How to Measure a Pool Table Accurately (Felt or Cover)

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There are a number of reasons you may want to know how are pool tables measured. 

Maybe you are refelting, buying a table cover, moving a pool table, checking if it will fit correctly in a room. 

Whatever your reason, it will be answered here. 

Most people wanting to know how are pool tables measured are doing it to make sure they have enough space in their intended room.

It’s very important to find out if the room has sufficient space for housing the table.

how to measure a pool table

Knowing the room size or dimensions will give you a fair idea of the size of the pool or snooker table that’ll be ideal for the space.

Taking the correct measurements will go a long way in helping you save money, time, and effort. 

But do you know how to measure a pool table? This guide will walk you through ‘how to measure a pool table’ and the aspects you need to take into account. We’ll also offer you tips on how to buy the right size of felt for your pool table.

What will you need to take accurate pool table measurements

I’ll simply go over some of the things you’ll need to measure a pool table.

Before you learn how to accurately measure a pool table it will help if you have the right tools for the job, from the off.

There is nothing special needed, If you just want to know how are pool tables measured then a tape measure is all you need.

If you are wanted to work out if there is enough space to house a pool table or to re-felt then a calculator would always come in handy.

  • A measuring tape ( Needed!)
  • A calculator (May be needed))
  • Dimensions of your pool table’s playfield (used when buying felt or a cover)

How are pool tables measured?

Before you start measuring a pool table, bear in mind that the table’s length is always double its width.

For instance, the length of a 12-foot snooker table is 140” and its breadth or width is 70”; a 9-ft regulation size billiards table’s length is 100” and width is 50”.

If you are looking to re-felt a pool table, move it to a new location or determine if it will fit into a new room then the answer to the question, how are pool tables measured, is answered below

Knowing how to measure a pool table correctly is important for re-felting, transporting and knowing if you have enough space in a room. Let me answer the question to how are pool tables measured, clearly below:

How are pool tables measured? Pool tables are measured from the apex of the rail cushion to the opposite rail cushions apex – Don’t measure under the cushion. Measure a pool table using tape, remember that the length of a table is twice the width. 

This will give you the table playing surface. If you feel more comfortable measuring both the length then by all means measure both. 

But it’s not necessary as all that is required is to measure the width of a table and then double it for the length.

This is because one of the requirements of the world pool association (WPA) is for pool tables to have a ratio of 2:1. 

How are pool tables measured is a pretty straight forward measurement when you know-how.

Simple measure from the nose tip of the cushion to the opposite nose tip of the cushion

Check out this graphic on how to measure a pool table to help you understand better:

 You might be wondering as to why you should measure the playing field instead of taking measurements from one edge of the table to another.

The reason is that pool table manufacturers use different sizes of rails that could make the product larger or smaller. 

Nevertheless, be in the know that there are only four distinct standard pool table sizes used all over the world. 

While you take the rail cushion measurements, you’ll see that the width is always half that of the length.

Standard pool table sizes

Following are the four standardized pool table sizes:-

  • 9-ft pool table – (known as regulation or tournament size table) : 254cm (100”) x 127cm (50”)
  • 8-foot+ table – (called pro8): 233.7cm (92”) x 116.8cm (46”)
  • 8-ft pool table – (standard home table: 223.5cm (88”) x 111.8cm (44”)
  • 7-foot pool table – (‘bar box’) : 188-198.1cm (74-78”) x 94-99.1cm (37-39”)

The 9-ft regulation size pool table is the most popular size as the same is extensively used in professional competitions and tournaments the world over. 

On the other hand, the pro8 is the most uncommon of all sizes as you’ll come across this type (or size) of table mostly in old clubhouses. 

The 8-ft table as its name clearly indicates is what the majority of homeowners buy.

Pool table measurements – outer and inner

Most pool games aficionados and enthusiasts, when they’re out to buy a pool table for the first are at their wits’ end on how to measure a pool table. 

They cannot make up their mind on whether to measure from the table’s outer rims or from the inner ends. 

Let me clear the confusion here.

Where to measure

Hopefully, this diagram should completely clear up how to measure a table.

As mentioned, measuring under the rails is not a consistent measurement as different table manufacturers use different-sized cushions so a measurement taken under the rail will be an inaccurate measurement. 

