Can You Paint Pool Table Felt

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Pool tables come in all different designs and colors. It can be a very rewarding process to customize your personal pool table to match the room it is in or even to match your style of play.

One fun and effective way to customize your pool table is by changing the color of the pool table felt.

How can you change the color of the pool table felt and can you paint pool table felt?

Pool table felt can definitely be colored using a few different methods. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you do not in any way want to alter the way the table plays. The best way to paint pool table felt is by using disperse dye for fabric to dye the polyester felt.

Let’s take a look at how to paint pool table felt without messing up the table.

Can You Paint Pool Table Felt

Changing the color of your pool table felt is a fun thing to do, but there are many dangers involved because you might change the way the table plays. This means changing the speed and trajectory of the balls.

For any pool lover, this would be a devastating outcome. There is nothing as bad as an inconsistent pool table. For this reason, a pool table felt should be colored only in ways that will not change the way it plays.

You might be interested to know what the most popular pool table color is – Check out the survey on the topic.

Most paints, spray paints, chemical dyes or airbrushing will alter the felt surface. The best way to do it is to use a fabric dye (Amazon link) in very small amounts and by following a safe method.

color wheel

To paint your pool table felt you will need to remove the felt from the table and give it a good clean. Use warm water and some light detergent to give it a good clean. After that give it a good rinse to get all the detergent and extra dirt out. Next, you want to get your dye ready by mixing it with some warm water.

For more information on how to Clean Pool Table Felt be sure to check out the article I wrote.

The best dye to use is a synthetic fabric dye (Amazon link) that can be used for polyester and nylon fabrics. Apply the dye to the felt using a sponge or cloth. Remember to apply it very sparingly, you can always go darker later on.

After the dye is applied, give the felt a wipe down to remove any excess and let it dry properly. You can then put the felt back onto the table and enjoy your fresh pool table.

Careful consideration when dyeing

I feel i have to give a warning if you decided to go through with dyeing your table felt. You run the risk of ruining it if not done correctly. No one pool table felt is the same, they all have different characteristics and blends and this may react differently to the dye.

Some pool table felts have higher wool content or higher nylon etc and therefore some dyes might not be as effective – look at what your pool table felt is made from and compare that to some of the synthetic fabric dye (Amazon link)

Can Pool Table Felt Be Dyed

Pool table felt can definitely be dyed. As mentioned above, the best way to paint your pool table felt is by dyeing it using a synthetic fabric dye that is made of polyester material. All pool table felts are made from polyester so this type of dye is a necessity.

In general pool table felts come in green or sometimes in red or blue. These colors can feel boring after playing for some time so dying is a great way to get a fresh look. Play around with different colors like purple, brown, pink or even black. It will always be easier to get the color darker, so keep that in mind when choosing the pigment.

Can You Spray Paint Pool Table Felt

There are definitely ways to spray paint pool felt, but definitely not using any old spray paint. The best substance to use, as mentioned above, is fabric dye. You can use the fabric dye but still apply it in a spray paint method. This is especially popular when creating logos.

To make it easy, create a stencil of what you want to spray paint and stick it to your felt (preferably after removing the felt from the table). Spray on the fabric dye very sparingly to get the desired effect. You can also airbrush on the dye.

To test the outcome rub the cue ball over the logo or the area you spray painted to make sure no residue comes off. The last thing you want is the paint to get onto the playing balls.

What To Use To Change The Color Of Pool Table Felt

As pool tables age the felt will start showing wear and tear. You can easily get someone to install a new felt to make the table look and feel newer, but this can cost a lot of money. An easy alternative is to give the felt some new color with a DIY felt dye.

As mentioned above, there are a few options to look at when changing the color of pool table felt. The best would be fabric dye that has been designed to dye polyester fabrics. This type of fabric dye will change the color of the pool felt without leaving behind any residue to mess up your game.

The dye will be absorbed into the polyester when done correctly. To find the perfect method of applying the dye, have a look at the top section named “Can You Paint Pool Table Felt”.

Also if you’d like some ideas for colors to paint your pool table felt with or you’d just like to get a new table felt, check out my list on the Best Pool Table Felt Color.

Will Changing The Color Of The Pool Table Felt Affect The Way It Plays

The most important question to answer is if changing the color of the felt will change the way it plays. If the gameplay is altered, nobody will be happy. This is the main focus when looking at the different options of how they change the color of the felt. Any wrong method will do one of two things.

Firstly, it could leave behind a residue that rubs off on the playing balls. This residue can change the weight and balance of the balls. Secondly, the texture of the surface can be changed which will change the speed and the trajectory that the balls travel at. This is enough to mess up any game.

Luckily, this can all be avoided by using the correct product and the correct method as discussed in this article. We trust that you will be successful at personalizing your pool table felt without disturbing the way it plays.

But if you’d rather still get a new pool table felt, I wrote an article about the Best Pool Table Felt to help you make a more informed choice.

Wrap Up

Have you ever wanted to change the color of your pool table felt? It can be easily done, but it’s important to use the right methods so that you don’t negatively affect the playing surface. In this blog post, we outlined a few different ways that you can dye your pool table felt.

The best method – and the one we recommend – is by using disperse dye for fabric. These dyes are specifically designed for polyester fabrics, so they will not alter the playing surface in any way. If you decide to go with a different method, just make sure that you test it out first to make sure there is no adverse reaction between the paint or dye and the felt. Have fun changing

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