Viper Sinister Pool Cue Review – Hit or Miss?

  • By: Rob
  • Date: April 23, 2023
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If you are looking for an honest Viper sinister pool cue review, then you have found one!

Getting the best out of your game has a lot to do with having the right cue. Sadly cues are expensive so its not easy to keep trying until you find the one that’s suitable for you. 

Luckily for you, I can give you my experience (below) to tell you how I feel the viper sinister performed. 

First, I will run through a little about Viper and then the features of the Viper sinister.

After that, we will take a quick look at the different Viper sinister styles before I move onto my own experience using the cue.

Viper Sinister Pool Cue Review

As a quick summary, The Viper Sinister Pool Cue is a great cue. There are a lot of positives and negatives that I will discuss before giving my final verdict.

Want to know what this cue is capable of handling? Here is an in-depth Viper Sinister Pool Cue review to help you make a healthy choice. 

Who makes viper pool cues?


The Viper Sinister Pool Cue comes from the stables of GLD Products. This is a company that has made a name for itself in the pool cue manufacturing the industry. GLD Products was established in the 1980s by four friends in the South of Milwaukee. Their products are durable, reliable, and convenient for use but have gone through several innovations over time.

The company has been in the business for ages and has consistently dished out products that have satisfied its vast customers continuously globally. The company operates from Muskego, WI, which is also the research and distribution center.

The Viper Sinister Pool Cue

Since it made its appearance into the game, the Viper Sinister pool cue has taken the game to a whole new height with its amazing features. The cue is expertly designed and finished in style and sophistication at an affordable price.

It is functional and apt for any intermediate level pool player. People outside this level may want to have a feel of the cue, and they are welcomed too. The cue features a mid-level deflection to enhance users’ comfort.

The Viper Sinister Pool Cue has some amazing features that place it on top of the list of the best cues for a pool game. First, a nice weight balance makes it a good fit and easy to maneuver. The lightweight stainless steel joint is there to give you feedback on every shot as you enjoy the game. It features a removable scuffer, which makes a great maintenance tool.

Features of the Viper Sinister Pool Cue

The features of the cue are listed below as:

  • Shaft: The cue shaft is constructed with hard Canadian Maple wood.
  • Inlays: Features intricate acrylic inlays and points. 
  • Joint: The joint is made of stainless steel and is created to provide consistent feedback during play. 
  • Scuffer: removable; it enhances chalk retention.
  • Tip: Features a tip of 13mm Le Pro leather tip.
  • Grip: Irish linen wrap
  • Weight: The weight is adjustable and ranges between 18 to 21.
  • Length: Standard length of 58″
  • Style: 3 main styles to choose from – Detailed below
Viper sinister cues
  • Styles: I have focused on the three main styles of the Viper Sinister. All their features are the same except for some noticeable differences with the look:

    Sinister – Burgundy: This cue is one of the most popular in the sinister range. It’s a burgundy with pearlized Inlays

    Sinister – Natural: This cue makes use of the natural wood look and cream inlays

    Sinister – Natural Ash: These cues also make use of a more natural-looking wood finish using natural ash with Amber/Black Points

None of the features of the Viper Sinister pool cue range have changed and therefore they will all play the same. The price of these cues is pretty much the same at around $80.

Which Skill Level Would Benefit From This Cue 

This cue is perfect for intermediate-level players. If you have moved from the beginner level to the next stage and need a scope to aid your new playing level, this is a smart pick for you.

If a cue is too low for you, you will not have the best experience playing, and if it is inadequate, you will not have the needed balance. This is a perfect and comfortable pool game cue that anyone in the intermediate playing level will want to associate themselves with. If you are looking to save some bucks and still have one of the best cues, you have met the perfect pick.

If you are at the beginner level and want to feel something more complex, you are welcome to meet this Viper Sinister Pool Cue. This cue is perfect and pretty satisfies a wide range of preferences.


  • Lightweight cue to enhance convenient usage and ease of movement
  • Super affordable and accessible for anyone interested
  • Perfect for intermediate level users
  • Built with style and sophistication
  • Mid-level deflection for a better game experience
  • This cue has a traditional look you like.


  • The leather tip is functional and created with style. However, it has a tendency to fall off with time. This may be a major inconvenience for you.
  • The wood shaft may succumb to warping. The cue has been treated to prevent this, but its been noted from some players.

My Personal Experience Using Viper Sinister Pool Cue.

I will not have done justice to this review if I don’t add my personal experience using it.

I will first start by saying I personally have never owned a Viper Sinister pool cue, but I have used one and therefore I can give you my own viper sinister pool cue review.

I have a buddy who swears by viper cues, he has a few viper cues and loves them – and i have to say they are good cues!

You may be wondering if this is the right cue for you, maybe you have considered other viper cue reviews and can’t decide on one.

This cue gives you a great feel. Its smooth, straight, and looks great (i used the burgundy cue).

viper cue 1

Its a popular cue and I can see why. It does play really well.  You can pick up this stick for under $100, which is value you really can’t beat. If you are running on a tight budget, then this is perfect for you!

Although I love this cue, it is just a standard maple solid stick. mass-manufactured to be produced and sold at the most affordable possible price. As a solid stick, it doesn’t do much to prevent cue ball squirt, which won’t be an issue if you are used to playing with it. 

viper cue 2

The tip of the cue is a Le Pro from Tweeten Fibre, it’s a pretty standard solid leather tip. It’s hard at 96.3 durometer and will last quite a while without too much maintenance. 

The Le Pro is a cheap and basic cue tip but it will definitely play well.

viper scuffer

The scuffer is ok, certainly wasn’t the best tip tool I’ve used but it is a nice feature and does scuff the tip which will help it hold chalk better.

The cue is nice and straight and this needs to be taken into account. You might think that all cues should be straight – especially new cues. But you’ll find a lot of cues, especially at the more affordable cues will not be truly straight which will then have a negative impact on your shooting.  

Depending on your level will depend on your enjoyment from this cue, beginner and intermediate players will gain the most from this cue. 

Purchasing the viper sinister pool cue will be like purchasing a go-kart, It’s easy to use, not too complicated, and most importantly a lot of fun to use. You won’t be competing in an F1 race but it has its place in an F2 race so at this price it’s well worth the investment.

viper cue 3

What I’m trying to say is, if you want to get a cue that will help you enjoy the game, look and feel great without breaking the bank, then this has to be considered!

Final thoughts

Hopefully, this Viper Sinister pool cue review has helped you make the right decision. 

If I am to write a list of tenacious, apt, and affordable cues, the viper sinister pool cue will rank high on the list. It is functional, efficient, and sophisticated. This does not come as a surprise, though viper pool cues are known to rock the market. For me, it ticks all the boxes, and it is quite affordable.

If you are making that big stride from the beginner level to the intermediate, this cue is there to usher you into big wins with every game round. And if you are looking to spend around $100 on a quality cue, this here is the right choice. If you do decide to put in your money for this cue, you have made a smart choice.

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