How to Get Rid of a Pool Table

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  • Date: May 12, 2022
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For many tabletop game enthusiasts, pool tables are a classy and functional addition to any extra entertainment space. Sports bars, man caves, and old-timey dives alike share in their love for pool tables and the casual competition they offer.  Though while the question of installation and upkeep is largely researched at the time of purchase, removal can be another thing entirely. Just like with any other furniture, over time these tables can wear down and wear out, leaving a threadbare top that’s less than fun to play on. So the question remains, how to get rid of a pool table you don’t need anymore?

Pool tables aren’t something you can feasibly just remove and put out on the curb. You put a pretty penny into getting one, and you may be looking at a pretty penny to have someone take it off your hands. In short, you’ve got a few options.

Pool tables can be made of dozens of different materials, but most commonly are made from solid and dependable wood slats. Most of these tables are built with few pieces, resulting in less worry about wobbly legs, but more hands needed for install and removal. Commonly, these pieces individually can be heavy and cumbersome to move, making it difficult for some to move on their own.

However the choice is made to officially move the table, it’s extremely important to decide whether or not to throw it away.

Removal Methods

Once you’ve decided to remove your pool table, you’ve got a couple of options to choose from for the physical removal of your unit. While removing a pool table from your place of business or even from your own home, it’s important to know that unlike most pieces of furniture, you shouldn’t just put it on the street. In many states, you could get fined for disposing of it this way.

In most cities, if a pool table is too worn and weathered to be used anymore, there are professionals you can call to set up a removal service for you. Some counties may have contacts they can share with you for these purposes, so calling ahead of time is a good idea to get in touch with reputable movers. You might not get any cash back this way, but at least you’ll have the space to replace the pool table or rearrange to accommodate different party games. Many of these services can run anywhere between $50-$400 based on the size and model of the pool table, as well as how easily accessible it is in the space.

Removal services like these are a safe and professional option for maintaining the integrity of the pool table while moving it out of your space, allowing for a resale or a restoration later down the line. Goods as valuable as pool tables can be flipped for a profit if you know where to look, and coupled with the cost of moving it in the first place, maybe the better option for you and your wallet.

In a last ditch effort to remove your pool table without a potentially costly service, you might look into a DIY method of removal. While information for disassembly of most pool table models can be found online, it’s important that you have help and a lot of strong capable hands if you choose this method. As previously mentioned, pool tables are built tough and are meant to last, the big pieces and heavy materials can prove difficult for amateur builders, so be as prepared as possible!

If the unit is too broken or worn down, some may opt to break the table into pieces. If this method is chosen, safety considerations should be made for the materials used. Splintering wood can cause bodily harm if not done correctly, and can leave lasting damage to a floor or a ceiling if not performed with care. While this could be considered a DIY method of removal, it’s still very important to do research based on the table to ensure everything goes according to plan, without the threat of surprises. Screws, pegs, nails, and shards of unknown material can cause more in damages than you save by doing it yourself this way.

Make sure you stay aware of your surroundings, end goal, and any other people that may be around you at the time.

Other Pool Table Removal Methods

Because these tables can be so expensive for a new one, you might be interested in getting a little bit of cash back from the experience. Forums like Craigslist, OfferUp, and EBay are all really great ways to sell your pool table privately, negotiate the price, and maybe even get the buyer to pay the cost of moving it for you if given a sweet enough deal. 

Depending on the make, model, and current condition of your pool table, a flipped price can range anywhere from $250 to $1500 resell value. Throw in a few of the accessories you might not need anymore, and you’re on your way to pool table freedom.

Alternatively, large or local pool table retailers may want to take it off your hands in exchange for the ability to resell it themselves. In these cases, you may want to call around your local shops and determine which retailer is the most cost effective for you, as some may take it off your hands without a fee!

Knowing which method of sale is right for you is based on your local availability and demand. If the pool table parlor is having difficulty offloading their current stock, it may be difficult to offer yours to them since the cost for removing it for you may outweigh the profit they can make on it later down the line.

With all this in mind, simply throwing the table away may still be the best and only option for you. When considering getting rid of an item you might not need or want anymore, the trash is always the first thing to come to mind.  It’s important, however, to be mindful that while the dump is always an option, throwing away an item as large and as processed as a pool table may not be as positive for the environment, but also in addition to the costs and labor of removing the pool table, there may be a dumping fee as well. The opportunity to repurpose and recycle should be the first consideration for the benefit of everyone involved, and their wallets!

Donate your Pool Table

Getting rid of a pool table can be a frustrating thing, but have you considered donating it? Local Boys and Girls clubs, recreational centers, and other such charities are always on the lookout for newish and easily refurbished equipment they can use for entertainment purposes. Donating your used pool table to these causes can help dozens of kids while putting your unwanted goods to good use.

Another means of donation is through family or family friends. Friendly neighbors like to share household goods with each other, why not nifty furniture? Ask around, see if anyone you know is in the market to spruce up their space and cut them a deal. Spring and summer are great times to have these conversations, when get-togethers and backyard barbecues are in full swing.

Churches and event centers may also benefit from a donation such as this. While understanding the overall functionality of the space they may want to put it in is essential, adding and giving back to the community in which you live can be a rewarding and,  in this case, helpful experience for everyone involved.

Do you Really Need to Get Rid of Your Pool Table

Yes, I know you are looking to get rid of your pool table but there may be other options you perhaps haven’t considered.

Firstly, why are you looking to get rid of it, is it because it’s damaged? Then perhaps some simple DIY is all it needs? Perhaps it’s well past its sell-by date and its past repair, then have you considered a ping pong table conversion top? It’s basically a ping pong table that is made to be placed on top of a pool table, its a great way to get more from the space.

If you are just needed the space back then have you considered relocating it somewhere else in the house or even yard?

If you are looking to get rid of it then you probably aren’t too concerned about its condition, therefore have you considered putting your pool table outside, with some slight adjustments to help protect the table that’s a very valid option.

Other things to consider would be to put the pool table in a garage. Again, if you protect it correctly then there is no reason to store it in there to keep enjoying it. Even placing it upstairs is very possible if you wish to keep enjoying future game on it.


In short, pool table removal can be a daunting and overwhelming series of choices and options. It’s important to choose the method that best fits your desired outcome and the budget that best fits your needs! If you can make a little extra cash, it’s important to do research on the market value of your unit and negotiate to figure out the best deal possible for you and your buyer.

If you choose to donate to a local establishment or event center, be sure to speak with as many folks as possible to make sure your unit is moved easily and with little issue. Family and friends make for great recipients as well, given the same or similar considerations.

Pool table removal doesn’t have to be an all encompassing task, but one that does afford certain liberties to the owner. When there are dozens of options to choose from, choose which one fits your lifestyle and availability the best.

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