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  • By: Rob
  • Date: April 23, 2023
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Want to improve your pool? become a sharpshooter? Be afeared potter at the table? Need a shortcut to get you to that masterly level, quick? Don’t worry, LoveCueSports has you covered.

They say practice makes perfect, and they are right. But they also say that playing a better or stronger opponent is the fastest way to improve. Can we apply this concept to pool?

There is a billiards training aid that will make pool table pockets smaller. Pool pocket reducers help you improve your accuracy by reducing the size of the pocket. This forces you to aim more centrally in the pocket. 

pool table pocket reducers

In this article, I will give you my honest opinion on practice pro pocket reducers. I’ll tell you if I think they are with it and if they actually help you improve, lets get into this.

How to improve at pool – Get more accurate, Fast!

There are a few aspects of the game you need to master in order to progress through the ranks. From the hit and hope butterfly to the technical wizard. One such skill you need to master is accuracy while shooting.

Shooting is probably the most obvious of all the required skills needed to succeed at cue sport. If you are playing a variation of pocket billiards then, clearly it’s needed to pot your long-range effort.

So how can you shortcut that learning curve and become a potting master in less time?

The answer is surprisingly simple – pool table pocket reducers(Amazon link)

There are great if you want to practice for an upcoming tournament by playing on your own or with a friend.

As the name suggests, these are a tool used to reduce the size of the pocket

They are pretty clever and have a lot of advantages.

Think about it, if you are aiming for a target with a larger open space to enter the ball through, you have a higher room for error but if you reduce that space for the ball to enter you have a smaller room for error. 

 The idea behind reducing the pockets is simple. With a smaller room for error, you need to be more accurate. 

What are pool table pocket reducers

So what are these mystical pocket reducers for pool tables  I speak of… Well, they are a training aid to help reduce the size of the pockets on your table and improve your shooting accuracy.

They are, two pieces of cushion, pressed against the table pocket cushion. They reduce the pocket size by about 30% which is a huge deal. Your margin to make mistakes are greatly reduced and it forces you to adapt your shooting and become more accurate.  

The best part is, they install in seconds, simply slot them flush against your cushion. No need for DIY, no need to alter your table in any way. Simply push into place when you are training and when you want to play a normal game, simply remove. No damage to the table at all! perfect! 

Made in the USA and they fit all tables and come in a pack of 6, one for each pocket.

Do pool table pocket reducers work? From my own experience, I can’t speak more highly of them! They are amazing. You will start to see results not long after installing them. 

Pool table pockets are surprisingly large, especially pockets of American pool tables. Playing on a table with large pockets allows for great fun fast-paced games because less skill and accuracy is needed.

Usually, you can place two pool balls next to each other in the mouth of your pocket. With the pool table pocket reducers installed that’s greatly reduced. Only giving enough room in the mouth of the pocket for a full ball and perhaps a half. So as you can see, the pockets will be less forgiving. 

Working with a much tighter angle will force you to become more accurate. Surprisingly it will add a few other benefits to your game, too.

Practice Pro Pocket Reducers
  • Use Practice Pro to reduce the size of your tables pockets by approximately 30 percent and sharpen your aiming skills
  • Practice Pro Pocket Reducers fit all pockets on all tables and take only seconds to set up.
  • Practice with them to increase your concentration skills, build your confidence and make your shots.
  • Set includes six pocket reducers. Made in the USA.

Benefits of using pool table pocket reducers

This handy little clip-on tool will up your game to the next level faster than anything else. True, you need a good cue but a cue is there to play with, pool table pocket reducers are there to train with. Their whole purpose is to make you a better, sharper shooter. Some other benefits to them are: 

Concentration skill

Going from a pocket mouth size of 100% down to 70% is a big step. You need to practice hard to get your shooting angle on point. Believe me, speaking from experience, it will take some getting used to, you’ll need to put your full focus into each shot, readjust your angles and concentrate. Not only will you need to concentrate on your shot; you should do that anyway. But concentrate on where you can improve, which angle you need, critique your shots and improve gradually. 

This is harder than you think because it can get frustrating at first. Those pockets arent as welcoming as before.  

I wrote an article on the 20 health benefits of playing pool, which might be of interest.