When you take your pool table measurements just remember it’s the playing fields table dimensions you are after. 

From the dimensions of the playing field, it is possible to determine things like:

  • Table size
  • Size of pool table cover needed
  • Size of the felt needed
  • Size of the room needed for the table

as well as some other things. All the above will be talked about in detail in this article.

How to measure a snooker table

Unlike pool tables, there is only one standard-sized snooker table.

Snooker tables are 12 ft x 6 ft.

They are larger than other cue sports tables and If you wanted to measure a snooker table you would measure from cushion nose to cushion nose, in the same way, you measure a pool table.

should find that the

The dimensions of a standard snooker table are 66 Inches X 132 Inches

This would make it a standard-sized snooker table of 12 ft in length. 

If you were wanting to measure because you were hoping to buy a snooker table cover or look to re-felt your snooker table then just know you need to look for the 12 ft options.

How to measure a pool table for felt

In case you already have a pool table and are thinking of buying the best pool table felt and opting to re-felting the table, then I would suggest, you first measure your table.

This will help you know which pool table felt size to order. Then, if possible, to go for felt with an additional 5-inch of wiggle room. 

Going for the extra length of felt allows you to mask any marks or scratches you made while taking the measurements, installing, and cutting.

If you try to take on this process yourself and not call in professionals – I would advise you to get professional help – then the extra felt could insure you against any issues you might have.

how to measure a pool table for felt? As described, using a tape measure, simply measure from the rail cushion peek to the opposite rail cushion peek using inches.

Finding out the width of the table will help you get the pool table measurements for the length.

All you need to do is double the width and that will give you the length.

The length of a pool table is always double the width.

Now you have the measurements for the playing surface for your pool table, take a look at the regulation size pool table dimensions chart I made.

Simply cross-reference your pool table measurements with the table (below) to know which pool table felt size to order.

Regulation size pool table dimensions chart for felt cloth

Table measurementsFelt size to order
39 in x 78 in7 ft
44 in x 88 in8 ft
46 in x 92 in8 ft oversized
50 in x 100 in9 ft
56 in x 112 in10 fk
66 in x 132 in12 ft

Its worth noting that nearly always when you order felt for your table, it will come with felt for the rails too, so you won’t need to make extra measurements for that.

How to measure a pool table for a table cover

A great way to protect your pool table or any cue sports table is to buy a pool table cover for it. 

Protecting your table like this will prolong the life of the table and felt, keeping it playing at a higher level for longer. It’s a well worth investment.

But, how do you measure a pool table for a pool table cover?

Using a tape measure, measure from the rail cushion apex to its opposite rail cushion apex, as detailed above. Make sure you use inches as your unit of measurement.

Remember that pool tables have a 2:1 ratio, therefor if you measure a pool tables width then doubling that will give you the length 

Taking that measurement, use the table below to determine which size pool table cover you need.

Regulation size pool table dimensions chart for a pool table cover

Table measurementsCover size to order
39 in x 78 in7 ft
44 in x 88 in8 ft
46 in x 92 in8 ft oversized
50 in x 100 in9 ft
56 in x 112 in10 fk
66 in x 132 in12 ft

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How to measure a pool table for a new home

Another good reason why you should measure the pool table size is that it enables you to figure out the manner in which you’re going to transfer the table and if it will fit in its new home, leaving you enough space to comfortably cue around. 

If you are considering moving the table by yourself, then I highly recommend you check out how to move your table without breaking the slate. 

People always neglect the size of the table they are getting and if it will fit in its new home. 

Measure the pool table playing field – nose of the cushion to the nose of the cushion using a tape measure and consider if you have enough cueing space around all sides of the table. 

The answer to this question in its entirety, it’s detailed in does a standard-sized pool table fit in my room. It goes in-depth about the size of your table and how much room do you need for a pool table.


If you are looking to buy a new table or even just felt your old one, it’s important to know how are pool tables measured.

This will be helpful for a number of reasons such as buying a table cloth or table cover to understand if it will fit into a room.

Make sure you use a quality measuring tape while noting down the dimensions of a pool table, and ensure the pool table measurements are in inches.

Make sure you take measurements from the rail cushion’s upper part.

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