a pool cue on a plane, has been asked many times over in groups and forums throughout the internet.

I’ve read many conflicting posts from people claiming they know what’s allowed and what isn’t on a plane. So I’m here to put the debate to bed and give you the facts about if you can carry your pool cue on the plane.

There are a few factors to determine first before we get into the finer details about transporting your cue on a plane. But, to answer the question; yes, for most airlines throughout the world, you can transport your cue on a plane.

But under what circumstance, do you need to check it in? Can you take it on as hand luggage while ensuring it’s not manhandled by the guys throwing your luggage about? Well let’s take a look.

Can I take a pool cue on an airplane

Unfortunately, you can’t make that decision, and neither does the airline. For most airlines, the rules regarding what is allowed on places either as carry on bags or checked-in bags are down to the TSA (Transport security administration)

In the wake of the terror attack that shook America on September the 11th, a new administration emerged, that would oversee the transport systems and ensure the safety and movement of people while traveling.

Because of the actions, we welcome in the TSA, who oversees what’s allowed and not allowed on most flights.

So what are the TSA rules regarding pool cues? Well they state that:

  • You CAN check your pool cue in at the check-in counter
  • You CANNOT take your cue as hand luggage

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So what does this mean? You can take a pool cue on a plane BUT it needs to be checked in, you are not allowed to have it with you as hand luggage in the cabin of the plane.

The TSA governs what’s allowed on flights for most American airlines and some international airlines so their rules are pretty standard across the board.

In the UK, things seem to be a little more complicated and for that reason, i would stick with the TSA guidelines rather than risk turning up and your cue being rejected for hand luggage.

On the official UK government website of restricted travel items, pool and snooker cues are allowed as check-in luggage and hand-luggage.

But, if you check the restricted items for a particular airport, they claim that pool and snooker cues are restricted from the cabins and therefore would not be allowed as hand luggage.

It may be worth phoning the UK airport to double-check what’s acceptable as carry-on luggage, but I feel the safest way would be to follow the TSA standard and check it in.

So, can I take a pool cue on a plane; yes, but it needs to be checked in.

Protect your cue while traveling

Trusting your cue in the hands of people is a stressful business. Baggage handlers at airports, arent always known for their care when handling people’s luggage. I have definitely had damage to my bags before while they were in transit, so what can be done to ensure your pool or snooker cue arrives at its destination safely?

There are a few things you need to consider when traveling with your beloved cue.

  • Your baggage being manhandled
  • Weather conditions

can you carry a pool cue on an airplaneOne way you could look after your pool cue while on a plane is to individually wrap the pieces using bubble wrap and place the pieces into your suitcase surrounding it with your clothes. This should give it enough protection while traveling.

Also, consider getting a protective cue case, again wrap the cue in bubble wrap if possible and the cue case and place in a hardened secure travel case.

You may also want to think about using a courier service such as FedEx. This way you can get your package insured through their service to protect against lost or damaged goods.

This option comes with some peace of mind as a signature will be required on arrival, so if it’s arrived, you will know about it.

However your cue travels, make sure it’s protected adequately. The handler won’t give it the care you would so make sure you pack it well.

Consider insuring your cue against damage, loss and theft. Obviously no one wants this to happen but accidents do happen and it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Hopefully this has helped answer the question: can I take a pool cue on a plane. If you were hoping to take your pool stick on an airplane then you may need to reconsider unless you are planning on packing it securely and safely in your check-in luggage.

TSA rules state that you CAN’T take your cue in as hand luggage as it can be seen as a weapon and therefore its classed as a restricted item.

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Rob is an avid player and fan of all cue sports, particularly 8-ball, and snooker. He has competed in a few local 8-ball tournaments and although he is not a professional, he can compete with the best of them.

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