How Much Does a Snooker Table Weigh

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A snooker table is a bounded table where snooker or other cue sports are played. It has a flat surface covered with a cloth called baize and a frame surrounding the surface. The frame is made of vulcanized rubber. Many people are familiar with the sight of a snooker table.

But, how much does a snooker table weigh? A snooker table weighs between 170kg and 1270kg. The weight of a snooker table is dependent on its size. The snooker table size refers to the slate bed size, and it differs from the actual playing surface. It is also different from the outer dimensions of the table.

The size of snooker tables varies. They range from 6ft to 12ft. The bigger the size of the snooker table, the heavier it is. The weight of a snooker table is often dependent on the material used to make it and its size. How significant is the material used in making the pool table in determining its weight?

How Much Does a Snooker Table Weigh

If you want to purchase a snooker table, it is essential to check the size of the room in which it will be situated. This measurement will determine the size of the snooker table.

The slate bed of a snooker table is a vital component of the snooker table. It is the most weighty part of the table. About 65% of the entire weight is attributed to the slate bed.

snooker table

The weight of a snooker table is also relational to the material used to construct the table. Some materials are lighter than others. The table will be lighter when lightweight materials are used.

The heavyweight of a snooker table makes it difficult to move. Hence, snooker tables are designed to stay in one location long. The weight of a snooker table is a determinant factor of the frequency with which it can be moved.

The weight of a snooker table will also determine how high it can be placed. It is advisable to leave snooker tables on lower levels because of their weight.

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How Many Pieces of Slate Do I Need for a Full-size Snooker Table?

Generally, all professional snooker tables are made using slate beds because the ball roll is considered perfectly true. There are multiple types of slate beds. One-piece slate snooker tables are primarily in bars and clubs, and three-piece slate tables have anywhere between 3/4″ and 2″ thick slate.

The most common for a full-size snooker table is a five-piece slate table. The minimum is three-piece slates for a full-size snooker table.

Each slate weighs about 365 pounds and contributes a significant part of the weight of the snooker table. All professional snooker tables contain slate beds, and tables made of slate beds are superior to non-slate tables.

How Much Does a Snooker Table Slate Weigh?

In a snooker table made of slate beds, the weight is greatly dependent on its thickness. Different slate beds have varying degrees of thickness, and the thickness determines the weight of the slate.

A 3/4 inch thick slate for a 3-piece 7ft table weighs approximately 60kg. A 1-inch thick slate for a 1-piece 7ft table weighs almost 80kg. A 1- inch thick slate for a 5-piece 12ft table weighs about 150kg, and a 1-inch thick slate for a 1-piece 9ft table weighs approximately 105kg.

One-inch thick slates are the most popular slate beds for snooker tables. 3/4 inch, 7/8 inch, half an inch, and one-and-a-half-inch thickness have also been used in constructing snooker tables.

Snooker Table Size Guide

There are a few factors to consider in selecting a snooker table for yourself to ensure that the table serves its purpose in the best possible way.

The table needs to be the correct size for the room in which it will be placed. The room must be large enough to contain the snooker table and allow multiple players to play.

A full-size tournament snooker table is 12feet by 6feet. The length of the table is always twice the width. Other standard sizes include 10feet by 5feet, 9feet by 4.5feet by, 8feet by 4feet, and 7feet by 3.5feet. A full-size tournament snooker table most often has five slates.

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A snooker table is usually a heavy structure, especially when made with slates. A snooker table without slates is much lighter and, in turn, can be moved around much easier.

The weight of a snooker table depends on several factors: the size of the table, the material used in constructing the table, and the thickness of the slate bed. Snooker tables must be handled with care, and reduced movement helps preserve their lifespan.

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