Of course confidence. Over time practicing with pool table pocket reducers, it will become evident that your potting has improved. People will see and I’m pretty sure will comment. Even if they don’t, you can feel it. You know it!

The thing is now because you were practicing with smaller pockets, a close shot that might rattle the edges of the pocket and shot off with pocket reducers installed will sink right in with them removed. You’ll feel good, you’ll win and everyone will love you! Confidence + 1

Improved shooting

It goes without saying, your shooting accuracy will improve. 

Your shots are aimed more at the center, giving you more accuracy. With a pocket-size 30% less you’ll find, for the most part, not that much difference in your potting ability at a close range. 

Especially straightish shots without much work needed, but get further away and add some English then things start getting interesting. 

That’s where the main improvements will show, your potting angles will start to get more on point and you’ll be sinking balls more in the center of the pocket.

Want some top tips to improve your pool playing ability, click the link to find out some excellent ways to enhance your game. 

How to install pool table pocket reducers

installing Practice Pro billiard pocket reducers is really simple to do and the whole pool tables’ pockets can be reduced in size in a couple of minutes.

The pocket of a pool table can snugly fit two pool balls within its jaws. After installing pool table pocket reducers you can reduce that size by 30%.

To install simply place one end of the reducer on the cut of the pocket and push the other end of the reducer so it fits snugly on the other side of the pocket.

Just repeat the process for all 6 pockets.

Quick and easy and highly effective

Are pool table pocket reducers worth it

Pool table pocket reducers retail for about $50, and for that you get a simple spring piece that slips into the pockets of a pool table. In my opinion, these things aren’t cheap but they are well made the springs hold the cushion pieces in very well.

They really do a good job in teaching you to shoot in the center of the pocket and become more accurate and for that, I think it’s $50 well spent.

Practice Pro Pocket Reducers
  • Use Practice Pro to reduce the size of your tables pockets by approximately 30 percent and sharpen your aiming skills
  • Practice Pro Pocket Reducers fit all pockets on all tables and take only seconds to set up.
  • Practice with them to increase your concentration skills, build your confidence and make your shots.
  • Set includes six pocket reducers. Made in the USA.

My verdict

I think for such a simple training aid they do a hell of a lot.


Very quick and easy to install. Slot the pocket reducer against the pocket cushions. Line the cushion up so its a snug fit. Easy, quick and simple.

Pocket Fit

They fit all tables so I had no issues. When it was installed it was firm into place. The arms of the pool table pocket protector push the cushions against the table pockets aking it sit strong against them.

pool table pocket protectors


When I hit a ball that hits the corner of the pocket protector, it reacted in the same way my table pockets would. This, I was impressed with. The protector stayed firm even after a few repeated shots with little to no need to adjust. The ball bounce off the cushion was simulated correctly as if I had smaller pockets. 

Reduction and improvement.

As I already mentioned, its a 30% reduction, which is significant. More simple shots that require less skill and precision I didn’t notice too much difference. Mainly because I usually hit in the center of the pocket anyway, so there wasn’t much need to adjust my aiming.

Longer shots with more need for english required more accuracy, this took some time to get right. Much longer than I thought – which was, to say the least, frustrating. But it showed weakness in my game I need to improve.

Rail shots were also more difficult. I would say that the pocket protector needs to be extremely flush against the cushion when trying a rail shot. Rail shots needed to be perfect, slightly out and it would clip the far corner, resulting in a miss.

They force you to make slight, but significant adjustments in the way you shot, forcing you to improve your aiming.  

I feel it helped me. Before I was pretty confident in my ability but after using pool table pocket protectors I was able to see exactly my faults. Over time I set about fixing them and I can say I’m a better player for it.  

I would say

Although they are great for training, practicing shots, drills etc because they will enhance your accuracy.

I feel its best to leave them out of a game.  During a game, you need that extra space to allow for better cue ball positioning. If you don’t have that extra space that you would have in tournaments you are limiting your learning curve during each game.   

But overall, for the price, the improvements that can be had with these, I highly reccomend. 

Rob is an avid player and fan of all cue sports, particularly 8-ball, and snooker. He has competed in a few local 8-ball tournaments and although he is not a professional, he can compete with the best of them.

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