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We all have to start somewhere, right? This is why I have compiled a catalog of questions you might have on everything pool, snooker or billiards related. Through my years of experience, I have amassed a fountain of knowledge on all cuesports which I have documented here for all to see, share and learn from, so you can go forth and enjoy your game at a higher level. This might be the Beginners Guides section, but believe me, you’ll find something here for every skill level. Curious about something you can’t find, just the handy search bar.

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Kamui Black vs Clear

Kamui Black vs Clear Comparison Guide

Billiards is an ever-growing sport with more and more players wanting to improve their games. It is a game that not only tests players mentally…

How to Play Pool Alone

How to Play Pool Alone

When researching how to do any activity alone you are either going to be focused on the activity or focused on the “alone” part of…

What are the rules when snookered

What is a Snooker in Snooker with Pictures

What is a snooker in Snooker? If you are slightly unfamiliar with Snooker, this might sound like an odd question to ask. Haven’t I just…

Aramith Tournament vs Brunswick Centennial

Aramith Tournament vs Brunswick Centennial Pool Balls

Aramith Tournament and Brunswick Centennial are among the top-rated brands in the industry when it comes to pool balls. Both have an excellent reputation and…

How To Identify Pool Table Manufacturer

How To Identify Pool Table Manufacturer

Pool tables always have different values depending on how old it is, the materials used and maybe most importantly who the manufacturer is. Especially when…

Why Are Pool Tables Green

Why Are So Many Pool Tables Green

Pool is one of the most popular indoor games around. But have you ever noticed how almost every pool table you see is green? That’s…

10 pool playing tips for beginners

10 Best Pool Tips for Beginners & Bonus Tips to Avoid

Pool is an awesome game that can be played with friends and by yourself, but if you’re new to the game it can seem confusing….

Best Pool Table Felt Color

Best Pool Table Felt Color

Imagine you are going down to the basement with some friends. You have some beers, some stories to tell about your weeks, and a need…

what are the colors and numbers of billiard balls

What are the Pool Ball Colors and Numbers

When you consider the design of most sports played in this day and age, a lot of them tend to be rather intuitive. Put a…

Where are Lucasi Cues Made

Where are Lucasi Cues Made

In the mid-1900s, America held the keys to most of the manufacturing in the world. Cars, furniture, and consumer products were all made in the…