Kamui Black vs Clear Comparison Guide

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Billiards is an ever-growing sport with more and more players wanting to improve their games. It is a game that not only tests players mentally and physically but also tests their playing equipment. A good player has to perform consistently, has to perform under pressure, and they need the best tools for the job in order to accomplish this. So what are the best tools for the job and which is the best between Kamui black vs clear?

There is not a huge difference between Kamui black vs clear, they both play fairly similarly. The only difference between them is that the one has a clear fiber pad in between the tip and the ferrule and the Kamui black has a black laminated pad. This pad protects the tip and keeps it from mushrooming.

Choosing the correct tip can be a very hard task with so many options out there. If the choice is between Kamui black vs clear, this is the right place to be.

Kamui Black vs Clear

Kamui is a Japanese company popular for making chalks and cue tips. They have been in the billiard market for a long time thus they have a very good reputation for quality equipment.

With their Kamui tips, it is no different. These are some of the best tips on the market for both pro and amateur players.

The main difference between Kamui black and clear is that the clear tip has a polycarbonate plate on the side of the tip that gets the glue. This polycarbonate plate brings certain benefits to the tip.

One benefit is that when the glue is applied to the tip, the glue does not get absorbed by the leather. This makes a big difference because the absorbed glue can actually change the hardness of the tip.

Another big advantage is that the clear tip is perfectly flat on the side that needs glue for installation making for a perfect bond.

Kamui is a serious name in the billiard world, other brands try to compete with their tips, some even get pretty close.  I did a couple of comparisons between Tiger Everest Tip Vs Kamui Clear here, Tiger products are another big name in the business.

Navigator is another big name, you can find their comparison here, Navigator Tips vs Kamui Tips

Kamui Original Black medium tip vs Kamui Clear Black medium tip comparison table

Kamui Original Black (M)Kamui Clear Black (M)
MaterialJapanese Pig-skinJapanese Pig-skin
Hardness score73.473.4
Hold chalk4.5/54.5/5
Cue ball grip5/55/5
Special featuresNoneLayer stops glue absorbing into tip

Based on my findings and my own opinion the Kamui black and the Kamui clear black both play the same. They both hold chalk and grip the cue ball equally well. 

The only difference is that the clear black has a protective pad that stops glue from being absorbed into the tip, which if happens will cause the tip to harden prematurely.

Because of this extra feature, the clear blacks are slightly more expensive. 

If you are only interested in performance then I would probably just go with the Kamui Original Black tips (Amazon link) as they play the same but are slightly cheaper.

If you want the fancy features that won’t necessarily affect the play, such as a protective pad to stop glue absorption and a flatter surface to glue to the ferrule and you don’t mind the extra few dollars then the Kamui Clear Black (Amazon link) is for you.

Other Tips From Kamui

Kamui Tips Hardness

Clear black HClear black MClear black SClear black SS
Clear original HClear original MClear original SClear original SS
Original HOriginal MOriginal SOriginal SS
Standard black HStandard black MStandard black SStandard black SS
Snooker original MHSnooker original M  
Snooker black MHSnooker black M  

As seen in the table above, there is a wide range of tips available from Kamui and they are all rated with a different hardness level.

The snooker tips come only in the original and black tips and both come only in a medium or a medium-hard hardness. The clear original, original, standard black and clear black all come in hardness levels of hard, medium, soft and super soft.

The harder tips will have lower elasticity and will feel more solid, and the softer the tips get the higher the elasticity will be and the bouncier the tips will feel. The choice between them will depend on the goal of the player.

The harder tips are better for breaking and jump shots because the tip transfers power well. The softer tips are better to get more feel on the ball, it makes it possible to retain more chalk and get more spin on the ball.

KAMUI Clear Black Laminated Pool Billiard CUE TIP - 1 pc (Soft, 13 mm)
KAMUI Clear Black Laminated Pool Billiard CUE TIP - 1 pc (Soft, 13 mm)
Repeatable performance: Bring out consistent cue performance over the installations
Amazon Prime
Kamui Black Laminated Leather Tip (Soft)
Kamui Black Laminated Leather Tip (Soft)
Soft tip provides better ball control and english; KAMUI Black leather has high elasticity for a better grip on the cueball
KAMUI Clear Original Laminated Pool Billiard CUE TIP - 1 pc (Super Soft, 14 mm)
KAMUI Clear Original Laminated Pool Billiard CUE TIP - 1 pc (Super Soft, 14 mm)
Repeatable performance: Bring out consistent cue performance over the installations
Kamui Black Laminated Leather Tips - Hard
Kamui Black Laminated Leather Tips - Hard
Hard tip for breaking and power; 14mm size; Price is for 1 tip
KAMUI Original Laminated Pool Billiard CUE TIP - 1 pc (Hard, 13 mm)
KAMUI Original Laminated Pool Billiard CUE TIP - 1 pc (Hard, 13 mm)
Best quality control in the billiard tip industry; Made in Japan - Price is for 1 tip. Choose your diameter and hardness
Amazon Prime

How Are Kamui Tips Made

Kamui has been in the cue tip manufacturing game for a long time which has given them the advantage of perfecting their process. All Kamui tips are made from leather and the different processes give different end results.

Kamui tips are mostly made from pig leather that is laminated and tempered together in layers to create a strong tip that almost resembles rubber. This process gives an excellent product that has been endorsed by some of the top pros in the billiard world.

The manufacturing process is so detail-oriented that it took up to a few decades to perfect a single product. Some of the Kamui products have been in development for up to 90 years before it becomes available on the market.

Where Are Kamui Tips Made

Kamui is a Japanese company that has specialised in chalk and cue tip production for the last few decades. The founder, Masato Hiraoka, started the company in the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

Today all Kamui tips are made in the Kamui workshop in Hiroshima and from there they are shipped right around the world to different shops and distributors.

Since their introduction at the BCA Super Billiards Expo hosted in the USA in 2007, Kamui has gained worldwide exposure and is now well-known across the billiard world.

How Long Do Kamui Tips Last

All cue tips have a limited lifespan and will require regular replacements. The lifespan of any cue tip will depend on multiple factors including how often it is used, the atmospheric conditions as well as the level of care and maintenance to name a few.

On average it can be expected that a cue tip should last about 6 months. For Kamui tips it is not much different, perhaps they last a little bit longer than most. Kamui tips are expected to last from 7 months to 1 year.

The tips require regular reshaping, every second week or so, but otherwise, they keep their shape well. The polycarbonate plate that is included in the tip also helps a lot and keeps the tip from mushrooming.

What Is The Best Kamui Tip

Deciding what the best Kamui tip is a difficult one. Cue tips in general depend on the preference and playing style of each player and Kamui tips are not much different. The Kamui tips are also quite similar to each other with only a few small differences.

Even if there isn’t much difference between the Kamui blacks and the Kamui clear blacks, I prefer the medium Kamui clear black (Amazon link). It feels good when playing with it, it holds its shape well and it helps elevate my pool game every time I use it.

If you need more information or advice on Choosing a Pool Cue Tip, click on the link to read the article I wrote about the subject.

Also, if you aren’t interested in the Kamui brand or you just want a wider range of options, check out my list of the Best Pool Cue Tips.

Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed this Kamui Black vs Clear Comparison Guide. Hopefully, you now have a better idea of which Kamui cue tip to picks!

Happy shooting!

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