Aramith Tournament vs Brunswick Centennial Pool Balls

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Aramith Tournament and Brunswick Centennial are among the top-rated brands in the industry when it comes to pool balls. Both have an excellent reputation and high-quality performance, making it difficult to decide between the two.

Both the Aramith Tournament and Brunswick Centennial are made with high-quality resin material. It’s just that the Aramith tournament balls are constructed using the Duramith technology while the Brunswick Centennial uses molecular banding technology.

Are you having a hard time deciding on whether you should buy the Aramith Tournament or the Brunswick Centennial pool balls? In this case, this article is for you. Read on to get valuable information that will help make the decision process more manageable.

Aramith Tournament Pool Balls

Aramith pool balls are used by almost all of the tournaments and events worldwide. In fact, it is said that around 3 to 4 million amateurs and professionals use Aramith balls when playing. But, it is not only used in the pool but also in other sports such as carom and snooker.  The Aramith Tournament pool balls, in particular, have a unique molecular structure and elasticity thanks to the Amaramith resin used in its Duramith technology.

This technology allows the balls to have optimal rebound so that players can have control during every turn.  Moreover, the Aramith pool balls also have homogeneity in its material. This helps the ball to roll accurately and have the ultimate balance.  In terms of durability, these pool balls are also among the top-rated ones in the world.

It can withstand 50 times more impact compared to ordinary balls. It is also scratch-resistant so its performance will not be easily affected even after some time.  However, take note that there are also other varieties of Aramith pool balls. This include:

  • Aramith Premier Pool Balls

The Aramith Premier pool balls are the most affordable line from Aramith. This is designed for casual or amatuer players but it still has the Aramith signature premium phenol resin construction.

  • Aramith Pro Cup Pool Balls

This is a pool ball that can commonly be seen used in televised pool games. It is made with Aramith Pro  resin together with the “measle” ball. 

Brunswick Centennial Pool Balls

The Brunswick Centennial pool balls are made with premium-grade phenolic resin. Along with this material, it is polished to achieve a 0.001 radial tolerance so that it can roll accurately, allowing players to have full control of the ball.  Furthermore, the components of Brunswick Centennial pool balls have a homogenous molecular band. This is all thanks to its construction that involved a heat infused process that vitrified the materials all together. 

Not only that, the appearance of the Brunswick Centennial pool balls are also worth mentioning. It has lustrous colors, iconic, translucent ivory hue, and unique dart that gives it its distinguishing characteristic.

Aramith Tournament vs. Brunswick Centennial

According to Aramith, the Brunswick Centennial and the Super Aramith Pro set are made using the same phenolic resin and specification. This makes them more similar than you think. But, take note that the Aramith Super Pro and the Aramith Tournament are actually different from each other. 

The Aramith Tournament is made with the latest Duramith technology and it is currently the top pool ball model that Aramith has to offer. Although the Brunswick Centennial is similar to the Aramith Super pro, the Aramith Tournament has a slight advantage when it comes to durability.

But then again, the longevity of pool balls can be affected by various factors including how they are used and maintained.

I wrote an article on What Are Pool Balls Made Of. Be sure to check it out for more information if you’re interested.

ProductAramith Tournament Pool BallsBrunswick Centennial Pool Balls
ConstructionDuramithMolecular Banding
Material ResinResin
Used forProfessionalsProfessionals

Who Makes Brunswick and Aramith Pool Balls?

The Brunswick Centennial is made by the Brunswick company. The company can trace its history all the way back to 1845. Since then, they have been making pool tables and balls. 

The Brunswick company was founded by a man named John Moses Brusnwick who was from Cincinnati Ohio. He was a fine carriage builder who eventually turned his talents to crafting billiard tables. Since he was a gifted artisan, he ventured out to other products including cues, chalk, and billiard balls. 

On the other hand, Aramith is produced by a company named Saluc. This company started out in the chemical industry in 1923. But, in 1950, they converted their operation into making billiard balls. Today, their market share exceeds 85%. Moreover, Saluc also specializes in producing other industrial calls such as trackballs and pin bowling balls.

Brunswick Centennial Balls vs Aramith

There’s no denying that both the Brunswick Centennial and Aramith Tournament pool balls are among the higher-end pool balls in the market. But, they are different in several aspects. This include: 

  • Appearance

The Brunswick Centennial ball has a unique appearance. It does not have the trademark darst and stripes within the circle. Instead, the numbers are in the field. But, this makes it easier to distinguish from the Aramith balls with the more traditional cosmetic outlook.

  • Weight

There is not much weight difference between these two pool ball options. In fact, the Brunswick Centennial ball only weighs more by 0.35 oz. This means that both pool balls are decent sizes. 

However, if you want to have more power to your shots without using much force, going for a heavier pool ball is the better choice. But then again, the difference is only minimal so it might not have much difference after all. 

  • Construction

As mentioned, the Brunswick Centennial are molecularly bound, which makes them solid balls. It also allows them to be as round as possible. However, the Aramith balls can withstand more hits without being scratched.

Final Words

When you compare the aramith tournament vs brunswick centennials, many would say that they are almost the same. However, they certainly differ a lot in looks, price and color. But, by the end of the day, the answer to the question of which one is better among these two brands all boils down to personal preference. 

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