Predator Revo Shaft Review – Hit or Miss?

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Predator Revo shaft reviewThere can’t be enough emphasis on the importance of a good cue for your game. If you have raised your game or simply looking for a new pool cue to suit your more advanced style of play then there are a few on the market to consider. 

I have played with my fair share of pool cues and the ones that don’t make the mark stand out a mile compared to the ones that do. The hours spent at the table allow you to rate a cues level and if it’s a winner, then you play like a winner!

The more you advance, the more your equipment needs to reflect that. 

That’s the reason why I’m writing this Predator Revo shaft review. I have experienced using this shaft, so I’m in a good position to go through its features and point out the pros and cons to help you make a better decision on this cue loved by many decent players.

Who are Predator

The Revo shaft is manufactured by Predator, a brand of the Predator group with the Headquarters located in Jacksonville, Florida in the United States of America. They’re a top player in the pool cue industry at international levels with Predator products as the lead brand. The manufacturer is charged with a vision of bringing new innovations to the industry by producing high quality and professional cues with accuracy for regular and pro players. Predator cues are known to be one of the best in the industry for its accuracy, low deflection and several amazing features.

Predator Revo shaft

Before I get into my opinion and give you my personal Predator Revo Shaft Review, let me say a little bout the shaft and its features.

The shiny black Predator Revo shaft has layers of unidirectional molecular carbon weaved layers, but the outer part has a different carbon style.  There are circular grooves on the shaft, but it does not hinder the frictionless smooth surface of the piece.

The Predator Revo shaft is made from carbon fibers. It is a new technological innovation in the gaming industry that took the manufacturer twenty years of research and testing. The carbon fiber shaft is stronger than wood and has an advantage against warpage. It has a smooth finishing, and it is designed for durability. Predator Revo shafts come in two sizes; Revo 12.4 and Revo 12.9. As the name suggests, the tip size depends on the shaft you purchase with 12.4mm and 12.9mm available. If you feel you still need more grip, then the 12:9 is good for you. Check other features of the shaft in the next section.

Features of the Predator Revo shaft​

The features of the cue are listed below as:

Predator Revo shaft carbon fiber

Uni-Loc & Radial Joint Shafts + Revo Cleaning Wipes 

Predator Revo 12.9mm Shaft 3/8 x 10 Pin
Predator Revo 12.9mm Shaft 3/8 x 10 Pin
Most accurate Predator shaft at low and high speeds; 12.9mm tip diameter; REVO Low-rise taper with 5% rise over the first 14 inches
Predator Revo 12.9mm Shaft 5/16 x 14 Pin
Predator Revo 12.9mm Shaft 5/16 x 14 Pin
Most accurate Predator shaft at low and high speeds; 12.9mm tip diameter; REVO Low-rise taper with 5% rise over the first 14 inches
PREDATOR Revo Radial Carbon Fiber Shaft - 12.9mm Low Rise Taper, Soft Case & Wipes
PREDATOR Revo Radial Carbon Fiber Shaft – 12.9mm Low Rise Taper, Soft Case & Wipes
Most accurate Predator shaft at low and high speeds; 12.4mm tip diameter, Radial Thread Joint


Which Skill Would Benefit From Predator Revo Shaft

I’d say the 12:4, and 12:9 Predator Revo Shaft are mainly for a regular advanced player. The Revo is quite expensive and may not be economical for beginners and some intermediate players-  If you are in this category then take a look at another excellent cue I did a review on – the Pure X Players HTX15

If you feel you have risen through the ranks and are a good intermediate/advanced players you can pick up this shaft as it is worth every penny spent on it. The Predator Revo Shaft has low deflection with high accuracy of shots. It is designed to give advanced players significant upgrades as well as improvement to their game. A lot of players had attested to experiencing exponential growth in their game when they started using the Predator Revo shaft.

My Personal Experience Using The Predator Revo Shaft

Let me give you a quick assessment for this Predator Revo shaft review. I’ll try my best to evaluate the Predator shafts; 12.4 and 12.9 sincerely. I’ve used both shafts, and I’ll give my experience without mincing words. Both sizes are great shafts, and the only noticeable difference apart from size is the percentage of the REVO rise taper.

A lot of players stick to what they know, and there isn’t a problem with that. It takes time to become comfortable with a new cue. Most players won’t even consider carbon fiber cues, sticking to more traditional wooden cues. I can fully understand that, I always feel that carbon fiber cues had a bad reputation a few years back, hence why fewer people opt for them. but with the introduction of the Revo and Cynergy and a few others, people started to take notice of carbon fiber composite cues. And really for good reason!

The predator Revo Shaft is a beautifully aggressive-looking cue. The matte black finish really gives it an edge that most cues want but fail to achieve. It’s incredibly straight, which is to be expected from a carbon fiber shaft. So as long as you aim straight, it’s going straight!

Predator is well established for their low deflection technology, their years of research and development have given them that edge over their competitors, and this cue is a master at reducing cue ball squirt. Predator claims the Revo 12.4 and 12.9 are the most accurate shaft ever made – although I can’t verify that, I certainly wouldn’t bet against it as these shafts are seriously straight and incredibly accurate.

If you want my opinion on the difference between the two shafts, the 12.4 and the 12.9 then I would say the 12.4 Predator Shaft is more suited for skilled players. The smaller tip size means more precision is needed when striking the cue ball, because of its smaller diameter the taper has a rise of 8% which makes bridging more comfortable in my opinion.

The 12.9 Revo shaft, on the other hand, has a larger tip diameter and therefore less precision is needed to hit the center of the ball. It’s considered an easier shaft to play with for this reason. 

In reality, it really depends on which one you feel comfortable with, if you are unsure I would probably recommend the 12.9. But if you are confident of your skills, the 12:4 tip gives you the flexibility of controlling the cue ball and demonstrating your skill as an aggressive player. Whichever one you choose, you’ll eventually get a feel for it, like you would with any other cue. 

A few worth mentioning about the Revo is it’s completely frictionless. No need for a glove, it is completely smooth, it glides through your bridge effortlessly – I love it for it but I did take a little getting used to, as did the sound when you strick the cue ball cleanly, there is an odd-sounding thud that you don’t get with wooden cues. What you do get with wooden cues is the vibration which appears to be absent when playing with a Revo shaft.

All in all, this cue gets two thumbs up – one for each shaft! Although you do need a butt for this cue, most will fit. Just make sure you get a nicely weighted one as the shaft itself is extremely lightweight. 

If you are considering the Revo then you are looking for an investment and one that will keep its shape for years to come and play the same for years to come! 

Rock up with a Revo, and people will know you’re here to win – It’s a great cue! 

Final thoughts

All my life of playing, I can say for sure that this is the best cue shaft I’ve ever used. Perhaps, my view may be different when I handle other sticks with unique shafts. Repeating features is not necessary, but I’d like to recommend this shaft to any advanced level player who wants to see a significant upgrade and win more games. You’ll get value for every dollar spent on this shaft. Again, I’ll say this shaft was a big upgrade to my previous shafts and overall game.

Hope you found this Predator Revo Shaft Review useful and got some good insight to help you make the best decision. If you want to play like the best then get start by using the best! Enjoy  

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